Scientology commissioner under suspicion

Sect specialist being investigated by Hamburg Senate for accepting favors. Moreover she may be giving Ron Hubbard's adherents an excuse for suing Germany

Hamburg, Germany
September 30, 2001
Die Welt am Sonntag

by Thilo Boss

Hamburg - Ursula Caberta's reputation precedes her: as director of the Task Force on Scientology of the Hamburg Interior Agency, she has been regarded as the psycho-sect's toughest opponent since 1992. She issues written material and lectures about the machinations of the adherents of science fiction writer Ron Hubbard (1911-1986). In the fight with the organization, which has tax-exemption in the USA but which is under surveillance by German homeland security, Ursula Caberta has earned accolades across the nation.

Yet now Ursula Caberta has run into heavy criticism herself. In Hamburg she is under investigation for "accepting favors on duty," and the state attorney in Dusseldorf is reviewing case AZ 810 AR 12901 as to whether she has brought discredit upon a German opponent of Scientology.

Further investigation brought sworn testimony to the attention of WELT am SONNTAG which Caberta gave to a Florida court on October 9, 2000 in the USA. This testimony leaves the question open of whether the best known official German investigator of Scientology has not herself been manipulated by the sect.

In the testimony under oath (case number 8:00 CV-1528-T-27C) there is also discussion about the "security declaration" used by German businesses by which employees and business partners verify that they do not operate in accordance with the methods of Scientology founder Hubbard. In the document signed by Caberta on 9 October 2000 and which she even imprinted with the official seal which she apparently brought with her to America, it says under number 10: The Scientology Security Statement "was developed as a result of inquiries by companies which inquired about infiltration by Scientologists."

In the best case this admission is misleading. For the Scientologists it could even be the long sought basis for which they sue German government agencies and companies before the European Court in Luxemburg for violation of human rights. "Germany is threatened by a wave of lawsuits," Scientology critic and best-seller writer Renate Hartwig ("Ich klage an") fears. Alienation of Scientologists fuels the suspicion that the Hubbard adherents are being discriminated against here at home.

This would be a clear violation of the European Human Rights Convention, according to which "every person has a right to freedom of religion, conscience and thought." "In the US court, Caberta did not use the possibility to make it clear that the security statement is not discrimination, but is solely a rejection of Hubbard's methods," said Hartwig.

Caberta's testimony could be laden with consequences for the Federal Republic and for German business. Germany is playing a central role in the plans of world domination which the sect is credited with. For example, the Scientology intelligence service, OSA, worked out scenarios under the code names of "Snow White - Project Looking Glass," as to how the commercial sect could overcome resistance here at home: it says that Scientologists should get a conviction against the Federal Republic in Luxemburg whereby it produced legal evidence that its members are discriminated against.

But it is not only Caberta's testimony in the US court in Florida that puts her in an unfavorable light, but also the way the sworn testimony came up. That is because although the sect investigator was well-versed with the strategy by which the Scientologists planned to get established in Germany, at least twice in the past year did she voluntarily enter the lion's den (the USA).

A house of horror was already waiting for her in her first visit to Clearwater, the world's biggest training center for the Scientologists, in July 2000, as she said: just as she was arriving she was called a Nazi by outraged Scientologists, moreover she was called into a five-hour deposition by lawyers of the sect because a German employee of an American software company had sued her for damages. Allegedly he had lost a deal with a German company because of the "security statement" on Scientology. When a second summons to a hearing was shoved under Caberta's hotel door, she left the USA ahead of schedule.

But it wasn't three months later that, in spite of this, she again traveled to Florida and let herself be questioned by Scientology attorneys anyway. And on that occasion the director of the Hamburg agency to observe Scientology gave the controversial sworn testimony - fully in the sense of sect founder Hubbard, who said: Confuse, so that you conquer.


A cartel of silence hinders publicity work

Renate Hartwig

December 22, 2000
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Part 1: The Caberta Case

by Renate Hartwig

March 7, 1994: Back in the first edition of my book "Scientology - Ich klage an" I wrote about the people paid by the state to keep silent. Who was I talking about? State and church "sect commissioners" whose mission consists of telling people about the goings-on of sects, psycho-groups and destructive cults. And what have they done so far? Prudently stated, not much.

Although I knew then only a fraction of what I know now of what I revealed in the book about the existing so-called "critic scene," it still unleashed an unending flood of libel campaigns against me. All attempts to induce discussion on the matter have failed.

