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  1. 20011228 fr The Incredible String Band Germany, Frankfurt
  2. 20011220 dsws Congratulations Gerry, what's a Critic Cult? Germany, Berlin
  3. 20011218 ots case load rising at cult center Austria, Vienna
  4. 20011215 Spiegel End of Surveillance of Scientology? Germany, Berlin
  5. 20011214 Hruby My time in the cult Austria, Vienna
  6. 20011213 unofficial International Showdown in Florida court USA, Washington
  7. 20011213 unofficial Scientology sues secret agents and wins Germany, Berlin
  8. 20011212 taz Scientology loses in court with Caberta Germany, Berlin
  9. 20011203 apa 15 Scientologists cleared of charges Spain, Madrid
  10. 20011130 Spiegel Microsoft source code revealed Germany, Berlin
  11. 20011129 ta Scientology's Catastrophe Corps USA, NewYork
  12. 20011129 fp Fliegerbauer walks smiling from court Germany, Zwickau
  13. 20011129 APA Scientology sues over use of 'cult' , Brussels
  14. 20011117 presse Central Europe infiltration Slovakia, Pressburg
  15. 20011117 nwz Scientology will not relax or give up Germany, Dusseldorf
  16. 20011117 Hruby Life in the Thetan Factory Austria, Vienna
  17. 20011116 fp Fliegerbauer confident of winning Germany, Zwickau
  18. 20011115 Stern Good-bye, Cruel Will! A new slant on Brainwashing Germany, Berlin
  19. 20011114 Berlin Kurier Big recruitment drive in Germany Germany, Berlin
  20. 20011111 Hruby Nurses evaluation of autopsy photos Austria, Vienna
  21. 20011108 Badische Ztg. Scientology claims anger former members Germany, Loerrach
  22. 20011106 Hruby Students FAQ on Scientology Austria, Vienna
  23. 20011105 TAZ The Red, White and Blue religion Germany, Berlin
  24. 20011102 TA Terrorism a breath of fresh air for cults Switzerland, Zurich
  25. 20011031 Bad. Ztg. Public Scientology debate in Germany Germany, Loerrach
  26. 20011030 TA Profiting from anthrax Switzerland, Zurich
  27. 20011029 TA OSA connections to bomb attacks Sweden, Stockholm
  28. 20011022 fp Zwickau reacting to Fliegerbauer Germany, Zwickau
  29. 20011021 personal Child Abuse and Freedom of Belief Austria, Vienna
  30. 20011021 fp Norbert Potthoff in Zwickau Germany, Zwickau
  31. 20011017 mrl Sheer intention no cure for Terrorism Germany, Mainz
  32. 20011013 faz Millie Goerues in Germany Germany, Stuttgart
  33. 20011012 Standard Cult fundamentalism at the book fair Austria, Vienna
  34. 20011012 fp Scientology expert Norbert Potthoff Germany, Zwickau
  35. 20011012 apa Continuing Scientology activity rejected Switzerland, Lausanne
  36. 20011009 dpa Can psychiatry cure Scientology? Germany, Berlin
  37. 20011002 Landbote Second Scientology School in Zurich Switzerland, Zurich
  38. 20011001 nlz CCHR capitalizing on mass murder Switzerland, Zurich
  39. 20010930 Welt Caberta in Hartwig's Light Germany, Hamburg
  40. 20010930 dpa Ambassador Corea's Dept. of Truth Germany, Frankfurt
  41. 20010921 unofficial Employers must reveal SO membership Germany, Mainz
  42. 20010920 yahoo Bluem still ahead of Scientology Germany, Mainz
  43. 20010919 Tagesspiegel Feeling Scientology's Finger USA, NewYork
  44. 20010918 TAZ Hodgepodge of political Islam Germany, Berlin
  45. 20010918 rundschau Religious privilege to drop Germany, Berlin
  46. 20010917 dpa Tougher Laws against Terrorists Germany, Berlin
  47. 20010901 unofficial Free Information on Scientology Germany, Berlin
  48. 20010830 ZG Cut'm off, Pin'm down, Take'm out Vatican, Vatican
  49. 20010830 Dolomiten Online Purification Program is Scientology Germany, Berlin
