Vienna, Austria
January 23, 2001
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Scientologists criticize the French Picard Law "We demand dissolution of political parties after two criminal convictions ..."

Vienna (OTS) - Prominent politicians should be held to the same ethical niveau as church people, demanded the Scientology Church in Vienna as a reaction to the proposed Picard Law in France.

If one follows this nonsensical anti-human rights violation, the people should dissolve political parties when they or their leaders have brought two or more criminal convictions upon themselves. A suggestion from Senator Nicolas About and Representative Catherine Picard on the shutting down of religious organizations under the very same conditions will come to a vote on January 25th in the French Senate.

"Politicians are servants of the people. Their actions concern millions of French citizens," said Scientology spokeswoman Angelika Thonauer. "The voter has a right to expect just as high a niveau of ethical conduct from his political leaders as from religious leaders. Political parties should be held to the same standards demanded of the churches," Thonauer continued.

[snipped most of the article, which basically repeats the above four or five more times, like listening to a broken record through different filters.]

As a protest against this law, Scientologists will hold a demonstration on Wednesday at 10 a.m. in front of the French Embassy.

For questions contact : Angelika Thonauer, [contact info given]

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Warning about Scientology Letters

Vienna, Austria
July 14, 1999
Die Presse

Vienna (apa). The Archdiocese of Vienna warns of letters from the Scientology sect. In the letters an alleged Commission for Violations of Psychiatry against Human Rights portends to be a partner against the undermining of faith and religion. The one behind this is Scientology, according to the archdiocese.

Peace, joy and the whole works

Beyond the security restrictions, the book fair is operating at its normal hectic pace.

Vienna, Austria
October 13, 2001
Der Standard

by Cornelia Niedermeier

"Under wholly unique aspects," in the shadow of terrorism, according to Lorenzo A. Rudolf, director of the Frankfurt book fair, as sinister-sounding as he is vague, will this year's book fair be held. He said terrorism is "a big topic." But once you get past the omnipresent security forces, the organizer's reaction approaches null.

No press conference was organized, no rounds of discussion for the hundreds of academics who traveled some way to assemble here. Only the Scientologists seized the opportunity (and they said the fair management gratefully gave them space in the fair timetable): in an approximately two and one-half hour show in the 100 square meter location, Ron L. [sic] Hubbard's disciples testified as to the heroic activities of salvation by a revered Dianetic female colleague. Cult fundamentalism - a blessing upon the human race!


Imitation the sincerest form of flattery

Scientologists imitate their critics

Tech leads cultists to mindless duplication

      From: ARS-CC Vienna 
Newsgroups: de.soc.weltanschauung.scientology
   Subject: Scientology kopiert unsere Informationskampagne
      Date: 31 Jan 2001

From an ***OTS-PRESSEAUSSENDUNG*** of 31 January 01

International survey reveals: drug information work a failure!
Utl.: Start of widespread information campaign

"We have seen over and over in the course of the years that people in Austria have too little or inadequate information," commented Angelika Thonauer, spokeswoman of the Scientology Church, on the results of the survey.

In order to let people all over the world know about the truth about the drugs, Scientology Church Austria is beginning a new public information campaign in order to make people aware of Hubbard's solutions, which he himself described as "brutal facts" on the drug situation. After more than 40 years of research work, Hubbard discovered that drug remnants accumulate in the body's fat deposits and still have negative effects years after their consumption.

The information campaign will start today between noon and 6 p.m. at an information stand, accompanied by musical offerings and other events. *

Nothing will come of that, we are already miles ahead.

Our current location is the Alpine Ski WM in St. Anton on the Arlberg, precise information will be coming after the end of the information tour.

*Scientology-Originaltext copied including mistakes (in German)


posted by Zorrosblade on a.r.s. January 6, 2001

Yes folks that's right. Dennis Clarke in his bow tie and pressed evening suit looking like a blown up version of Teddy Roosevelt with his crystal award in hand and 'freedom medal' placed around his neck with his great big smile of congratulatory acceptance only confirms the notion that good old scientology thuggery in beating the shit out of innocent people gets one the highest of awards at a 'flag' land base ceremony. ( "Gee Willakers Mr. Green Jeans, do you think DM had anything to do with Dennis getting the award?? Mr. Green Jeans; "That's right Skippy, LRH called him his 'favorite'...")

Wait a minute!!!!-----Who's that I see in a stunning evening gown with the caption under the photo;

"Those fighting suppression";;

Why my goodness if it isn't Mary de Moss holding her own 'crystal freedom award' for *Those fighting suppression* as another 'Flag OT honor roll' recipient for the big top event of 25 years of nothing but 100% standard LRH tech being delivered at Flag.. This is almost as good as the Lincoln center awards for goodness sakes. Mary has a big smile on her face but the strange thing is that even with a great big smile she looks like she'll bite your ear off for fun. I wonder if she's Italian.....

For video coverage of how Mary de Moss and Dennis Clarke earned their awards from Scientology, visit

Report on the Scientologists' demonstration in Vienna on Thursday the 25th of January 2001 in front of the French Embassy

      From: ARS-CC Vienna 
Newsgroups: de.soc.weltanschauung.scientology
   Subject: Re: Scientologendemo am Mittwoch in Wien
      Date: 28 Jan 2001

It was cold and on the hills of the Wienerwald lay a little snow, and there was ice on the streets around Vienna in the morning. Once again the Scientologists could not influence the weather to make the sun shine.

As planned, we put on the most outdated pieces of clothing we had so we would look like Scientologists, we looked like a wandering old clothing collection, but compared to the real Scientologists we were still dressed very stylishly. We knew that we were dressed right, though, as passersby scolded us as sect-gurus and sectarians.