The cartel reacts to constructive criticism like Scientology does - "Any who criticize us, their head will serve as a deterrent on a pike." "The dogs that are kicked are the ones that bark" as the proverb goes - in this case a [popular] understanding of democracy is unmasked. The real scandal, however, does not lie in these people being financed with our tax money not doing what they are paid to do. No, it goes beyond that. This is about how people paid by the state to keep quiet end up deliberately hindering distribution of information, thus playing into the hands of Scientology and other groups.

Not just that Scientology is allowed to blaze its trail into every level of society, no, there are also lies, disinformation, confusion and intrigue. The general public so far is not aware that behind the facade of state positions there is an organized dirty business going on of deliberate "enemy extermination" with aides and assistants.

Let's take a look at our basic liberal-democratic system, we see that is where the legitimacy of government is anchored. It is required of government agencies - as a part of the state's work force - that they treat everyone fairly and uniformly. They are compelled to do that in that they are bound by the principle of legitimacy (Art. 1, para. 3 and Art. 20, para. 3, Basic Law), that means to rights and law. The legal route can be taken against violations.

"State legitimacy is demonstrated by adherence to form. Respect of regulations for form and procedure is not a bothersome duty, but a compelling necessity in preventing arbitrariness," wrote Prof. Abel in a legal opinion. One should keep this in mind when looking at the Caberta case.

The Caberta Case

Since January 1993, Ursula Caberta has officially been the director of the Scientology Task Force for the Hamburg Interior Senate. The citizen, the journalist, the public, politicians and government agencies could suppose that a person employed in a management function of an Interior Agency would first, bring credibility with her and second, naturally also maintain the principle of legitimacy.

But they could just as well require that measures would be take in case such a person flagrantly misuses her office for personal interests to the detriment of others. Those measures would only be possible, however, when the misconduct of the subject individual was made public.

Now the question arises of why would it not be publicized about how this person misuses her office, if arbitrary measures were part of her daily routine and defamation, slander, destructive criticism and deliberate libel against critics of Scientology were legally proven?

The facts were always on the table and can be inspected by anyone: there are several court decisions against Caberta, and let it be noted, not against her as a private person, but in connection with her official functions. What do these decisions express?

On June 23, 2000 the Hamburg State Court found in the legal dispute of Caberta vs. ZDF in decision which is now legally in effect that Caberta violated her official mission against neutrality and would have to tolerate criticism. There are irrefutable indices that she has let herself be manipulated by Scientology.

What that means to me is that the director of an agency who mission is combatting Scientology has let herself be manipulated and thereby has been exploited by this organization.

Back in August 1997, Caberta was prohibited by the Duesseldorf State Court from distributing false assertions of fact and destructive criticism about my husband and me. In the basis of the decision the judges accused Caberta of a "deliberately debilitating, arbitrary defamation."

Again the court found that Caberta did "more than concern herself about the discussion of the matter." The court's decision was confirmed in April 1998 by the Duesseldorf Superior State Court. In other words, it has been known for over three years now that Caberta has misused her office for personal interests.

But who is benefitting from this misuse of office? And once more: what is the reason for the official silence in regard to these facts? Is it loyalty in government circles? Political sensitivity? Good ole boys? Or simply indifference?

But by this time every citizen has to be asking themselves whether certain government posts might not serve an alibi function. For the outside there is given the appearance of activity against Scientology. What actually exists though is a cartel of silence and cover-up which leaves only one group laughing their way to the bank: Scientology.

How did this cartel come about?
A look back.

In 1991/2 Ursula Caberta profiled herself as the current Buergershchaft representative and SPD legal spokeswoman in Hamburg on the topic of Scientology. The will for a political profile on this topic was bigger than her record. Therefore she used private initiatives and individuals to fill this gaps.

Today I am still convinced that the topic of Scientology is correctly situated in the Interior Agency. It was for just that reason that I and my husband privately, as well as in our function as chairpersons of the Robin Direkt Association supported Ursula Caberta back then with documents from our archive. We also supported her public PR operations and referred former members and members to Caberta.

From the public pressure deliberately produced by Ursula Caberta with several press conferences in Hamburg, Interior Senator Hackman put her hope into action; a position was implemented in the Hamburg Interior Senate, called the "Arbeitskreis Scientology."

