This is related to
the original charges
the State Department's false report
and the news report, 1st person report and translation of flyer handed out at concert

Magistrate of the City of Vienna

19th District Magistrate Office
Gatterburggasse 14, 1190 Vienna

Date: March 1, 2000

MBA 19-S 8181/99

Mr. K[blacked out] W[blacked out]
[blacked out]
A - 1[blacked out] Vienna

Dear Mr. W[blacked out]

The 19th District Magistrate Office imparts to you that the administrative criminal proceedings against you for transgression of §82 sect. 2iVm § 99 sect. 3 llt.d of the street traffic ordinance 1960, Zl. MBA 19-S 8181/90 (place: Vienna 4, Argentinier Strasse 37, time: November 2, 1999 between 9 p.m. and 10:45 p.m.) was suspended on February 23, 2000 in accordance with § 45 Abse. 1 Z. 1 VstG.

For the District Director:



Magistrate of the City of Vienna

19th District Magistrate Office
Gatterburggasse 14, 1190 Vienna

Vienna, January 26, 2000

Writ served to the hand of

K[blacked out] W[blacked out]
born: [blacked out]
[blacked out]
A - 1[blacked out] Vienna

MBA 19-S 8181/99

Case worker:
Fr. Pusam

sub-office: 19234

Summons to Defense

You have been charged with committing the following administrative transgressions:

On November 2, 1999, between the hours of 9 p.m. and 10:40 p.m, in Vienna 4, Argentinier Strasse 37, you distributed flyers directed against the "Scientology Sect" in that you placed them behind the windshield wipers of parked cars without having the required approval to do so, thereby using the street for purposes other than that of traffic.

Administrative transgression in accordance with:

§ 82 sect. 2 in connection with § 99 sect. 3 lit.d of the street traffic ordinance of 1960, BGB1. Nr. 159/60, in the current valid version.

You can either report to us for the hearing

on February 22, 2000 at 9 a.m., 1st wing, 2nd floor, room 205,

or in writing up to that time with facts and evidence which serve your defense.

Please bring with you this summons and the following documents:

valid, official picture identification; proof of income, savings and family relationships

You can come yourself or dispatch a representative. The representative must be aware of the situation, completely capable of doing business and must have power of attorney. The full power of attorney must have the federal stamp.

However, we can do without the full power of attorney if you are represented by family members, members of your household, employees or functionaries of organizations who are known to us in whose authorization to represent there is no doubt. You are also free to appear with your representative.

In case of your written defense or of dispatching a representative, the office must receive the appropriate statements as to you personal and economic relations (income, savings and family).

Legal basis: §§ 40 and 42 of the administrative street law.

Please be aware that the criminal proceedings will be held without you if you do not make use of the opportunity to defend yourself.

For the district director:



Families Minister *Bartenstein sues Scientology-Austria

From: "Kurier" (Austria)
June 8, 1998

by Magdalena Rauscher

The dispute between Families Minister Bartenstein and Scientology has become a case for justice. The Minister is suing Scientology-Austria and the speaker of the organization, Angelika Thonauer, for propagation of slanderous, discrediting and untrue allegations.

Thonauer has made serious accusations against Bartenstein. Her message is that Scientology would not be a danger for Austria, but perhaps it would for Bartenstein: "He is probably afraid that we will look more closely at his crimes - that is to say that the Families Minister earns his money with the help of his drug business, in that he puts people on drugs."

The cause of Thonauer's indignation was a magazine interview with Bartenstein. In it, he demanded that Scientologists who want to serve in the civil service must deny, under oath, the teachings of Hubbard, the founder. He [Bartenstein] would like to ascertain that members [of Scientology], as teachers or Kindergarten instructors, "do not indoctrinate children and youth."

Bartenstein now proposes a temporary order against Scientology that, effective immediately, legally restrains the publication and/or propagation of the claim that his drug company is addicting people to drugs.

Because of the monstrosity of the accusation and the evident risk of repetition, the court will be requested that the temporary order be enacted without appeal by the accused party.

Bartenstein's suit addresses not only damage of credibility, but also charges the accused with damage to reputation. The sum in dispute is 240,000 Austrian shillings.

In March, Scientology headquarters in Los Angeles had called for an offensive against Bartenstein: they said the Minister was a "danger for every freedom-loving person." Also, last summer "animal rights groups" had spread information describing animal experiments allegedly conducted by Bartenstein in the course of his studies. As Scientology now admits, this information came from Scientologists.

*Dr. Martin Bartenstein is the Austrian Minister for Environment, Youth, and Family.