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Scientology underway again

"Freiheit" illustrated sect magazine targets households on Europe Boulevard [Europaallee]

From: "Dolomiten Online"
October 21, 1998

Bozen (pla) - Since the huge information campaign against the psycho[logical]-sect of Scientology in June the Scientologists in South Tyrol had been relatively calm. However, they have been showing up again in the past several weeks: residents of Europe Boulevard have found "Freiheit" illustrated sect magazine in their mailboxes. What is alarming is the fact that the magazine had been distributed quite accurately: German editions for German families, Italian editions for Italian families.

"It has to make you wonder how the distributer knew which households spoke which language," said Josef Stampfl, sect commissioner of Kurie. Several concerned recipients had contacted him. "You have to be wary of a business that poses as religion." The action being carried out so precisely leads one to presume that local Scientologists are at work here.

"Things with the sect had quieted down as far as we knew," said Stampfl. The former German Labor and Social Minister Norbert Bluem was essential in contributing to that [quiet] in that he informed South Tyrol about the psycho-sect and its goings-on last June at the invitation of Europe Parliamentarian Michl Ebner and the "Young Generation" [Jungen Generation].

Bluem explained then that Scientology, disguised as religion, worked on people who are seeking orientation and established an emotional connection with them. Its goal is world domination, which it wants to gain by means of money. The creed is "Make money, make more money, see to it that others make yet more money." Spying, threats and "brainwashing" are used against non-members. The sect often makes its approach to people through [offering] management training; the victims often expend huge sums of money for that. The struggle against this sect can only be carried out with information.

Critic of Scientology free again

Toronto, Canada
June 10, 2001
Heise online

Visit and search their archive for the original article in German. Here is a review in English of the Heise article on Keith Henson:

Scientology critic Keith Henson was released from Canadian jail, where he had been since May 28 [1] for not having reported his USA conviction when he entered Canada.

Henson requested political asylum in Canada after having received a 200-day jail term from a California court.

As Heise Online reported, The court had based its decision on a posting to the alt.religion.scientology news group. Under the subject line of "Re: 'Gold Base' French-German ICBM/Tom Cruise Missile Coordinates" Henson wrote: "Modern weapons are accurate to a matter of a few tens of yards."

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