The few genuine Scientologists present marched more or less in ranks to the French Embassy and cholerically yelled out their laughable slogans. Nobody from the French Embassy paid attention to the grotesque spectacle. To the regret of the Scientologists thus engaged we later found out that the French Ambassador was not even in Vienna for the clambrained demonstration as he had important business elsewhere. A boo-boo - all in vain for the Scientologists. At the food stand we ordered bad food since we wanted no preference over the real Scientologists.

That evening we were dressed in more appropriate evening-wear as we attended a banquette to which we had been invited in Vienna with the French Ambassador (when he had returned) and with the French cultural attaché. It goes without saying, naturally, that the Scientologists had not been invited. The Ambassador is a very entertaining dinner host and our information about the Scientology organization and its not very nice activities made a deep impression upon him, he shook his head again and again when he heard what this group had on record. "Incompréhensible" he said over and over ...

The arrangement for the table music, a string quintet - no not the Scientology musical instrument players who make such a racket downtown in Vienna - was the very finest classical music. Supper was superb, noble, French cuisine, again with our obligatory clam soup, yummy ... it was a culinary delight.

We hereby communicate our appreciation to the French Ambassador in Vienna for lending us an ear!

Vive la France!


The Scientology "Association" goes on the Viennese stock exchange

Vienna, Austria
May 3, 2000
Der Standard

Vienna - Scientology went on the stock exchange on Tuesday - with an exhibition in the colonnade. Visitors were told to "think for themselves" so that they would "find out what Scientology really is." That is because "Scientology is very interested in improving the cultural and social climate," as the Austrian chairman, Peter Fleischer, stated. The controversial organization is recorded in Austria as being an association but "Naturally we regard ourselves as religion." According to Janet Weiland, President of the "Scientology Church International," the organization exists in over 134 countries. It was said that Scientology offers "practical solutions for day-to-day life" - in improving relations, understanding "one's own spiritual nature" and in being able to control marital crises. It was also stated that there are "more than 5,000 volunteer clergy people who would help during catastrophe. The goal was said to be a "civilization without insanity, without crime and without war." At the exhibition, next to the writings of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, an "e-meter" could be seen. This "e-meter" was said to measure "spiritual torment."


Exhibition Experiment
Dealing with Critics

Vienna, Austria
May 2, 2000

Money, money, money ... would not be allowed to play a role in the exhibition, "Scientology - What is That?" Gold-framed, extra-large display boards with all kinds of beautiful colors, minded by watchers who looked like secret service agents. The cadre-constructed, cynical psycho-cult of Ron Hubbard, the Founder, who for good reason has been making negative headlines, was to be promoted here in the best light. "Do you want in to the exhibition?" The first question was from an unknown bouncer at the door after he had given me the security check with his piercing, fixed stare, then I was received by Evelyn Aigner with oozing, sweet friendliness. In spite of years of Scientology technology I did not see a happily beaming woman, but a destroyed self-image of a mediocre painter.

With stark curiosity, she tried to interrogate me. Whether I knew anything about Scientology already and what I did for a living. After an evasive answer on my part, I was accused of already having applied Scientology technology. I indicated soberly that there were also other (cheaper) alternatives for a successful life. Before the interrogation could continue, Andreas Boeck, presumably an OSA agent (something like a Scientology secret service), took the lead in extraordinary style. After I stated my name, I was exposed and immediately categorized as an enemy. At which point Mrs. Aigner let slip an important turn of phrase: "... I can test that out with the tone scale ..." (Scientologists, as disoriented as they would be otherwise, orient their feelings to a type of tone ladder whereby they have to always make an effort to handle themselves). After I had been uncovered, I once again had on "honest" feeling, namely, a feeling that I was being overtly and covertly stared at. I lost my presumably as yet "uncleared" female guide after I inquired about the Purification Rundown. I probably never should have stated in that room that there were descriptions from real people who had been put in health-threatening situations by this sweating method while taking overdoses of vitamins.

After that I dedicated myself to a video tape with and about Ron Hubbard. He described how simple the technology was of getting rid of problems. Among the audience present, I recognized a woman who I had gotten to know once at another event. Before I could get a regular conversation going, a dark-haired lady came by at that moment and invited us to the announced presentation. But when I started moving in the direction of the presentation room, I was asked if we were together. After I said we weren't, Mrs. Aigner finally stepped in again and presented me with a slip of paper forbidding me entrance. What I had really not anticipated happened nonetheless! But it confirmed my earlier experiences with these grandly deluded, power-loving super-people. Factual counter-questions, provable experiences or even negative experiences from so-called former members are a red cape for Scientology - criticism is not permitted and and cannot be dealt with, since it causes contradictions and would cause the whole questionable, racist ideological structure to collapse.

The peak of visiting a Scientology exhibition came across somehow "antagonistic" - as Scientology insiders would say in their "technical speak." I reached for my cellular phone and shared my experiences live with someone I knew. I estimate that after 1 minute, a so-called security man, a smart dresser, demanded that I leave the exhibition immediately. When I asked him to identify himself as a security man since he was not dressed as such, he refused. Mrs. Aigner then turned into her true self. After she ineffectively threatened me with the police, she spat her hate-filled words at me, "I'm throwing you out!" Because I wanted to spare myself any more senseless provocations, I left the venerable halls of the stock exchange.

I stood for several moments at the head of the flight of stars in order to take in the unreal scene at a distance. But a Mrs. Aigner arrived on the double and said unmistakably, "Leave the steps!..." - Right, because they belonged to the building rented thoughtlessly and happily by the stock exchange assessment association for cold cash to Scientology for purposes of propaganda. A general whitewashing would once again be good enough for Scientology Austria so that Scientology can continue to spin its unholy net!

