FPOe Secrets of Success:

Psycho-tricks and hypnosis

Vienna, Austria
March 10, 2000
Die Presse

Politics of the liberals is meant to directly address the feelings of the people. to achieve that, the FPOe has used a colorful mixture of the most modern psycho-methods. This hypothesis is supported by Viennese NLP expert Michael Winter with spectacular examples.

by Florian Asamer

Beside the liberal party program which encompasses the political goals of the FPOe, there also exists a "leading picture" for the party. It is aimed directly at FP functionaries. A view is presented under the title of "Freedom with the FPOe has a Future" which is meant to reach the liberal movement. If one is first confronted with a political program of such a form, then one wonders about the mixture of significance-heavy symbols, empty phrases and the large portion of pathos covering the whole thing. The strategy hidden behind it is absolutely clear to life and social counsellor Michael Winter: "The FPOe is not talking to people's minds, but to their guts." In doing that, the Haider Party is using various technique from the field of modern psychology. For instance, the printed picture of leadership is authored in a "systematic networking technique" which is better known under the name of "mind mapping." While a "normal" text construction - that means title and chapters having names of one's own choosing - address the left half of the brain and the understanding associated therewith, mind-mapping is aimed at the right half of the brain: that is the seat of feeling. "The construction of the picture of leadership mimics the structure of the brain," explains Winter. In this manner, content is picked up more easily. Above anything else, without having to use the mind.

Neuro-linguistic Model

It is not just liberal functionaries who are addressed in this style. But also potential voters. The lure used in the recently so successful trawling for liberals in the October 3 election is provided by a communications model originating from the USA: Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). The best teacher of this method is headquartered in Boston. "Perhaps a reason for Haider's frequent trips to Harvard," speculates Winter, himself expert in "NLP and Advertising," on Haider's excursions to the U.S. city.

But no speculation is needed to show that the liberals are familiar with and apply NLP. For instance, the "Liberal Academy" in their program offers an NLP course. The Vice President of the city school board, Herbert Rudolph (FP), even advertises on the internet for NLP: "NLP training has increased my awareness capability," Rudolf lets himself be quoted on the Austrian training center for NLP. And junior Representative Ruediger Scheder, besides courses in management and negotiations, has also obtained his reading material in NLP, as he reports. This training helps the functionaries in hunting for votes. "For instance, an election speech sounds differently in the 'Favoritner' pedestrian zone than it does as part of a university meeting," believes NLP trainer Wolfgang Karber.

"Proper" eye placement

Michael Winter can demonstrate, particularly impressively, the application of NLP techniques in examples of the FP poster series for the national assembly election campaign in the past year: "Picture your dream house. And now notice your eye placement. You are looking up and to the right, unless you are left-handed, then you are looking up and to the left. Each person, whether thinking about pictures, speech or feelings, whether in the past or in the future, is different in the placement of their eyes. That is the case in about 95 percent of people. With the "proper" eye placement, content can be more quickly accepted," Winter explained the technology. For instance, poster content is made more easily consumable. Mainly in advertising, but also in politics.

If one goes along with this theory, then one organizes messages to be communicated on the poster according to the raster of eye positioning: content meant to address feeling, for example, is located bottom right. Themes which should conjure up pictures from the past, left top. There is no basic objection to the use of this technology, the management coach believes. Yet it is still possible that NLP, like any other psycho-technique, can be misused. That would happen, then, when politics wins voters using NLP to transfer feelings instead of using attitudes and factual arguments.

Winter finds examples for this method of operation in the FPOe's poster campaign of the last national assembly election campaign. "On the whole, the poster series of the FPOe is the most professional NLP campaign which I have ever seen," said Winter. For example, the words "simply human" as well as "protects children" (the last part of a sentence [in German], "One who protects our children) lower right: in the area addressing gut feelings. Just as strongly, the FP posters are oriented to the division of past/future. Content which stands on the left brings to mind pictures and noises from the past. While the right half of the poster refers to the future. That is the way the liberals portray the second on their list under the title of "New on our team" (see picture [not available]). The former skier is shown on the left side (we recall his past as an athlete.) On the right side of the poster is his favorite place at the desk (his future place as politician). By organizing things this way, the observer can accept and comprehend all content in a basically short time.

"Rather Reprehensible"

Winter described a poster as "ethically rather reprehensible" which showed Joerg Haider with an old woman. On this post, the upper right area which stands for the future, was empty. An exception is made for the FP chief, who on the the other posters is always placed in the future, in that he is over to the left, thereby facilitating the formation of pictures from the past. With women who have lost their husband or son in war, Haider is taking the place of the deceased in their subconsciousness, according to Winter.