From that time on Caberta intentionally built a "state court," a "powerhouse" around herself. People who promised advantage were given positions and used to deliver information. She used her position to make others dependent upon her. With evil machinations and intrigue Caberta allegedly tried to live out her profile neurosis at the expense of others. People could have lived with that if - yes if the discussion about Scientology were not involved. Anyone who believes that this weak point of a key position would escape the notice of the Scientology organization is grossly underestimating their system.

Many know about these problems of the person of Ursula Caberta. They know about the legal proceedings. They know about the court decisions. Nobody can say they are not in writing. However, who has done anything? How many government officials in this republic have told me that one does not resist someone so closely positioned to an Interior Senator. How many have said, "we know it, but we cannot change it," or "it's a different country, one can't get involved."

Nothing could suit Scientology better than such an official "expert scene." Dispersed, covetous, incessantly involved with itself and with assuring itself of its own existence, wracked with intrigue. In this milieu Caberta is at the top.

Those personally acquainted with her know that she doggedly depends upon power structures. Just her statement to individualists and parents' initiatives, "I am the stallion and you are the ponies!" probably needs no further comment in order to get a look at the dominating structures of this scene.

Her concept of being the absolute Number One in the anti-sect scene became very quickly perceptible when soon after she took her position a man appeared by sheer "coincidence" who had been a true-blue, highly trained Scientologist for over 20 years. Versed in the business of PR, Caberta was immediately convinced she had the right advisor at her side. She herself spoke of a symbiotic relationship.

The absurdities and clever PR operations from Caberta and her advisor, up to deliberate disinformation, could have only taken place with the support of the "cartel of experts." Witnesses confirm that without this "advisor" Caberta wouldn't have gotten anything done.

Nobody talks about that any more, nobody asks about it and nobody has ever taken responsibility for all the incredible machinations which they have taken against various people since 1993 and who publicly resist Scientology. Why should they maintain principles of legitimacy? In almost eight years none of her superiors have stopped her misuse of office, her libel, defamation and deliberate slander campaigns. The word "arbitrariness" in connection with Caberta's management style is known even in government circles. Nobody ever held her accountable when she forwarded on the cover address of an agent investigating Scientology for organized criminality. She obtained that highly sensitive data in her official function and gave it to an independent journalist who, as can be shown, was cooperating with Scientology. She served Scientology with that move.

How come nobody is asking why Scientologists are walking away innocent-eyed from situations and investigations when Caberta is personally involved with their cases. For example, she would have been operating outside her area of responsibility in an investigative proceedings against a Scientologist and his attorney. She drove to the state attorney in Stuttgart and demanded access to records - of an ongoing process, it is noted. It has still not been explained today how the attorney found out about it. He reacted promptly, wrote the state attorney and brought his attention to the illicit records access. Moreover, the proceedings were suspended afterwards.

The Wall of Silence was also not broken when it leaked through that ex-Scientologists appeared in Caberta's environment whose agency for Scientology was known through witnesses.

Mrs. Caberta's powerhouse became always bigger! She expanded far past the assigned slots in Hamburg and also found assistants for her goals in church circles. She cleverly launches the missions with different persons, thereby making them accessories and thus dependent upon her. Witnesses have reported on all the things that go on in the Work Group on Scientology.

An ex-Scientologist who is regarded in American insider circles as an agent of Scientology's secret service, OSA, became Caberta's shadow and set up office with her. Security department staff from industry were surprised when Caberta - invited as speaker - simply brought this "shadow" along unannounced. She introduced him as "special witness." She reacted theatrically to critical questions by the security people and threatened immediately to leave.

During a conference with Constitutional Security agents she arrived unannounced with her "symbiotic relationship" and rushed to the microphone when he was asked critical questions by the agents about certain topical areas. These examples also show that enough people with background and insider knowledge have experienced Ursula Caberta's peculiar appearances.

On July 28, 1998, the Zweite Deutsche Fernsehen (ZDF) broadcast "Das Netz" by television journalist Jens Monath. In that documentary the question was asked of whether Scientology had succeeded in manipulating state people. "Caberta's powerhouse" was in an uproar! The Hamburg Interior Senate supported Caberta in her suing the ZDF. Represented by the offices of attorney Prinz, they effected a temporary restraining order against the ZDF in Hamburg State Court. The main point of contention was the word "manipulated" being used in connection with Scientology.

