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NarcononChristiane F (60k)
How Scientology Affected a Berlin Heroin Addict
The Enquete Commission"Scientology has two Faces" (4k)
February 27, 1998
Religious and Psycho-Groups are Scrutinized (2k)
February 13, 1998
The Munich RaidThe Puzzling Death of Konrad Aigner (8k)
February 14, 1998
Chief District Attorney to Police Team:
Auditing folders are to be sought and found
February 12, 1998
Scientology Raided: suspicious death and arson (2k)
February 10, 1998
Labor Law vs. ScientologyEmployers' Right to Question and
the Possibility of Termination of Employment
February 14, 1998
Police Don't Want Scientologists (1k)
February 14, 1998
General InformationPolice Psychologist calls the Scientology profile "worthless" (3k)
February 28, 1998
US Administration Denies Deal (1k)
February 17, 1998
Interview with Reverend Wolf about dangerous Psycho-Organizations (13k)
June 4, 1997
A 20 year veteran of Scientology speaks out (9k)
February 20, 1997
Why Michael Douglas did not sign the Open Letter to Kohl (3k)
January 18, 1997
Scientology Press ReleasesScientology Group Insinuates Psychiatric Murder of Patients (2k)
May 6, 1997

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