New push against Scientology

Zwickau, Germany
March 15, 2001
Freie Presse

CDU faction chief Frank Seidel demands that all assembly factions and the city administration work more closely together and defend themselves jointly against Scientology's expansion in Zwickau. "Consistent dealing is important. The fight against the sect in Zwickau need not be at an end."

Following the SPD's lead, the CDU faction also reacted to sale of a property on Magazin Street to Scientologist Kurt Fliegerbauer by the federal finance office, and described the deal as "monstrous." Since the real estate tycoon is as active in Zwickau after he announced he was going to leave as he was before, those responsible for the city, according to Seidel, have to renew their efforts to distance themselves from the Scientologists and their goals. "In doing that, it is important to try everything to keep Scientology from extending their reach in Zwickau."

In the meantime the political parties in the city assembly should actively pull together against the sect, the union faction demanded, and presented a four-point list:

Last year already city council, mayor Eichhorn and vice-mayor Vettermann clearly established distance to Fliegerbauer. At the same time they requested federal chancellor Schroeder and minister president Biedenkopf take legal steps against the sect.

by Rainer Raech

Scientology Sect as a bone of contention

DGB boycotts Sero Theater

Zwickau, Germany
January 2, 2000
Freie Presse Lokales

(raech) The discussion on Scientology gains in acrimony: beginning immediately, the Zwickau area DGB will cease cooperation with the "Sero" theater group because it maintains connections with Scientology Kurt Fliegerbauer and intends to temporarily move into his "Stadt Zwickau" hotel.

DGB area chief Werner Schuh stated the reason for the step, in a letter to Sero director Egmont Elschner, as a disregarded summons for leading labor union officials to maintain their distance from Fliegerbauer. "You had promised us. Unfortunately, we have now found out that you have gotten involved with Fliegerbauer again," wrote Schuh and reminded Elschner that the psycho-sect violated goals and principles of the DGB and its member unions.

In his answer, Elschner denied "with acrimony" ever having given such a promise. He furthermore wrote to Schuh: "Your ban of Sero, which is wrong and disrespectful, will affect our honor. But I believe your group and you, in particular, are responsible to a major extent for the political climate in the city. I am familiar with strong language: it is expected that the Scientologists be chased out of this city. For me, that is the language of fascism. And I hold you morally responsible for the health and welfare of every member of the Osterstein Castle Management Association" [group led by Fliegerbauer]. In closing, Elschner wrote, "Hysteria creates danger."

Zwickau: CDU keeps their distance

Fight against the Scientology sect

Zwickau, Germany
September 20, 1999
Freie Presse

(FE) The Zwickau CDU city faction has established a clear-cut space between itself and the Scientology Organization. This was announced by faction chief Frank Seidel. In doing that he could refer to a unanimous result from a self-survey. For Frank Seidel that means, "The CDU faction is devoid of Scientology influence."

The Christian Democrats wanted to send a sign by their action, "The other city factions should also publicly announce their separation from Scientologists," stated the CDU man. Background: Zwickau has been making Scientology headlines for years. The valley city has been named particularly in connection with real estate business and old building renovation. The Scientology organization, which is controversial in Germany, has been described as totalitarian by the Federal Ministry of Families and by the Federal Labor Court as contemptuous of humanity.

Along the same lines, a celebrity will visit Zwickau on Friday: Ursula Caberta, Scientology Commissioner in the Hamburg Senate, will give a talk at 7:30 p.m. in the "Neuen Welt." Theme: "Scientology in Sachsen - How 'Clear' is Zwickau?"