  50. 20010828 Berlingske Danish women want refund Denmark, Copenhagen
  51. 20010824 unofficial Court recognizes commercial business Switzerland, Zurich
  52. 20010820 szon Armstrong sheds light on Scientology Germany, Tettnang
  53. 20010811 Suedwest Psycho-groups can destroy lives Germany, Ulm
  54. 20010802 Abendblatt Caberta deposed by Scientology Germany, Hamburg
  55. 20010713 RON Just Say No to Scientology Germany, Erfenbach
  56. 20010713 NZZ Scientology advertising not legal Switzerland, Lausanne
  57. 20010709 TAZ Besier: More Freedom for Scientology! Germany, Berlin
  58. 20010709 TAZ Consumer Protection in the Psycho-market Germany, Berlin
  59. 20010709 Spiegel Status: the Fight against Scientology Germany, Hamburg
  60. 20010703 TAZ Distortion of reality causes mental illness Germany, Berlin
  61. 20010703 sz Munich boycott advocate to appeal Germany, Munich
  62. 20010703 Heilbronner Stimme Calling someone a Scientologist libelous Germany, Heilbronn
  63. 20010702 sz Illegal interference with right to do business Germany, Munich
  64. 20010627 sda Intl. court: US rights violation Netherlands, TheHague
  65. 20010618 Kleine Online French meeting for lawyers on sects France, Paris
  66. 20010612 weser-kurier Vanishing Discrimination in Germany? Germany, Essen
  67. 20010612 Welt New Retirement Program Germany, Berlin
  68. 20010612 Heinemann Scientology an untrustworthy, destructive cult Switzerland, Basel
  69. 20010612 dnn Chick Corea the Lying Scientologist Germany, Dresden
  70. 20010611 Junge Welt Fighting the new Scientology Imperialism Germany, Leipzig
  71. 20010611 BaZ Explaining the French Sect Law Switzerland, Basel
  72. 20010610 unofficial Norbert Bluem's speech at Leipzig Germany, Leipzig
  73. 20010610 Remscheider Bluem receives human rights award Germany, Leipzig
  74. 20010610 Ostthueringer Ztg Is a security clause a sect filter? Germany, Thueringen
  75. 20010610 Leipzig Volksztg. Leipzig report on Award for Bluem Germany, Leipzig
  76. 20010610 Heise Refugee from Scientology free in Canada Canada, Toronto
  77. 20010610 Bremer nachricht. Human Rights Award for Bluem Germany, Leipzig
  78. 20010609 Tirol Online Chick Corea goes to Austria USA, NewYork
  79. 20010608 BM Scientology financial power growing Germany, Berlin
  80. 20010607 Leipzig German premiere of The Profit Germany, Leipzig
  81. 20010606 badische ztg. Gerry Armstrong in Germany Germany, Loerrach
  82. 20010604 fp Bluem receives human rights award Germany, Leipzig
  83. 20010601 Heise Tom Cruise Missile Coordinates Germany, Berlin
  84. 20010531 Le Monde World Premiere of the Anti-Cult Law France, Paris
  85. 20010531 Bild Dr. Bluem to receive award Germany, Berlin
  86. 20010530 Presse Gerry Armstrong speaks in Austria Austria, Vienna
  87. 20010515 AFP Biased informants in State Department? France, Paris
  88. 20010511 TAZ France: USA + Scientology USA, Washington
  89. 20010511 SZ Just say No to Scientology Germany, Munich
  90. 20010505 SZ Traveling Scientology Show Photos Germany, Munich
  91. 20010503 SZ Traveling Scientology Show in town Germany, Munich
  92. 20010503 BD Winning is not everything Germany, Berlin
  93. 20010502 nrz The Dangers of Positive Thinking Germany, Essen
  94. 20010502 MoPo Psychological terrorism of cults - VPM Germany, Hamburg
  95. 20010502 fp Fliegerbauer blocking traffic Germany, Zwickau
  96. 20010426 Frankenpost Presentation on Scientology Germany, Marktredwitz
  97. 20010426 dsws Overheard: Scientology's Trinity Germany, Berlin
  98. 20010425 TAZ Caution: Dangerous Cult! Germany, Esslingen
