A Man for all seasons

Hamburg, Germany
June, 1996
Robin Direkt - Report Extra

A Scientologist - active in the highest political circles for 16 years!

In the past week there were several headlines in which experts concerned with the totalitarian system of Scientology came to a conclusion: Scientology is political extremism! This has been verified by the same people who have been warning us about Scientology's goals and have led aggressive information campaigns. However, the work is not over now that an expert has written an opinion. It is a step in the right direction - nothing more.

A transformation must now occur, and that does not just mean react, but also act and handle!

A shrugging "So what?"

What does reality look like here? From the following questions which we put to several people from business and politics on the basis of proven facts, it is clearly apparent that the shoulder-shrugging mentality is to blame for making the terrible transformation by Scientology strategies possible at all. Too often we heard, "So what?"

A Scientologist as a journalist? "So what?"
A Scientologist in the CSU despite the incompatibility decision? "So what?" A Scientologist as editor for state politics? "So what?"
A Scientologist as state assembly correspondent in the Maximilianeum in Munich? "So what?"
A man from the Scientology secret service as journalist accredited in the Bavarian state assembly? "So what?"
A Scientologist assigned to the production of a commercial for the Bavarian state assembly? "So what?"
A Scientologist in a meeting as the press spokesman for a minister? "So what?"

Scientology's Objectives

After being shown the following Scientology instructions, some people quickly swallowed their "So what?"

Department of Official Affairs

Purpose: The bettering of the public representation, legal position and government acceptance of Scientology.
d. Worsening the public belief and attitude toward societies and persons having purposes counter to Scientology goals.
f. Bringing continuous pressure to bear on governments to create pro-Scientology legislation and to discourage anti-Scientology legislation or legislation of groups opposing Scientology.


(a) (...)

(f) The action of bringing about a pro-Scientology government consists of making a friend of the most highly placed government person one can reach, even placing Scientologists in domestic and clerical posts close to him and seeing to it that Scientology resolves his troubles and case.


If it's a group problem, find the key person and influence him.


Hubbard Policy Letter of 13 March 1961, Organizational Executive Course Volume 7, page 4

A Scientologist would surely not say "So what?" to the hidden message in the above-listed points after reading this directive, but "Yes, exactly!"

From the politicians and business people we spoke to we heard, "Oh, we didn't know that, otherwise something would have already been done long ago for our protection, and for the protection of the citizens and democracy."

A Scientologist on a mission?

The research results detailed in this Extra Report have a name: Hans Bschorr, independent journalist and Scientologist.

Who is Hans Bschorr?

What, pray tell, is a Scientologist? "A Scientologist is someone who controls persons, circumstances and situations" - L. Ron Hubbard

According to what he says, Bschorr was steadily employed until the middle of 1995 as an editor at Bavarian Broadcasting responsible for state politics. Since then he has been working as an independent journalist for Bavarian Broadcasting and others.

He was employed as state assembly correspondent in Munich, and is today still accredited as a journalist in the Maximilianeum, the Bavarian state assembly in Munich. With the "FUBI Film" company, he had the assignment of making commercials for the state assembly.

Besides that, it is known in political circles that he was being discussed as a [candidate for] a minister's press spokesman.

About a year ago I learned from an ex-Scientologist, Bschorr's former trainer, that Hans Bschorr had been recruited in the late 70's by the Guardian Office, Scientology's secret service, today the "OSA", and that his folder and index cards "officially" disappeared from the organization at this time.

Based on information I have received from various journalists, he himself boasted about his prominent contacts with politicians; he was in touch with people out of the same environment as ministers.

According to what he says he is "heavy into politics" in his own private sphere. Based on his contacts he would know more about the internal dealings of politics than other journalists.

From research and from personal conversations with ex-Scientologists worldwide we have gradually gotten to know the structures of Scientology. When someone is working for the Scientology secret service - more specifically, when personnel data and folders are withdrawn from the official organization - it can be concluded that this is part of a mission. Why else would Scientology need a secret service?

Research Results

Researching the following facts was a troublesome task. We found witnesses who were anxious about their position, their image and the vexation which Bschorr himself had threatened them with.

There is proof

Now nobody can keep track of thousands of members' names, not even Scientology President Bloebaum - unless they are members with special assignments.
The attorneys present who were independently observing the proceedings were also of the opinion that Bschorr was probably a member in a unique position since his membership could be confirmed on examination.

Handle Churches?

The case of Bschorr also concerns the churches and their apologists. How can it be that one can simultaneously be both a Scientologist and Catholic? Is this also a matter of an uninformed "So what"?
What is the reason for this unexplained attitude towards Scientologists? On the one side is a strongly regulated church law, on the other side a long overdue explanation is lacking. Scientology ideology and church law are so contrary to each other that there is only one conclusion which can be drawn as to why this situation is still around today - fear of discussion!

This is probably proved by the countless Scientologists known to us who are also Catholic or Evangelical. The churchs' tolerance of this is proven even today by the lack of any consequences for representatives of the anti-constitutional ideology of Scientology!

A man for all seasons

In Hans Bschorr the Scientology organization has had a Scientologist who for 16 years has been building relationships of trust in upper political echelons.

He is known in all political circles from whom inquiries were made. In her investigation, Renate Hartwig often heard "Oh yes, that Hansi". He had intruded into the most advanced ranks. If one looks at the Scientology directives, the name Bschorr stands for the transformation of theory into practice.

How much longer are we going to hear "so what"?

Whoever still thinks that these are isolated cases, regardless of reason, of theory getting mixed up with practice should not miss the next edition of "Report Extra", as there is more to come!

(from: ROBIN DIREKT REPORT EXTRA of June 1996)