Author: Klaus Wechselberger

First appeared at:, 3 May 2000
Hopeless, but not serious

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Report of a Critic

Scientology in the Viennese Stock Exchange

Vienna, Austria
May 2, 2000

From May 1 to 7 Scientology is making a self-presentation at an exhibit in the Viennese stock exchange. Actual stock exchange business no longer takes place there; the building serves only to house restaurants and conventions anymore.

Here is the report of a visit to the official opening ceremony in the stock exchange:

I was there together with a friend. We had our "Scientology Kills" T-shirts on. The opening was set to take place at 11 o'clock, we came about 10 minutes later, but the guests were all still standing on the steps of the stock exchange. Two big banners were stretched out between the columns, and walking back and forth on the sidewalk were women in Scientology t-shirts (including Sujata Wagner, who was wearing a sari, of course) handing out leaflets with the exhibition program and the cheap sort of yellow roses.

I greeted a sect commissioner and was chatting with him for a little while when my cellular phone went off. My conversation had nothing to do with the matter at hand, so I walked a few steps away, followed by press spokesman Andreas Boeck and another presumed OSA man (Otto Kauf). Although I was clearly and visibly on the telephone, the two of them placed themselves approximately 30 cm. (12 inches) in front of me and glowered at me. As I was putting my phone away, Boeck said to me that I was not permitted inside and that I was explicitly being turned away. Upon hearing that, my companion and I rearranged our clothing so that the words "Scientology Kills" were visible.

I was standing back on the steps and speaking with the sect commissioner. Beside him was standing Harald Janisch, the Austrian speaker of the Moon sect, with him was Peter Zoehrer, also a Moonie and operator of

He was not speaking to me (why I don't know), although he had always been very friendly with me before. Janisch is on very friendly speaking terms with Boeck and Angelika Thonauer.

Boeck came back to me and said that I would have to get off the steps, because they still belonged to the stock exchange. So I stepped over to the sidewalk. Kauf asked my companion where he got his t-shirt from, and he replied truthfully that he had gotten it from me.

So we stood on the sidewalk right in front of the steps and wondered why they were not letting us in. A photographer, (presumably not a Scientologist) asked why we were wearing these t-shirts. We spoke with him shortly and gave him a leaflet (otherwise we were not handing them out because only Scientologists and the sect commissioner were there).

With a camera in hand, Eveline Aigner rushed at us and threatened to call the police on us, whom she said she had already notified because she had learned that we had wanted to attend. I asked whether she had learned that telepathically, because I had told nobody in advance (to be sure I had talked about it on the telephone, but she had not told them). We gave her to understand that we were not afraid of the police, that we were not doing anything illegal, nor did we have anything in mind. After about a quarter hour, a uniformed policeman arrived who was very friendly to me. He said that we should stand on the other side of the narrow side street. We brought it to his attention that he had no legal ground for sending us away. Nevertheless, we actually stepped over there, which had the advantage that we were now better visible for the people waiting for the streetcar.

Naturally the police officer received a leaflet, too, and he wandered with my passport and the leaflet in his hand over to Aigner, spoke with him a while, used Kauf's cellular telephone to make a call, and after quite a while came back over to us.

We should have announced that we were having an event, he said, then we could have put up a table here and passed out info. He even told us how to apply for that, but we knew it already. I also told him that we had planned to view the exhibition. Then he took his leave and left on good terms.

We kept on standing there until most of the visitors had left, then we strolled comfortably down the sidewalk in front of the stock exchange to the next ice cream parlor ...

Report from Inside (from a critic): Peter Fleischer from the Vienna Org spoke, so did Janet Weiland (Kurt Weiland was not to be seen). Then the ladies Weiland and Goellner-Sweet most cordially entertained the audience. Goellner-Sweet is a staff worker at the U.S. Embassy who enthusiastically contributed her writing about state measures to a study group in September of 1999 at an international meeting about sects.

During this speech, the great enthusiasm could be heard in the form of applause and shouts.

Probably the most interesting part of this event, which was planned according to a well-known model, were the following announced speakers and their presentations: Johannes Prau, management advisor (formerly of "Business Success," known as a Scientology operation, now apparently self-employed) and WISE member, on "Fundamentals of Organization," "How do I organize work" and "Effective Planning"; Richard Amm, course supervisor of "Business Success" for "Stress and Organization"; Eva Roetzer, teacher from Berndorf, Lower Austria (named in "Bruecke"/["Bridge"] nr. 144 as the one in charge of training at the Vienna Org), who advertised for her Scientology tutorial courses in the "Berndorfer Gemeindekurier" under "Learn, but do it right!"; and Ulli Trimmel on "Human Rights violations in Psychiatry."

Report of a Critic

First appeared:, 2.5.2000

Hopeless, but not serious

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Scientology brochures distributed in front of Viennese schools

"Psychiatry deceives children and puts them on drugs"

Vienna, Austria
March 14, 2000

Vienna (pte, 15 Mar 00/09:15) - A brochure distributed in front of Viennese schools by a sub-organization of the Scientology sect cause some excitement. Entitled "Scientology deceives children and puts them on drugs," 37 pages described how, from the viewpoint of the authors, children were harmed by child and youth psychiatrists' prescribing psychopharmaceuticals.

Max Friedrich, board of the University Clinic for Neuropsychiatry for children and young people, protested against what was, in his opinion, the defamatory statements about his profession. In the masthead, a "Commission for Violations of Psychiatry against Human Rights" was named. This sub-organization of Scientology has repeatedly made headlines of the Austrian and German press.