  99. 20010425 Stimme Refugees from Psycho-cults Germany, Heilbronn
  100. 20010424 Tagblatt Multi-Cult Tolerance & Totalism Switzerland, Zurich
  101. 20010420 ARSCC(wdne) ARSCC Vienna reconnaissance debrief Austria, Vienna
  102. 20010419 Tagesspiegel Civil servants and Scientology Germany, Munich
  103. 20010419 Mainpost Keeping Scientology Under Surveillance Germany, Duesseldorf
  104. 20010419 fp etc Shakedown in Zwickau - Fliegerbauer Germany, Zwickau
  105. 20010418 ron Scientology defeated in Court Germany, Saarbruecken
  106. 20010411 FP Cooperating with Scientology Germany, Plauen
  107. 20010404 anzeiger Was Helnwein in Scientology? Germany, Burgbrohl
  108. 20010400 Esotera "Facts" on McPherson & Minton Germany, Berlin
  109. 20010330 SZ Making the best of Scientology Germany, Munich
  110. 20010330 Saarbruecker Ztg OPC wins, Scientology loses Germany, Saarlouis
  111. 20010329 BZ Porno-Cowboy floats his needle Germany, Berlin
  112. 20010327 unofficial Minton vs. Scientology in Berlin Germany, Berlin
  113. 20010327 personal Minton Wins - Scientology Loses Germany, Berlin
  114. 20010321 Muenster Ztg Total Control not a big selling point Germany, Muenster
  115. 20010320 sri German Army working with Microsoft Germany, Berlin
  116. 20010320 Bund Protecting witnesses from Scientology Switzerland, Zurich
  117. 20010319 Scientology vs. Slashdot Hungary, Budapest
  118. 20010317 Spiegel Scientology Software Vanquished Germany, Berlin
  119. 20010315 fp Standing united against Scientology Germany, Zwickau
  120. 20010313 20minuten Happy B-day! In good company Germany, Berlin
  121. 20010312 TA Narconon opens info center Switzerland, Zurich
  122. 20010308 unofficial Stop Talking or we'll sue you! Switzerland, Zurich
  123. 20010303 TA Investors bilked out of millions Switzerland, Zurich
  124. 20010303 StN Scientology tax info is confidential Germany, Stuttgart
  125. 20010303 CISAR US Sect Report on Scientology in Germany USA, Pennsylvania
  126. 20010302 unofficial Bavarian OPC report on Scientology Germany, Munich
  127. 20010227 sda Peking faults US Human Rights China, Peking
  128. 20010226 BZ Bluem receiving human rights award Germany, Leipzig
  129. 20010225 Walsroder Ztg Human Rights Award for Norbert Bluem Germany, Leipzig
  130. 20010225 Sonntagszeitung Say 'No' to Scientology addiction Switzerland, Basel
  131. 20010225 ARSCC(wdne) Report from the Vienna Opera Ball Austrian, Vienna
  132. 20010224 Welt Scientology Covert Recruitment Tactics Germany, Hamburg
  133. 20010224 MoPo Sect Purification possible health hazard Germany, Hamburg
  134. 20010224 Award Committee Leipzig Award 2001 Winner Announced Germany, Berlin
  135. 20010223 slrz ABI wins over UPS in Scientology case Germany, Stuttgart
  136. 20010223 FR Ruling: Church & Cult incompatible Germany, Frankfurt
  137. 20010219 lvz Sect Counselling in Saxony Germany, Leipzig
  138. 20010213 swp Born to Sue Germany, Stuttgart
  139. 20010212 personal L. Ron Hubbard Loves You Germany, Berlin
  140. 20010211 Spiegel Celebrities as high-profile lobbyists Germany, Berlin
  141. 20010211 ARSCC(wdne) ARSCC Ski Report from St. Anton Austria, St.Anton
  142. 20010210 personal Why can't we be friends? Austria, Vienna
  143. 20010209 BM Scientology battles for adopted children USA, NewYork
  144. 20010208 PNP First-hand knowledge is valuable Germany, Passau
  145. 20010207 personal Marriage Counseling: Pick up the cans Austria, Vienna
  146. 20010206 StN Stuttgart vs. Scientology Dianetics Germany, Stuttgart
