Hamburg, Germany
June 28, 2000

Hamburg - Tom Cruise (37), Hollywood star, defended himself against all attacks against his membership in the controversial Scientology organization.

He said he hopes "that people judge me based on my films, regardless of what church I belong to," said the actor on Tuesday in an advance public interview in the new edition of "Cinema" movie magazine.

Cruise thought he had a strong belief in himself; he can be seen starting July 6 in movies in the thriller "Mission Impossible 2." Regardless of what happens in his life, he said, he will "always have the choice to decide for or against something - and I am convinced that I will make the right decision." In response to criticism of Scientology, Cruise said that no belief is "free from hate of intolerant people." He said his belief has "already helped him much, in private life as well as in work."

Scientology's dirty trick with Einstein

Agency warns about Hubbard sect setting "rat trap" for children

Hamburg, Germany
February 24, 2001
Hamburger Morgenpost

by S. Jacobs

"Do you know Albert Einstein?" Absolutely - the physics genius is an idol for many computer kids. And the Scientology sect is now shamelessly exploiting that fact, says Hamburg's Interior Agency.

Its Task Force on Scientology has issued a warning saying that in their new recruitment strategy, Scientologists use the name of the Nobel Prize winner as bait for young people on the city sidewalks, then lure them into the new sect center on Dom Street. Most deceptive: "The recruiting people did nothing to identify themselves as members of the organization," said the agency.

Another trick in the new recruitment strategy used by the Hubbard disciples: passersby are invited into Scientology headquarters with an invitation to take a so-called "harmful substance" test," warned the Task Force. Director Ursula Caberta said, "This 'Purification Program' is the start of a 'Scientology career.' Everyone who has one of these flyers placed in their hands should know that."

Besides Caberta, the Downtown District Office is also making life difficult for the sect. It is currently checking to see if the use of the sauna on 30 Dom Street for hours at a time during the so-called "Purification Rundown" (in which members sweat out their "harmful substances") is permissible under zoning regulations. One possible consideration is that Scientology's sauna program poses a health hazard.