"The publication is distributed by a committee of the International Association of Scientologists," said Friedrich. "Defamation of the professional position of child and youth psychiatrists should be clearly countered; Austrian child and youth psychiatry is currently understood to be a subject of wholeness medicine." That means the physicality, the intellect, the emotions and socialization are attributed equal significance. Austrian youth and child psychiatry operates in a network with all other institutions concerned with children.

Included in those is teamwork by professional groups like doctors, psychologists, nursing personnel, graduate social workers, ergotherapists, physiotherapists, graduate academics, special kindergarten specialists, pediatricians and teachers. "Psychopharmaceuticals are used very sparingly. Prescription does not occur until after academic observations by medical and psychological diagnosticians," Friedrich explained to pressetext.austria. Attention Deficit Disorder and hyperactivity require especially strict diagnostics and, extremely infrequently, medication, as generally determined by the consensus agreement of Austrian child and youth neuropsychiatrists in 1988, said Friedrich.

Unsettling people and disparaging professionals leads to mistrust by the people and to a worsening of medical care of the children entrusted to us, said Friedrich. "The brochure speaks of American doctors unknown to us and cites European psychiatrists in single sentences which are taken completely out of context. The entire brochure is composed tendentiously, Friedrich stated.

Friedrich announced that he would take all steps possible to prevent further distribution near Austrian schools. Brochures from the "Commission for Violations of Psychiatry against Human Rights" were appearing in front of schools as early as 1997. At that time, Austrian Educational Minister Elisabeth Gehrer instructed all state school boards and directors in a letter to forbid the distribution of the mentioned Scientology brochure.

The German federal administration has also issued warnings about the Commission for Violations of Psychiatry against Human Rights, which defames the professional position of psychiatrists and psychologists with its campaigns. It tries to stop mentally ill people from prescribed treatment and, instead, to tie them to Scientology with their own dangerous techniques. Their activities do not serve mentally ill people, but merely serve to acquire members for their own organization. (ww) (End)

Scientology brochures distributed at Viennese schools

Vienna, Austria
March 14, 2000 Kurier

The city council board advises caution for teachers / child psychiatrist Friedrich protests disparagement.

Peculiar glossy brochures were found in the mail by Viennese school directors today. The expensively laid out informational booklet by a worldwide "Commission for Violations of Psychiatry against Human Rights" dramatically warned of psychiatry, which was said to lie to children and put them on drugs.

At the end, the amazed academics were able to learn whom they had to thank for the explosive information. The publisher purported that the publication had been promoted by a committee of the International Association of Scientologists.

Enraged school directors promptly consulted with the Viennese city school board, and also with the board of the Viennese University Clinic for Child and Youth Neuropsychiatry, Prof. Max Friedrich. According to the City School Board, the academics were advised to keep their distance with [the content of] the publication.

District school inspectors were also instructed along those lines. At first it was not clear, though, that the brochure has been mass distributed. After inquiries were sent out, however, replies indicated that both special and regular institutions had been affected.

On Tuesday, child psychiatrist Max Friedrich showed himself to be highly concerned about the defamation of his profession.

The specialist categorically rejected the accusation that children and youth whose behavior was conspicuous were being senselessly injured by dangerous pharmaceuticals. He said that Austrian child and youth psychiatry took pains to help patients through a network of widely diverse institutions.

Therapy has to be adapted to the child, as a key to a lock. Treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder with pharmaceuticals occurs according to strict diagnostic policies and is sparingly applied under continuous observation.

At the same time, Friedrich warned all adults against casual distribution of psychopharmaceuticals to young people. He said the consumption of sedatives or other medications for which a prescription is required for the purpose of treatment of anxiety before a test or the like extremely problematic and could lead to addiction.

"Pinch Test" to Paradise

Vienna, Austria
April 11 1999
Kurier OnLine

Scientology has started its offensive: with "informational events" such as that which was held in Vienna this past week; the association, which is suspected of being a sect, wants to recruit new members.

The first step on the path to conversion hurts - "ow." "Yes, that is our pinch test," said the friendly lady in the blue pants suit, and pressed two metal tubes which are connected to a device into our hands. Then she pinched us (hard) on the arm - and the needle on the device moved.

A small break to recover and then, "So, and now recall the moment when I pinched you." Nothing happened. The needle of the E-meter (as Scientologists call the device) stayed where it was - although it really should have moved according to L. Ron Hubbard's Dianetics teachings.

Down in our subconscious, insists the friendly lady in the blue pants suit, lurk negative experiences (now includes the recollection of the pinch test), which influence our lives negatively and are poison for us, our fellow human being, and for the whole world in general.

But why had the needle not moved with us? "When did you last eat; did you drink alcohol yesterday?" You are not converted on an empty stomach with the remnants of a half of a carafe of wine in your bloodstream. That is why a "body purification" was said to be urgently necessary for us.

"Under the care of one of our doctors, you go into the sauna every day for a couple of weeks, run a little bit, and take our vitamin preparations," a friendly lady in a yellow dirndl confided to us and promised, "After that you will feel much better."

Outside of that it wouldn't hurt anything, we are told, if we would do some spiritual "cleaning" in parallel to this. That would be a "Dianetics course." Anyway the friendly lady in the yellow dirndl had graduated quite a few of those (in the past six years), whereby she had already gotten up to Grade 5 on Hubbard's scale of salvation.

What are the effects of this? "I have gotten rid of chronic illness and have become a happier person in general." Because she simply stuck with it. The friendly lady with the long hair has also managed to do that.

She no longer gets headaches. What that means is that she now knows, through "Dianetics," that she is not suffering from whiplash injury (as her family doctor diagnosed), but that an accident she had when she was a child and another one in a past life were the cause for her pain.