  147. 20010206 dpa US forgot to tell Jentzsch about trial Spain, Madrid
  148. 20010206 AFP Cruise and Kidman split USA, Hollywood
  149. 20010205 ARSCC Report from St. Anton Ski Resort Austria, St.Anton
  150. 20010204 Personal The Cleared Office, a one-act Play Austria, Vienna
  151. 20010203 StZ Agency break-down causes upset Germany, Stuttgart
  152. 20010202 SWR TRO overturned for UPS Germany, Berlin
  153. 20010202 StZ Unemployed referred to Scientology Germany, Stuttgart
  154. 20010202 ABI Does UPS indirectly support Scientology? Germany, Stuttgart
  155. 20010201 StZ Scientology vs. Stuttgart Germany, Stuttgart
  156. 20010200 Esotera Tons of Documentation Germany, Berlin
  157. 20010131 Tagesspiegel Is the Bible a deterrent to crime? USA, Washington
  158. 20010131 Tagesspiegel Religious Trouble in River City USA, Washington
  159. 20010131 ARSCC Scientologists imitate their critics Austria, Vienna
  160. 20010129 FR British media law going to heaven England, London
  161. 20010128 ARSCC(wdne) ARSCC dines with French Ambassador Austria, Vienna
  162. 20010126 Tagblatt Government should handle sects Switzerland, St.Gallen
  163. 20010124 Computer Channel Narconon caught in copyright scandal England, London
  164. 20010123 OTS Scientologists want opponents dissolved Austria, Vienna
  165. 20010121 ARSCC(wdne) ARSCC at the Vienna Philharmonic Austria, Vienna
  166. 20010121 ARSCC Vienna ARSCC at the Hahnenkamm Races Austria, Tyrol
  167. 20010119 ZVW-Online Jobseekers: Beware the Spiked Cross Germany, Waiblingen
  168. 20010117 unauthorized OSA How Scientology Works Germany, Munich
  169. 20010117 Netzeitung Church of Greed Loses in Court USA, NewYork
  170. 20010117 dpa How Scientology makes news Germany, Hamburg
  171. 20010116 unofficial Scientology Task Force expanding Germany, Hamburg
  172. 20010115 TAZ New Religions use Stealth Politics Germany, Berlin
  173. 20010115 Tagblatt Field Staff Member public relations Switzerland, St.Galler
  174. 20010114 TA Holocaust Revisionism in Mind Control Switzerland, Zurich
  175. 20010111 StZ Scientology Advertising in Stuttgart Germany, Stuttgart
  176. 20010110 BZ US State Department cult apologist? Germany, Berlin
  177. 20010107 Sonntagblick Collaborating with Cults Switzerland, Zurich
  178. 20010107 ARSCC(wnde) ARSCC(wdne) 2001 Entertainment Calendar Austria, Vienna
  179. 20010106 Goettinger Tageblatt Bearing false witness Germany, Munich
  180. 20010105 TA Cell Phone psychs of Universal Life Switzerland, Zurich
  181. 20010105 SZ A Dark Evolution - Smoke & Mirrors Germany, Munich
  182. 20010103 Tagblatt Germany acknowledges sect victims Switzerland, St.Gallen
  183. 20001229 PNP A Scientologist mouthpiece Germany, Passau
  184. 20001229 OSA Mouthpiece of Scientology & comment Germany, Munich
  185. 20001223 Tagesspiegel German logic - religion and state Germany, Berlin
  186. 20001223 SZ German argument - religion and state Germany, Munich
  187. 20001222 NLZ Is Doubt equal to Intolerance? Switzerland, Lucerne
  188. 20001222 Hartwig R. Hartwig reports Cartel of Silence Germany, Hamburg
  189. 20001220 TAZ Moslem view of JW decision Germany, Berlin
  190. 20001219 Netzeitung Jehovah's Witnesses getting religion? Germany, Berlin
  191. 20001218 Tagesspiegel Woman heads Berlin Constitutional Security Germany, Berlin
  192. 20001218 TA Totalitarianism OK for Scientology Switzerland, Zurich
  193. 20001217 Sonntagszeitung Scientology uses 'Outright Crime' label Switzerland, Zurich
  194. 20001216 NLZ No special surveillance of Swiss sects Switzerland, Bern