The FPOe was said to have been pulling psycho-tricks from the NLP bag in the 1995 election campaign. At that time, Joerg Haider posted slogans like "If you want, we will revive Austria," "He did not lie to you," and You are against HIM, because he is for you." The last, especially, is a classic example of hypnosis according to Milton Erickson: state of feelings can be more easily produced with "word casings." The more non-specific an expression is, the harder it is to refute it. For instance, in place of the word "You" in the beginning of the slogan, one could just as well put "Vranitzky and Schuessel" or "all foreigners." In order to work, this kind of sentence has to cause one to ask after each word, "exactly who," "exactly how" and "exactly what"?

Winter also sees parallels between the FPOe and the Scientology movement, which also uses NLP methods to catch members. "Not only the liberals, but also the Scientologists have to constantly address new people." With one difference: the sect seeks members, the liberals seek voters.

Magdalena's secret:
Happy Kids' gruesome contribution campaign

Vienna, Austria
August 17, 1999
Der Standard

Vienna - Gruesome advertising methods are used by the Happy Kids association - an association against child abuse founded two years ago - to get donations. A prospective donor receives a sealed envelope which contains the story of a girl's rape. Only those strong enough to bear the gruesome report, says the advertising letter, should open the envelope.

Magdalena's story is "a letter written in obscene form, bordering on pornography," stated Max Friedrich, Director of Child Psychiatry at the Vienna AKH, in a "Standard" interview. With this in mind he sent a letter to Vienna's Mayor Haeupl. The content of his letter: all affected centers should be warned about Happy Kids. The contribution campaign, however, is only one aspect of the problem: "The association as a whole is suspect. It is not known exactly who is behind it and where its money comes from," asserts the respected child psychiatrist.

Holger Eich, Director of the Vienna Child Protection Center, also expressed hearty objections: "Exploiting case histories in this form is not suitable for increasing the public's awareness of the problem."

In response to the accusations, Monika Soukup, ombudsman for Happy Kids, said she had received much praise for the courageous method in approaching the matter. Besides that the letter had been published at the express wish of Magdalena, who is today 24 years old. She stated that as a private organization without subsidies, they had to try harder to come up with ideas for gathering contributions. She also stated that the rumor that they had anything to do with Scientology was pulled out of thin air.


Scientology on World Conquering Tour

From "NEWS 15/98", page 64
April 9, 1998

The order for the 90's is short and unmistakably worded: "Total Expansion." The goal is "to clear the planet," to rule the world. The worldwide mobilization of the Scientology faith community need not stop for Austria. In international comparison, Scientology would still have to hide from Austria. With "5,000 to 6,000" members, their potential appears to be lacking. In spite of this, the fears of Family Secretary Martin Bartenstein could still be realized.

This faith community is, at times, hard as nails. At the head of its list of target groups are managers, politicians and artists. It has not yet succeeded in Austrian politics -- Ex-VP local politician Alfred Sczcepanski is "still the highest ranking politician that the home Scientology establishment has to offer -- but could succeed in other areas.

COMPANIES INFILTRATED. NEWS has information that more Scientologists are making increased efforts at applying for key positions with the Vienna based AKM. Some positions are allegedly already held by them. The Society of Writers, Performers and Music Publishers (AKM: "Gesellschaft der Autoren, Komponisten und Musikverleger") controls the Austrian music market and distributes royalties worldwide for music played in Austria.

The research of the NEWS was only partly a surprise to Manfred Brunner, General Director of AKM. For months, "the wildest reports" have made their way around the building on Baumannstrasse in Vienna.

The billion-shilling enterprise with its 14,000 members and 450 business partners are directly affected "by the problem of Scientology infiltration" ([according to] a former AKM employee). Facts are:

- the former employee, Rita E. (name known to the editors) was seriously threatened. As she performed her function as a management consultant for a colleague, she received an anonymous, but unmistakable letter: "We begin to hang people and insist on tying the noose in an expert manner, exactly to the moment where we are able instill reason.... but if we do not instill reason, the we hang the person completely and finish them off for good."

What was at first categorized as the "stupidity of a psychopath" (quote from general director Manfred Brunner), now turns out to be almost identical to the paraphrased text of an internal Scientology excerpt. The original text of the "Hubbard Communication Office" Policy Letter of May 16, 1965:

We don't hang people because we started to hang them and so must do so. We start to hang people and keep right on tying the noose in a workmanlike fashion right up to the instant we can get tech in -- which of course makes the noose unnecessary.
But if tech never does get in then we complete the hanging.

Scientology speaker Andreas Bock rationalized, "This quotation is accessible to anyone. Even Minister Bartenstein has cited it in 'Zur Sache.' Therefore it could have been anybody."