She found out other important things through Scientology, for instance, that she was really not all that interested in her studies (for which reason she dropped out). "To earn a little money, I give surveys for an opinion research institution," stated the friendly lady with the long hair, "and otherwise I just work with Scientology."

"I don't get much money for it, but that doesn't matter," because she would rather "help others" than anything else. And that is what she is doing for us, "because I notice that you have problems, I will drive with you to our center." Where a friendly man in a dark gray suit receives us and immediately gives us "personality test."

We have to answer 200 questions a la "Do you tend to hide your feelings?" At least the evaluation goes quickly. After two minutes the friendly man in the dark gray suit knows that we are susceptible to depression and that there must be things which bother us.

It is "quite normal" for us to not know what those things are because they are only there in our subconscious. But we can find out what they are if we acquaint ourselves with the teachings of Mr. Hubbard (that means buy his books) and if we take an "Introductory Dianetics Course" (for 2,400 Austrian shillings).

This would lay down the foundation for us, first, to be as happy as the friendly Scientology staff members, and later, to arrive in paradise.

Authors: Martina Prewein, Gerald Reischl

"Aggressive Sect Recruiters"

Scientology Exhibition

City council member Landauer (FP) orders that children and youth be denied entrance

Vienna (red.). City council member Karin Landauer (FP) expressed outrage on Wednesday after a local inspection of the "Sky High Travel" Scientology exhibition, which was taking place at the time in the Viennese Hotel Intercontinental. "Unprotected children and young adults are being handed over to the aggressive sect recruiters." Dangerous sect gurus from Scientology use subtle recruitment methods to lure children and young adults into their clutches, Landauer criticized.

"Entrance for people under the age of 18 years is to be prohibited effective immediately," demanded the council member. Naturally "it may require a strong interpretation of the event and youth protection law, but it is worth it for our children and youth. A dangerous sect like Scientology cannot go on seducing children and youth unimpeded in Austria." Grete Laska, Vienna's Youth council member was to be pressed to put this spectacle to an end, said Landauer.

In the meantime the OeVP sect commissioner, Werner Amon, proposed a parliamentary hearing to the Minister of the Interior about a Scientology event on April 6 at the "am Graben" shopping district.

(c) Die Presse, Wien

A Stronghold of Smiles

Vienna, Austria
April 7, 1999

"What is Scientology?" An exhibition, which can be seen up to Friday, is dedicated to this question.

Vienna (m.s.). Wherever you look: smiles. Smiles everywhere. No, nobody knows anybody else, but you feel connected with your dear fellow humans. Inwardly connected. And smile.

Tuesday, 11 a.m., in one of the many grand salons in the Hotel Intercontinental: The "What is Scientology?" exhibition, which will run until Friday, was opened. The "Jive Faces" [sic] swing band (it is said that all band members are Scientologists) plays, "When you smile, the whole world smiles with you." Scientologists are charitable and warm-hearted. They wish "not to indoctrinate," said Klaus Buechele, of his designation as "European Secretary of the Church of Scientology International." It is a comfort to hear him talk. He voices sentences like, "The Austrians' strength is that they think for themselves," or "Austria is a country of art and culture in the heart of Europe. Problems are solved with ideas."

Any more questions? Of course. Scientology provides answers. Not so amazed, because the majority are apparently Scientologists, the audience learns, for example, what the two metal grips on display with the meter have to mean. It is a device called an "E-meter" (electrometer). It measures "fluctuations of bodily resistance based on spiritual interaction." It is used in "auditing." What is that? "Individual spiritual advice in the Scientology Church." An "auditor" assists a person to "higher planes."

You only hear the word "church." The ugly yet, according to Austrian law, appropriate word "sect" is avoided if at all possible.

A poster reads, "People think Scientology is valuable because it gives spiritual answers which apply to everyday problems." Any more questions?

(c) Die Presse, Vienna

janicello sings karaoke

From: de.soc.weltanschauung.scientology
December 11, 1998

report of the meeting of the association "Say no to Drugs" - An initiative of the Scientology Church on 12-10-98 4 p.m. to about 5:45 in vienna downtown.

the stage was built across from stephansdom, janicello sang karaoke to elvis songs; maggie spohn emceed, ulli kreuzberger and edoardo valdez also did the music thing.

janicello sang the ave maria in honor (he said) of the stephansdom. right in the middle of it there was a power outage, the first break down. there was constant whistles of approval for janicellos announcements for "freedom from drugs" and scientology.

according to a press announcement an "important politician" was supposed to have appeared. he was keeping everybody waiting. the scienos tried to celebrate, handed out their leaflets and froze like everybody else. of the about 50 to 100 present (many stood there for just a short time) many of those were the scienos themselves.

Everybody knows that scientology has the tech to change the weather. why they couldn't have turned up the temperature a few degrees (it was -5C [24F]) will probably be kept a secret. poor operating, thetans!

janicello sang something from elvis once again, when from behind him on the stage two young guy appeared and unrolled a giant banner. another came from the front of the stage and people started whisling and yelling, e.g. "elitist sect," "science-fiction fascist" etc. janicello stopped singing turned off his karaoke box and while the young guys were pulled from the stage he starting apologizing to the audience. nevertheless the banner was set up right in front of his face. as is obligatory at such occasions "mr policeman" (as called by janicello) was immediately required to step in, who then scolded the young men, and the singing continued. that was the most beautiful interruption, although the young guys had come by quite coincidentally and the banner was meant for a different demonstration that saturday. "mr policeman" walked around slowly and met his partner by the stage, and the matter was over.

the "important politician" still didn't come, i asked who he would be and when he was finally going to get there. "planned to come" said one of the girls handing out the flyers, was joerg haider, but he had been held up. that was another thing gone wrong.

a booklet from switzerland was handed out with the leaflets. what was interesting about it was that scientology cites the same sources as the vpm. even the names of their anti-drug campaigns are almost identical. the same with the goal of a drug-free society which is supposed to emerge with the help of correct politics. However, a direct cooperation between the two psychosects could not be proved.

