German man with Porsche asks for Asylum in the Netherlands


April 23, 1998

Groningen (dpa) - A German drove with his Porsche into the Netherlands and asked for asylum there. "That is the first case of this sort which we have experienced," said police speaker Joke Shaap on Thursday in Groningen.

The 47 year old man based his request to the police in the village Nieuw Scheemda on that fact that he says he is a Scientology member and is being persecuted in Germany.

After a short deliberation the authorities sent him to the central collection point for those seeking asylum in Zevenaar by Arnheim. The man preferred to travel there by train, and left his car keys with the guard. Later he lodged another complaint there and demanded his keys back.

"That was the last that we heard of him," said the [police] speaker. According to a statement of the Ministry of Justice in the Hague, the man has no chance of being acknowledged as a political refugee.

East Frisian wants Asylum

From: "Stuttgarter Nachrichten" (Stuttgart News)

A 37 year old German man from Rhauderfehn in East Friesland has applied, in vain, for asylum in the Netherlands. As the Amsterdam daily newspaper, "De Telegraaf" reported, the German drove his Porsche to the authorities in the province of Groningen. He stated that he was discriminated against because he was a member of Scientology sect. Because of this, he said, the German government had stopped his welfare benefits. The Dutch Justice Ministry turned down the application since Germany is considered a safe country of origin, wrote the paper. AP