- The AKM manager Erich K. was, several days before he was to testify at the worker's rights proceeding for Rita E., was threatened over the phone. The anonymous called said, "well-meaning advice: subdue your language, consider your statements, think about your future."

- A member of the AKM Program Testing Commission bared his heart before the AKM board about his own son-in-law. Gerald D. worked for more than two years in the business. And became conspicuous less for his than for his marked interest in internal affairs. D. appears on a Scientology list which is in the possession of NEWS, right beside VP man Sczcepanski. D. was dismissed -- officially, because his performance was not satisfactory.

- Stefan P., renowned musician and composer, has been a well-off business partner of the AKM. And a leading Scientologist in Austria. He is one of 62 Austrian patrons, who have transferred 480,000 shillings to the bank account of the American Scientology center for their overflowing war chest.

- As the 15 year anniversary of Scientology in Austria was celebrated in 1986, multiple articles appeared in the membership newspaper "Bruecke" ("Bridge") on the native founding father, the renowned composer and music professor, Ivan Erod. He was also on the Board of Directors of AKM for years. Today he, according to several statements, denies Scientology.

Euke Frank

Brother Baum's Past

Karl Nowak

The Neutrals' presidential candidate spread peculiar conspiracy theories in his book

Vienna, Austria
April 2, 1998

by Kurt Kuch

"In the age of lies, the truth must appear under the pretext of fantasy to reach the hearts of the people." So spake Karl Walter Nowak, Neutrals' presidential candidate in the forward of his non-fiction style novel "Friedenskrieg - Die Errichtung des geheimen Weltreiches" ["Peacewar - The establishment of the secret World Reich"]. And Karl Nowak has a surplus of fantasy.

The presidential candidate's work is reminiscent of the style of renowned world conspiracy theorist Jan van Helsing. Although Nowak stresses that his book - in contrast to Helsings - is to be regarded as a novel. Helsing's standard work, "Geheimgesellschaften" ["Secret Societies"] is banned in Switzerland and in Germany. Nowak's novel read similarly, and he takes up the following for discussion in the dialogues of his characters:

Nazi-UFOs. Similar to Helsing, Nowak combines rightwing extremist myths with widespread legends of the old and new right: that the Nazis built flying saucers and had used them in retreating back to a subterranean stronghold in the Antarctic - right after "Neuschwabenland." Because Hitler had been turned into a "mindless marionette of Tibetan black magic." That is where the German Reich's elite warmongers were said to have made an alliance with the Aryan Aliens from the Aldebaran solar system. And the evil gray aliens who fought against these elite warmongers now supported a covert world conspiracy, the goal of which was the Third World War.

But the conspiracy theories are not limited to the rightwing. Since 1993, Nowak has been general secretary of the "Die Neutralen" ["The Neutrals"] citizens' initiative. In the 1996 EU election, the Neutrals candidates included:

Today Nowak keeps his distance from these two former candidates. He said that he had even talked Warton into resigning his candidacy.

On March 10, 1997 ex-EU Representative Johanna Grund at last spoke in the Viennese "Meierei Huebner" at the invitation of the Neutrals. She was acting chairwoman of the German "Republicans" and today writes in "Umvolker" of Andreas Moelzer's weekly magazine "Zur Zeit."

Rightwing extremist and ex-FPOe man Peter Kurt W., who has been convicted of instigation, also was selected by the Neutrals in 1996. In addition, W. is the author of a best seller "from beyond" which reports on a "Secret Freemason's Party," which was authored long ago by the FPOe. Sample text: "Even Haider is struggling through this network of secret power and must openly share its goals."

Scientology Course. And Nowak has been extensively active in other areas as well. For instance, he said that he took a "Communication Course" with Scientology from which he "honestly has to say" that he has "profited."

Hamer Supporter. Nowak has put his communications abilities to the test in his book "Nie mehr Angst - Krebsheiler packen aus" ["No more fear - a cancer healer tells his story"]. In it he casts doubts on school medicine. In the "WIR" ORF broadcast on May 15, 1992, he even defended "miracle healer" Ryke Geerd Hamer. Hamer is best known in Austria since the "Olivia case." And well-acquainted with Nowak. In brochures from "Arge Besser Leben,", not only is Nowak's "Brother Baum" operation advertised for, but so is Hamer's presentation on "Cancer - a curable illness of the soul".

New Book. Furthermore, a new book will appear on April 23 from the renowned Deuticke Verlag whose content covers Nowak's work. But this time, however, the author is not Nowak, and even the title might displease him: "Weltverschwörungstheorien - Die neue Gefahr von rechts" ["World Conspiracy Theories - The new danger from the Right"].