First appeared: de.soc.weltanschauung.scientology,
11. 12. 1998 (slightly modified)

Last modified: Tue Dec 15 22:18:48 1998

[The "Say No to Drugs" campaign is a clandestine Scientology recruitment drive disguised as social reform. The following is an example of Scientology promotional material in this respect, some of which is purposefully misleading.]

Concert against drugs on Stephansplatz

Elvis imitator Mark Janicello supports declaration against drugs.

From: "OTS", Austria
December 7, 1998

Vienna (OTS) - On December 10 at 4 p.m., the "Say No to Drugs" campaign held a big concert against drugs in front of the Haas building on Stephansplatz. The concert was supposed to kick off a grandly designed information campaign. Mark Janicello, the renowned American opera tenor and Elvis imitator, sang at this special event. Janicello enjoyed great success in Austria and internationally with "The King of Rock and Roll," a musical biography.

"I see a great need for youth be informed as to the great damage brought about by drugs. A lingering danger arises from the so-called "designer" drugs, such as "ecstasy", and young people are not sufficiently informed as to how negatively their lives can be influenced by them," said Elvis imitator Mark Janicello and also mentioned that "ecstasy" was only a "small" part of the information covered by the "Say No to Drugs" campaign.

The newly published brochure, "Ecstasy: traitor exposed," which was sponsored by the Scientology Church Austria, was also distributed at the concert.

The "Say No to Drugs" campaign has been running successfully for many years in countries such as Switzerland, Germany and America, where stars such as John Travolta and Isaac Hayes, Chick Corea, the Beach Boys and many others have supported it. The "honor roll" has been signed by personalities such as Michael Palin, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Cliff Richard, Princess Christina from Sweden and many others.

The campaign was called to life by the former First Lady Nancy Reagan, who appealed in Los Angeles, USA, on October, 1986 to artists: "I came here today with the request that you no longer be passive. I came with the request for help in the fight against drug abuse. You are creative people. You are the natural enemies of drugs, since drugs destroy creativity. They kill feelings. They kill the ability to think. They kill everything that embodies them ...."

"We need not stand by idly in Austria and watch our youth be increasingly pulled into the spell of dependency," said Rudi Wagner, himself an artist and representative of the "Say No to Drugs" association.

It is expected that a higher level politician will support the "Say No to Drugs" campaign.

For information contact Rudi Wagner, "Say No to Drugs": [contact info given].

"Say No to Drugs" concert in front of the Haas Building on Stephansplatz big success

Scientologist Mark Janicello sang Ave Maria on Stephansplatz

OTS December 11, 1998

Vienna (OTS) - The concert of the newly founded association "Say No to Drugs", which took place on Stephansplatz in front of the Haas Building, was a complete success. Thousands of people heard the message to say "No to Drugs," and also heard excerpts from opera and from Elvis songs by Mark Janicello for two hours in spite of the bitter cold.

All told, over 4,000 leaflets as well as 1,900 copies of the booklet, "Ecstasy - Traitor Exposed" were distributed.

The highlight of the concert took place when the known Scientologist, Mark Janicello, sang "Ave Maria" at the finish of his show to an enthusiastic public.

Janicello: "I see a great need for to protect youth and inform them about the abuse of 'ecstasy.' If I can do this through my music, it is a special joy for me to support such a project."

Even a group of rowdies who wanted to pull the singer from the stage was stopped by the mood of the song, the protesting public and the police, who immediately came to be of assistance.

The President of the Scientology Church Vienna, [Ms.] Andrea Westhof, said, "The great success of today's concert has convinced us to support and promote the campaign and the association "Say No to Drugs" even more."

"We are happy that so much interest has been shown in our first big event. We will continue to see to it that the public be informed about all kinds of drugs and their effects. Our wish is to inform and continue to educate youth about drugs such as "ecstasy," said Rudi Wagner, himself an artist and representative of the "Say No to Drugs" association.

For information contact Rudolf Wagner, "Say No to Drugs": [contact info given].

Six Week Marathon for Religious Freedom to be run across Europe

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July 3, 1998

Prominent personalities celebrate general declaration of human rights
Warning to Germany to put an end to intolerance.

Vienna (OTS) - The "Marathon for Religious Freedom," which was organized by the Scientology Church, started on June 25 in England. Moslems, Jews, Christians, Scientologists and leading human rights activists are participating [in the marathon], which is already a great success. The run, which will go through eight European countries, will end on August 10 in Frankfurt with a big demonstration for religious freedom, at which celebrities, as well as several thousand visitors, are expected [to attend].

The marathon and the demonstration for religious freedom are being held on occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the general declaration of human rights. Leisa Goodman, human rights expert of the Church of Scientology International, said that the six week series of events is also meant to remind European opinion leaders of the meaning of religious freedom - of a time in which repressive governmental measures undermined the declaration's ideals of tolerance and human rights.

The marathon began on June 25 in England, and will run through cities in Holland, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Germany, and will culminate in a march in Frankfurt on August 10 with several thousand people.

Participants in the Marathon for Religious Freedom include runners from all of Europe. They will be carrying a torch for freedom while they are in the most important transaction points for human rights in Europe - such as the International Court for Human Rights in the Hague, UNESCO in France, and the United Nations in Geneva. Banner bearers from these cities will sign a proclamation which calls for religious freedom.