  195. 20001216 Freie Presse No Scientology Info Office in Zwickau Germany, Zwickau
  196. 20001216 Bund Non-surveillance Swiss status quo Germany, Berlin
  197. 20001215 Suedoestschweiz Scientology buying front groups Switzerland, Zurich
  198. 20001215 News Not watching Scientology Switzerland, Bern
  199. 20001215 Heinemann Ingo Heinemann: Criticism of Scientology Germany, Bonn
  200. 20001214 zuonline CCHR anti-psych rally a non-event Switzerland, Zurich
  201. 20001214 TA CCHR libelous statements unwanted Switzerland, Embrach
  202. 20001214 RT Domestic help from Scientology Germany, Kassel
  203. 20001214 OTS Cooperating with sects worthwhile Austria, St.Poelten
  204. 20001214 AP Scientology vs. Trustworthiness Germany, Kassel
  205. 20001213 Tagesspiegel RJ Lifton in Berlin Germany, Berlin
  206. 20001213 personal Clearwater 2000 - Days 4 and 5 USA, Clearwater
  207. 20001213 personal Scientology's neo-banditry Germany, Berlin
  208. 20001213 Freie Presse Scientology smoldering in Zwickau Germany, Zwickau
  209. 20001212 Weltspiegel Germany a land a variety Germany, Schmitten
  210. 20001212 FNP Just say 'No' to Scientology redux Germany, Altoetting
  211. 20001211 Presse A Variety of sects in Tyrol Austria, Innsbruck
  212. 20001211 personal Clearwater 2000 - Day 3 USA, Clearwater
  213. 20001209 Suedostschweiz Presse The peculiar world of sects Switzerland, Zurich
  214. 20001209 PNP Just say 'No' to Scientology Germany, Berlin
  215. 20001208 personal Clearwater 2000 - Day 2 USA, Clearwater
  216. 20001208 dpa Scientology wins in French court France, Paris
  217. 20001207 TAZ Possible Undercover Scientology Tech Germany, Berlin
  218. 20001207 Offenbach Post Railroad blocks Scientology ads Germany, Offenbach
  219. 20001207 FNP Is Scientology a Sect? Germany, Frankfurt
  220. 20001206 Offenbach Post Warning: Cult advertising Germany, Offenbach
  221. 20001205 SZ Criticism from civil servant OK Germany, Ansbach
  222. 20001205 Presse VPM supports leaving EU Austria, Vienna
  223. 20001205 Maerkische Allg. Better Business for religion Germany, Berlin
  224. 20001205 BZ Consumer Protection in Religion Germany, Berlin
  225. 20001204 personal Picket Report from Clearwater USA, Clearwater
  226. 20001204 MoPo Battlefield Earth backer decimated Germany, Hamburg
  227. 20001204 Abendblatt Playing God Germany, Hamburg
  228. 20001200 unofficial FREIHEIT Scientology's Psycho-Political News Germany, Munich
  229. 20001130 Heidenheimer Presse 'Dangerous Curiosity' is Exciting Germany, Berlin
  230. 20001130 Facts Battlefield Box Office Switzerland, Zurich
  231. 20001129 Volksblatt Psycho-Charlatans & Life Consultants Germany, Grafenrheinfeld
  232. 20001129 Bund Picture Germany Persecuting Jews! Switzerland, Zurich
  233. 20001128 Bremer Nachrichten Cleaning up after Scientology left Germany, Bremen
  234. 20001128 Braunschweiger Ztg Be Warned and Informed about Cults Germany, Koenigslutter
  235. 20001127 TA Does the world cause a guru pain? Switzerland, Zurich
  236. 20001125 RON Anti-church leaflets distributed Germany, Mutterstadt
  237. 20001125 NZZ Reincarnation: Fact or Fantasy? Switzerland, Basel
  238. 20001125 Fraenkischer Tag Emotional Intelligence cult promo Germany, Weisendorf
  239. 20001124 unofficial Germany proposes US-style censorship Germany, Berlin
  240. 20001124 OOeN Starving to get to Heaven USA, Washington
  241. 20001124 Nordkurier Online Usedom: Close call with Scientology Germany, Mellenthin
  242. 20001123 Welt Scientology under the Christmas tree Germany, Berlin