Verbal proceedings were held on May 26, 2000. On the basis of the proof submitted by the ZDF, the court decided against Caberta (case 324 0510/99). The judgment is legally in effect.

From that point in time it probably became clear to Caberta that she ran the risk of having the documents submitted by the ZDF becoming public. An incredible machine was set in motion under the eyes of the public, so that no journalist took notice of what happened. Nobody questioned the contradictions.

After the court decision was announced on June 23, 2000 in Hamburg State Court, Caberta traveled helter-skelter to the USA. There are many open questions and absurdities about that trip. Only after she returned did the Hamburg Abendblatt report that Caberta was met in America by Scientologists shouting Nazi slogans at her and that demonstrations were held there against her. Besides that, the Abendblatt reported, the General Consul in Miami was said to have prematurely sent her home for security reasons. She was said to have been interrogated for several hours by Scientology attorneys.

On August 4, 2000, Spiegel magazine likewise reported on Ursula Caberta's trip to the USA. Again there were references to the General Consul as well as to the interrogation by Scientology attorneys.

Also in August 2000 a report appeared in the Zurich Tagesanzeiger newspaper about Ursula Caberta's trip to the USA. Now it was a vacation Caberta spent in the USA and it was reported that a judge had ordered her interrogation. Just the contradictions in her visit to the USA in these three papers alone made us sit up and take notice. Because not only was Munich attorney Bluemel, who represents Scientology in Germany, present in Clearwater, but Caberta was interrogated for several hours in Bluemel's presence!

To the media Caberta reported that the deposition was about the death of the American Scientologist McPherson. Sheer lies - because Caberta cannot give any testimony on that. The woman died five years ago in the USA and she did not have a single contact to Caberta. Even the German General Consul in Miami, Fritz von Rottenburg, contradicted Ursula Caberta's testimony. It was allegedly not him that sent her back for security reasons, but Caberta was said to have come to him and asked him to help her and advance her return ticket by one day. Strange: you can really do that yourself with the airline company over the telephone. Why was Caberta exaggerating so about her trip to the USA? Who was helping her with these stories?

The Consul also was reported to have said that there would be no kind of legal consequences for Caberta concerning her "interrogation" which was given high visibility in the German media.

The whole situation is conspicuous in its proximity in time to the State Court decision in Hamburg. The contradictions turned into solid lies and end up with the statement that they had agreed to keep quiet about the "several hours of interrogation."

This agreement to keep quiet appears to have been very one-sided. Back at the point when various journalists recognized the contradiction and were asking detailed questions in writing to the Hamburg Interior Senate, the organization "coincidentally" reacted again. Scientology distributed a flyer and accused Caberta to have admitted during her "interrogation" that she had received a private loan from the millionaire Minton, one of the leading critics of Scientology in the USA. In its usual propagandistic manner Scientology tried to market this "statement" from Caberta during her "deposition." On the internet Scientology even published Caberta's sworn testimony during the "deposition." This testimony - and now things get real mysterious - even bears the seal of the Hamburg Interior Agency.

Is it usual for government people to take an agency stamp with them on a trip? And use it after agreeing to stay silent? Or what did they agree to keep silent about? Those who recognize the sequence of events, anyway, will get stubborn based on the journalists' questions and the silence from the Hamburg Interior Senate.

Scientology's accusations about the loan only serve a strong outside appearance which equates to a cover story. Only: does Caberta need a cover story? On the same day in October 2000 that the Hamburg decision against Caberta came legally into effect, Scientology simultaneously went at the Hamburg Interior Senate! Attorney Bluemel submitted a complaint against Caberta, having PR significance for Scientology, which is doomed to fail on lack of substance alone.

At the same time the Hamburg Interior Senate introduced a brochure which "outed" Scientology's penitential camps. Even the paper it contained has been published on the internet for a long time. A publication which says that Scientology has penitential camps is surely not something that could hurt Scientology. That has been known for a long time and so far has had no consequences for Scientology!

These two operations have made it so that the media no longer even record the legally valid decision in the Caberta/ZDF trial. Another coincidence?

Who will end up playing which role in this obscure game? The Ursula Caberta case has to be worked out to enable any information and security for the citizens of this country. The Cartel of Silence must be breached - therefore I have taken legal steps.

Renate Hartwig

December 22, 2000

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