Leisa Goodman said that the German government's mass hysteria against new religious movements was the reason for growing intolerance of individual governments in Europe. German state and federal administrations have excluded Scientologists from civil service and political parties. They are violently attacked, their businesses are put on blacklists by the administration, their children are harassed and thrown out of schools and kindergartens; artists are prevented from performing by government officials when it becomes known that they are Scientologists. In the past five years international human rights committees, including those of the United States, the human rights commission of the United Nations and the Commission for Security and Cooperation in Europe have published a total of 19 reports which sharply criticize the German government for religious discrimination.

Austrians will also participate in the marathon for religious freedom. 500 participants from Austria are expected at the final demonstration in Frankfurt. The highlight of the demonstration will be the address and unveiling of a public work by Perli Pelzig, the Jewish artist.

Internet page for further information: http://religious

Address questions to: Church of Scientology, Austria,
Andreas Bock
[telephone number given]

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Recollection of the CCHR meeting
(Translated from "El Awadalla")

Recollection of the minutes of CCHR meeting on February 13, 1998 in the "Wienerwald", Vienna, Mariahilferstraße 156, meeting hall

The Meeting:

Begin 7:30 p.m., actual begin of the report around 8:15 p.m.

As usual, the attendance list at the entrance.

CCHR (Citizens Commission on Human Rights) oder KVPM (Kommission für Verstöße der Psychiatrie gegen Menschenrechte [Commission for the Abuse of Psychiatry against Human Rights]; this name is hardly used any more) is an organization founded by Scientologists which is chiefly dedicated to the criticism of psychiatry and which amounts to a forerunner of and a recruitment agency for Scientology. To that end they quote, in part, points which are also criticized by the left-wing, i.e. alternative psychiatry opponents, when it has to do with electroshocks and psycho-pharmaceutical drugs. A four-color publication from Hamburg (it is a type of magazine which has a title, yet no proper name) is cheerfully given to politicians and the media (at least in Austria). On the inner cover is the usual "This publication is made possible through a grant from the International Association of Scientology."

More than forty people were present, among them high-ranking Scientologists. They let me in, although they recognized me. One of them wanted to photograph me, but unfortunately I had to spend some time blowing my nose right at that moment.

The public was greeted by Dr. Karl Morz, already a patron for years (therefore someone who has donated at least $40,000 to the Scientology war chest), he presented himself as the Austrian chairman of the CCHR.

A presentation in English was made by a Dane, Thorsten Mljemar, chairman of the European CCHR. It was unsteadily translated by Helga Kauf, important Scientology lady in Vienna, WISE member (World Institute of Scientology Enterprises, OT (1993: OT III).

The Most Important Points of the Presentation

Psychiatrists invented 1. psychiatry itself and 2. the Holocaust.

The CCHR is engaged to a certain extent in delivering Radovan Karadzic, who is an evil person because he was originally a psychiatrist, over to the international judicial authorities.

Psychiatrists are true sex monsters, have extra-marital affairs, also with (ex-)patients, often with more than one at the same time - for which they get paid - because they are doing it during business hours.

Psychiatry is not a science and for this reason solicits the support of psychology, chiropractors and other non-scientists.

Psychiatrists and their aides destroy all of humanity or at least individual organs.

The honorable board members tossed us a load of known facts concerning topics such as "racial hygiene", "euthanasia" and gruesome experiments during the Nazi era long enough to prove that psychiatrists and psychiatrists alone were the ones who bear the guilt for everything from National Socialism and the persecution of the Jews and "Gypsies" to the invention of and experiments with the gas chambers.

After about one and half hours there was still a film clip of an electroshock. This one was far more dramatic to look at than electroshocks in real life. (As a young nurse's aide I had to be present at a few, since then I have been a strict opponent of electroshocks. The drama does not lie in how bad it looks, but in the invisible consequences.)

Then came a break. Scientologist Angelika Thonauer came over to greet me in the most cordial fashion, and Helga Kauf also joined in the small talk.

I didn't stay for the second half.

To sum up: stereotypes were re-hashed, which Scientology (the word came up only once - from "Loose-Lips" Kauf) has been doing for years. Obvious among them were that all somehow invoke confusion having to do with psychiatry, all are reported by KVPM or CCHR to have no alternative and also to have no concrete help available.

In Conclusion a Riddle: In the official Scientology account of Hubbard he was an "indirect student" of Freud, because he knew someone who Freud knew. Since the entirety of psychiatry and psychology is evil, could it also be that Hubbard was indirectly evil?

Scientology in Austria

Reproach: Electro-Therapy in Psychiatry

July 10, 1998

Vienna, Austria - Questioning of patients in the Baumgartner Heights Psychiatric Hospital has led to the suspicion that electroshock is being used as punishment. This statement was made by Karl Morz, the president of Scientology's Commission for Violations of Psychiatry against Human Rights.

The City Office of Health ruled out this possibility and informed the patients' attorney, "If Morz has any tangible evidence, then he is cordially invited to contact us about it."

Electro-Shock Therapy in Psychiatry

From: "Salzburger Nachrichten"
July 10, 1998

Vienna, Austria (SN, APA) Reproaches have been made against the Psychiatric Hospital in Baumgartner Heights in Vienna by the Commission for Violations of Psychiatry Against Human Rights (KVPM). Members of this organization have been questioning patients and personnel in the clinic, and have the suspicion that electroshock is being used as punishment. A speaker from the City Health Office, Sepp Rieder (SP) confidently ruled out that method of procedure: "We are not starting a discussion about human rights in psychiatry with Scientology. KVPM was founded in the 1970's by Scientology, Austria."

Psychiatry: Electro-shock as Punishment?