  243. 20001123 TA Cancer patient refuses medicine Switzerland, Zurich
  244. 20001122 unofficial Bundestag report on Minor Inquiry Germany, Berlin
  245. 20001122 unofficial Young people's book on sects Germany, Loerrach
  246. 20001122 Spiegel Personal Data and Net Security Germany, Berlin
  247. 20001122 FNP 9th Graders interview sect commissioner Germany, Frankfurt
  248. 20001121 Volksfreund Spirits, Gurus and Miracle Healers Germany, Trarbach
  249. 20001121 Badische Ztg Falun Gong not Chinese Scientology Germany, Berlin
  250. 20001117 Heilbronner Stimme ID theft: Illegal and Legal Germany, Berlin
  251. 20001116 Heinemann Another empty win for Scientology Germany, Munich
  252. 20001115 Heinemann Scientology exploits court decisions Germany, Bonn
  253. 20001114 personal No longer married to a Scientologist Austria, Vienna
  254. 20001113 BZ Berlin Freedom of Information Germany, Berlin
  255. 20001112 personal No longer married to a Scientologist Germany, Berlin
  256. 20001112 EBI EBI: 'Leaving is Chic' Germany, Berlin
  257. 20001110 ZDF UPS and Scientology? Germany, Berlin
  258. 20001110 unoffical Minor Inquiry return on Scientology Germany, Berlin
  259. 20001110 FR Moon: On the Roadblock to Germany Germany, Schmitten
  260. 20001110 Abendblatt The Cemetery of the right sectarians Germany, Hohenwestedt
  261. 20001109 BZ Even a Hausherr can't help :-) Germany, Berlin
  262. 20001108 FP Fliegerbauer's Public Departure Fake Germany, Zwickau
  263. 20001107 Tagesspiegel No longer married to a Scientologist Germany, Zehlendorf
  264. 20001106 dpa Scientology criticizes Microsoft agreement USA, Washington
  265. 20001104 dpa Windows 2000 sans Diskeeper Germany, Berlin
  266. 20001104 AFP Moslems protest imprisonment Germany, Duesseldorf
  267. 20001103 unofficial Possible connection to Scientology Germany, Stuttgart
  268. 20001103 unk Microsoft reacts to Security Objections Germany, Berlin
  269. 20001103 Heise Technology for removing Scientology Germany, Berlin
  270. 20001103 Handelsblatt Microsoft works with Germany Germany, Berlin
  271. 20001103 dpa Satan's Killer wants US asylum USA, Batavia
  272. 20001102 Furche US and the Austrian debate on Sects Austria, Vienna
  273. 20001101 Freie Presse Office of Information on Scientology Germany, Zwickau
  274. 20001100 IHK Scientology criminal methods at work Germany, Berlin
  275. 20001031 unofficial OSA Typical Scientology Court Victory Germany, Munich
  276. 20001031 NN Refusal to answer approved by court Germany, Munich
  277. 20001031 FNP Official wants action against Scientology Germany, Giessen
  278. 20001031 dpa Hope for Infertile Women Switzerland, Basel
  279. 20001028 Spiegel Hillary leaves Hamas, heads for Senate USA, NewYork
  280. 20001027 Saarbruecker Ztg Germany recognizes Scientology brainwashing Germany, Berlin
  281. 20001027 Neumarkt Nachrichten Complaint against Church dismissed Germany, Neumarkt
  282. 20001027 Mittelbayerische Ztg. UPS defends itself against accusations Germany, Berlin
  283. 20001027 Landbote Cult Addiction is under-funded Switzerland, Winterthur
  284. 20001027 idw E-meter debunked by psychiatrist Germany, Berlin
  285. 20001027 dpa More Falun Gong shipped off China, Peking
  286. 20001026 Welt Who is between me and God? Germany, Berlin
  287. 20001026 unofficial Parliamentary inquiry on USA and Scientology Germany, Berlin
  288. 20001026 TAZ Companies support cult education Germany, Langenau
  289. 20001026 AFP Moonies praying for cars in N. Korea Korea, Seoul
  290. 20001025 StZtng Happy Birthday Constitutional Security Germany, Berlin
