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Konrad Aigner Mysterious Death (16k)
March 11, 1998
SwedenRoyal Couple Annoyed with Sect (2k)
April 7, 1998
Swedish Politicians Muzzled (1k)
March 8, 1998
SwitzerlandGerman Agent Arrested In Switzerland (3k)
April 9, 1998
Spies Will Be Spies (1k)
April 11, 1998
Espionage? (2k)
April 11, 1998
Switzerland angered by German spy (3k)
April 11, 1998
Scientology: Germany Must End Espionage (2k)
April 11, 1998
Constitutional Protection Agent apparently caught in a trap (4k)
April 15, 1998
Constitutional Protection Agent treated as a dangerous criminal (4k)
April 30, 1998
Report from Robin Direkt (15k)
April 30, 1998
Hamburg"Relentless Severity" (3k)
April 11, 1998
"No Witch Hunt" (3k)
April 11, 1998
Scientology on the Decline in North Germany (3k)
April 29, 1998
Baden-WürttemburgSecret Service: Scientologists Spy on Opponents (3k)
April 24, 1998
RussiaJeltsin's Premier a Scientologist? (3k)
April 1, 1998
Kirijenko: "I love money, professionally" (13k)
April 4, 1998
Nowhere Does Scientology Grow Faster (5k)
April 26, 1998
The Magical Words in Kirijenko's Ear (2k)
April 29, 1998
Berlin Acquittal for Berlin Police Scientologist (3k)
April 18, 1998
Commissioner and Scientologists keeps Police Lawyers Busy (3k)
April 16, 1998
ItalyItaly fears violent sect activities in the year 2000 (1k)
April 30, 1998
Suspicious TheftTheft of Data Politically Motivated (5k)
March 25, 1998
Real EstateA Late Confession for Zwickau (3k)
March 17, 1998
Zwickau: City Council and Scientology (2k)
March 18, 1998
PresentationsUrsula Hoff (3k)
March 12, 1998
Sects a Danger for Youth (2k)
April 8, 1998
Bob MintonA US Millionaire as a Crusader against Scientology (4k)
April 18, 1998
Intrepid Representative of Sect Victims (9k)
April 23, 1998
Renate HartwigThe Battle Takes its Toll (2k)
March 27, 1998
Perspicuous and competent against Scientology (2k)
April 27, 1998
Church distances self from Scientology critic (1k)
March 31, 1998
Graham Berry"Criminal Conduct" (2k)
March 31, 1998
In the Union Building on Besenbinderhof in Hamburg. (2k)
March 31, 1998
John Travolta supernatural abilities, too? (3k)
April 4, 1998
LaborScientologist may act as an employment agent (2k)
April 2, 1998
PoliticsCDU May exclude Scientologists (2k)
April 2, 1998
AustriaScientologist dismissed after School Scandal (1k)
April 3, 1998
The NetherlandsGerman man with Porsche asks for Asylum in the Netherlands (1k)
April 23, 1998
East Frisian wants Asylum (1k)
April 23, 1998
CulturalGerman Stormtroopers Invade Headlines (6k)
April 8, 1998
Scientology on World Conquering Tour (4k)
April 9, 1998
Groundless Complaints by Scientology (3k)
April 4, 1998
"Ethical is, whatever Scientology Does" (3k)
January 16, 1996
Gottfried Helnwein, Scientology Without Legal End (2k)
April 28, 1998
"That's right": A person uses only ten percent of his brain's capacity (4k)
September 26, 1997

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