Baumgartner Heights: City Health Official reviews serious charges of abuse

From: "Die Presse" July 10, 1998

Vienna (apa). Since Thursday, the psychiatric hospital at Baumgartner Heights has been confronted with serious reproaches of using electro- shock as punishment and irresponsible use of psycho-pharmaceuticals.

The first reaction from Sepp Rieder, a speaker of the City Health Office, was to "confidently" rule out electroshock mistreatment. Rieder's office even informed the patients' attorney about the reproach, and left no doubt: "We will not start a discussion with Scientology about human rights in psychiatry."

The reproach was made by the "Commission for Violations of Psychiatry against Human Rights" (KVPM), which was founded by the Scientology sect. According to a statement made by KVPM members, they have conducted a survey during the past few days on the patients and personnel of Baumgartner Heights. On the basis of the results of the survey, the group, which was found in 1976, wants to conduct further investigation.

New Attacks on Minister


From: "Die Presse", Vienna

June 9, 1998

Despite suit, Scientology renews attack upon Families Minister Martin Bartenstein.

Vienna (w.s.). The sect is not swayed by a suit brought against them on Friday by Families Minister Martin Bartenstein (VP). On Monday, they renewed their accusations against the Minister, "Interesting details have surfaced which will provide Bartenstein with a few more surprises," threatened Scientology speaker Andreas Bock in a "press" release. It is supposed to do with medications which are distributed by the Minister's drug company. These things are certainly "not illegal, but morally objectionable", and "recognized under the collective concept of drugs," says Bock.

Angelika Thonauer, a colleague of the Scientology speaker, has expressed the facts of the case differently in the past weeks. She related the following to the Austria Press Agency, "Probably he [the Minister] is afraid that we will look more closely into his offences - that is to say, the Families Minister earns some of his money with the help of his drug company, with which he puts people on drugs."

This statement earned Thonauer and Scientology a lawsuit by Bartenstein charging the spread of a slanderous, discrediting, and untrue statement. The Families Minister demanded a temporary order restraining both the spread of this statement and the appeal of it by Scientology. He also added a specification of encroachment upon honor ("Ehrenbeleidigung").

Sect Dispute Escalates

The cited sect brochure is to be found at:
Dr. Martin Bartenstein is the Austrian Secretary for Environment, Youth and Family.


"Die Presse" ["The Press"]
Saturday/Sunday, March 14/15, 1998

There is no offensive planned against Austria, according to the Scientology sect.

Vienna (red.) The Scientology organization and Family Minister Martin Bartenstein (VP) continued their mutual attacks upon each other in lengthy press releases last Friday. The starting point is the minister's sect information brochure, of which 270,000 copies have been printed. A speaker for Scientology stated that "only a handful of anti-sect hunters" led the battle against Scientology, among them were Minister Bartenstein and numerous media who have been influenced by Bartenstein. Scientology itself could give evidence of many questions and visits by interested Austrians.

Bartenstein rejected the attacks of the Scientologists. His initiative in the context of the sect information has always been in accordance with Austrian law, and this does not provide for a ban of Scientology, said the minister. The unusually sharp reaction of the international Scientology organization ("a danger to every liberty-living person") to his initiative confirms the importance of his proposal.

Liberal representative Ute Apfelbeck called upon the administration to take fast and decisive action against the sect.

The Head of Scientology Starts Offensive against Austria

From: "Kurier"
March 13, 1998

Strong attacks against Families Minister Bartenstein from the highest sect chiefs.

Is Austria on the brink of a propaganda war with Scientology, such as Germany has recently experienced? That's where the PR strategy of the religious union constantly hammered the catch phrase "persecution of new religions" until it even came to concerned questions in the US senate. Now Martin Bartenstein, Austria's Families Minister, is the target of the attacks. In a letter which came directly out of the sect headquarters in Los Angeles and which was made available to the KURIER, "Big Brother Bartenstein" was described as "undemocratic" and as a "danger to every person who loves freedom", and his resignation was demanded.

The reason: Bartenstein suggested in a letter to the Newspaper Publishers Association that newspapers not include advertisements for the Scientology campaign "Think for yourself." For the individual citizen it is not obvious "what problems he could be bringing upon himself" if he sends in for the information material described in the advertisement, read the minister's letter. Uncommon about the Scientology form letter against Bartenstein: it came personally from the highest chief of Scientology, a gentleman with the melodious name of Heber C. Jentzsch. It was disseminated from the Office of Special Affairs, which is organized like a secret service and which normally keeps watch on opponents of the sect. And as has happened in Germany, comparisons to the Nazi regime are also made here: Reverend Jentzsch calls it a "tragic irony, that this totalitarian act has been transplanted to a time in which it reminds the world of the Anschluss of 1938." [Anschluss refers to Austria's annexation by Nazi Germany -- translator.]

And further: "We celebrate 50 years of human rights - would Mr. Bartenstein rather celebrate Austria's annexation by Germany?" "A rather strong piece of work", opines Bartenstein and mentions: "All the leading experts indicate that Scientology is not only a sect, but also strives for commercial and political power." As a result of the campaign against him Bartenstein is "reminded of the German gauntlet, where every critic of Scientology was immediately compared to Nazi persecutors." - That is where the propaganda battle made waves on an international scale. The UNO Human Rights Commission had to send a team to Germany to investigate the alleged religious persecution. It came to the conclusion that the comparison to the Nazis was "shocking, senseless and childish." Other organizations such as the Jehovah's Witnesses or the Mormons did not feel themselves to be persecuted. On account of the criticism from the USA the Bonn Bundestag [German Federal Assembly] sent a commission to Washington to allay their fears.

Walter Osztovics