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Real Estate ScamHow Scientology buys our houses and loses its investment (11k)
May/June 1997
Wongful AccusationsLegal Process against 4 Scientologists Suspended (1k)
February 27, 1998
Scientology Bosses Before the Judge (2k)
February 28, 1998
Enquete CommissionEnquete Commission solicits understanding for the perspective towards Scientology (3k)
February 27, 1998
California Representative on Enquete Commission (2k)
February 27, 1998
Respect gained for German Position on the Scientology Sect (4k)
February 28, 1998
Green Party demands: Don't Discriminate Against Scientology! (2k)
March 6, 1998
Scientology: Theme of Psycho-Terrorism (3k)
March 6, 1998
A "Religious Society" Ex-Scientologist On Her Own (2k)
January 21, 1998
"Scientology Attacks" Book about Scientology to be published anew (2k)
December 24, 1997
CCHR MinutesRecollection of the CCHR meeting, Vienna, Austria (4k)
February 13, 1998
ScandalScientology Advertisement in German Government Magazine (4k)
March 6, 1998
US World Censor?Lonely World Power (6k)
January 31, 1997
1952Superman in two Lessons (2k)
January 9, 1952
1953I WAS A CLAM (9k)
August 6, 1953

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