  291. 20001025 Dolomiten Online Knowledge protects you from Scientology Italy, Bozen
  292. 20001025 Cologne Rundschau If spiritual advisors know so much... Germany, Cologne
  293. 20001024 unofficial Alternative Charlemagne Award 2001 Germany, Leipzig
  294. 20001024 MoPo Caught in Scientology's concentration camp Germany, Hamburg
  295. 20001024 FR Scientology's Penitential Camps Germany, Hamburg
  296. 20001024 FR Scientology's Penitential Camps Germany, Hamburg
  297. 20001024 Dialog News from the Award Committee Germany, Berlin
  298. 20001024 BZ Scientology acknowledged as brainwashing Germany, Hamburg
  299. 20001024 Bild Scientology's Penitential Camps Germany, Hamburg
  300. 20001024 Abendblatt Scientology brainwashing camps recognized Germany, Hamburg
  301. 20001023 unofficial Brainwashing in Scientology's RPF Germany, Hamburg
  302. 20001023 dpa The peak of diplomatic arrogance Germany, Hamburg
  303. 20001023 AP Addressing issue of re-education camps Germany, Hamburg
  304. 20001021 IHK Renate Hartwig's book on psycho-groups Germany, Berlin
  305. 20001021 Focus Rehabilitative Brainwashing Force Germany, Munich
  306. 20001020 yahoo Travolta thinks flop is a classic Germany, Berlin
  307. 20001020 Allgemeine Keeping Scientology under Surveillance Germany, Augsburg
  308. 20001019 unofficial Microsoft Unofficial Diskeeper de-installation Germany, Berlin
  309. 20001019 Spiegel Travolta Possessed by spirit of Hubbard Germany, Berlin
  310. 20001019 Rundschau Happy 50th Birthday Constitutional Security Germany, Cologne
  311. 20001018 Presse USA expresses political displeasure USA, Washington
  312. 20001018 NRZ Presentations on sects Germany, Muelheim
  313. 20001018 Bund Moon Sect buys entire town Paraguay, PuertoCasado
  314. 20001017 Freiheit Where's the Money? Germany, Berlin
  315. 20001016 AFP Farrakhan defends Palestinians USA, Washington
  316. 20001014 Welt Demonized cults being strangled Germany, Berlin
  317. 20001014 StN Scientology didn't lose, it won Germany, Stuttgart
  318. 20001014 Presserat Criticism not 'dangerous hate-journalism' Switzerland, Zurich
  319. 20001014 Der Bund Scientology complained about bad press Switzerland, Zurich
  320. 20001012 ABI UPS money helping Scientology Germany, Stuttgart
  321. 20001011 unofficial Jilted Scientologist in cult stupor Austria, Korneuburg
  322. 20001010 unofficial Minor Inquiry on Scientology Germany, Berlin
  323. 20001009 Volksblatt No fight against non-believers Germany, Berlin
  324. 20001008 SonntagsZeitung Scientologists against electrotherapy Switzerland, Zurich
  325. 20001007 StN Letter to the editor for Scientology Germany, Stuttgart
  326. 20001005 TAZ Scientology sues Interior Agency Germany, Berlin
  327. 20001005 OTS Big Win [TM] for Scientology Austria Austria, Vienna
  328. 20001005 dsws Noisy Investigation in Germany Germany, Berlin
  329. 20001004 Koelner S-A Leaving a cult requires therapy Germany, Cologne
  330. 20001002 BM Accused of being a sect commissioner Germany, Berlin
  331. 20001002 BM Scientology and the sect commissioner Germany, Berlin
  332. 20000928 Beobachter Critic wins award, dies Switzerland, Zurich
  333. 20000927 Singener Wochenblatt Jesus Freaks and sexual abuse Germany, Berlin
  334. 20000926 Berner Zeitung Anti-drug association rejects sects Switzerland, Bern
  335. 20000925 Berner Ztg Anti-drug association opens its arms Switzerland, Bern
  336. 20000925 Abendzeitung Man succumbs to cult madness Germany, Forchheim
  337. 20000922 Rheinpfalz Online Scientology Minister Helnwein gives up Germany, Frankfurt
