Travolta leaves France on Scientology's account

Actor afraid of possible interrogation

Paris, France
September 23, 1999

Paris (dpa). American film actor John Travolta, who is a member of the Scientology Organization, has unexpectedly ended his visit to France and has gone back to Los Angeles on Wednesday in a private aircraft. This was reported by the French paper "Le Parisien" on Thursday.

While Travolta, according to the official statement, had to go back because of film work in the USA, those in his inner circle are saying that the actor made a premature departure due to the trial against seven Scientology adherents in Marseille. He was afraid of being interrogated by the Justice Ministry in the matter.

The Scientology members are standing before the court in Marseille on charges of fraud. Travolta first arrived in Paris on Monday to advertise for the new film "Defenseless - The General's Daughter." The film runs in France the middle of next week, in Germany the opening is planned for November 18. Several scheduled interviews were cancelled after Travolta's departure on Wednesday.