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Constitutional Protection Scientology Endangers Inner Security (3k)
March 13, 1998
AustriaThe Head of Scientology Starts Offensive against Austria (2k)
March 13, 1998
Sect Dispute Escalates (3k)
March 14/15, 1998
SwitzerlandUrsula Caberta in Switzerland (4k)
March 15, 1998
Enquete Commission Enquete Commission's "So-Called Sects and Psycho-groups" (6k)
September, 1997
Inside ScientologyTutor Trap: How Scientology Recruits the Next Generation (7k)
June 9, 1997
Green PartyGreen Party warns us about Scientology
... and about the Witch Hunt of the CSU
April, 1997
From BavariaRegensburger: "Green Schizophrenia in Matters of Scientology" (2k)
March 6, 1998
Secretary Beckstein on Scientology Brainwashing (2k)
March 7, 1998
Very clear words from Bavaria (4k)
March 9, 1998
Beckstein: Scientology wants to bring the German Republic under its control (2k)
March 20, 1998
Graham BerryCitizens Right Obstructed (2k)
March 31, 1998
RussiaRussia and Scientology (3k)
March 29, 1998
LegalNew Round of Scientology Hearings
Cause: technical reasons
March 11, 1998

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