  338. 20000922 Nuernberger Nachrichten Bearing false witness against sect Germany, Nuernberg
  339. 20000922 Nuernberg AZ A father in cult rage Germany, Nuernberg
  340. 20000922 BaZ Government may take action on sects Switzerland, Basel
  341. 20000921 Koelner Anzeiger Jehovah's Witnesses in Germany Germany, Cologne
  342. 20000920 StN Appeal against Scientology decision Germany, Stuttgart
  343. 20000920 Sindelfinger Ztg Appeal in association statute Germany, Stuttgart
  344. 20000920 Schweitzer Gottfried Helnwein capitulates Germany, Frankfurt
  345. 20000920 Hausherr Marriage on the rocks in Scientology Germany, Berlin
  346. 20000920 Freie Presse Zwickau mayor stepping down Germany, Zwickau
  347. 20000919 TAZ Accusations of corruption against Caberta Germany, Hamburg
  348. 20000919 Rheinische Post Bringing light into the sect tunnel Germany, Berlin
  349. 20000919 Rhein-Neckar Court permits appeal in revocation case Germany, Mannheim
  350. 20000919 Hamburger Abendblatt Accusation of corruption against Caberta Germany, Hamburg
  351. 20000919 FR Freedom of Information Law proposed Germany, Berlin
  352. 20000918 Gandow Memorial Services for Scientology Victim Germany, Berlin
  353. 20000917 Welt Scientologists at service for Lisa McPherson Germany, Berlin
  354. 20000917 Sunday Service] Prayer for Lisa McPherson Germany, Berlin
  355. 20000917 Gandow Sermon for Lisa McPherson Germany, Berlin
  356. 20000916 TA A personal withdrawal from Narconon Switzerland, Zurich
  357. 20000916 NordwestNet Sect counselor transferred Germany, Bremen
  358. 20000915 BZ PR Company creates public opinion Germany, Berlin
  359. 20000914 Welt Gandow considers Scientology a menace Germany, Berlin
  360. 20000914 StN Mayor seems wishy-washy on Scientology Germany, Stuttgart
  361. 20000914 Freiheit Noisy Investigation of Ursula Caberta Germany, Munich
  362. 20000914 Freiheit Scientology Church charges corruption Germany, Hamburg
  363. 20000913 MainRheiner Scientologist gives virgin birth? Germany, Idstein
  364. 20000912 Tagblatt No police problems with Narconon Switzerland, Zurich
  365. 20000911 Freie Presse Fliegerbauer never left Zwickau Germany, Zwickau
  366. 20000908 Tagesspiegel Scientology Freiheit as Hate Mail Germany, Berlin
  367. 20000907 StN Did Scientology make her do it? Germany, Stuttgart
  368. 20000906 Welt Cult researcher cloning dead babies Germany, Berlin
  369. 20000906 personal State Department honors ARSCC Vienna Austria, Vienna
  370. 20000906 BM Services for Lisa McPherson in Berlin Germany, Berlin
  371. 20000905 TAZ Advertising how a thought machine works Germany, Berlin
  372. 20000905 TAZ Scientology tries defaming Gandow Germany, Berlin
  373. 20000905 Suedwest Presse Hartwig reliable source of Scientology info Germany, Neu-Ulm
  374. 20000905 Neu-Ulm Ztg Federal Representative meets with Hartwig Germany, Neu-Ulm
  375. 20000905 dpa State Department criticizes sect filter USA, Washington
  376. 20000903 SonntagsZtg Record Marijuana Harvest in Switzerland Switzerland, Zurich
  377. 20000900 Spirita Lampooning the Alt Charlemagne Award Germany, Berlin
  378. 20000830 personal Book: Married to a Scientologist Austria, Vienna
  379. 20000830 ARSCC(wdne) Vienna Scientology company sued Austria, Vienna
  380. 20000828 OOeN Boss prescribes massages and more Austria, Linz
  381. 20000828 BM Dealing with people in religious groups Germany, Berlin
  382. 20000828 BM Speaking with Mormons at the front door Germany, Berlin
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