Paris police have doomsday cults under surveillance

Paris (dpa) - A half dozen sects with apocalyptic worldviews will be under sharp scrutiny in Paris at year's end. The French police have been especially irritated by the "Concerned Christians," reported the "Le Figaro" newspaper on Friday, as indicated by Interior Minister Jean-Pierre Chevenement. This formerly widely unknown small group could present a danger, the newspaper cited the Minister. Domestic intelligence was therefore assigned to provide a detailed list of groups who have clearly marked doomsday tendencies.

In Paris, they have mainly settled in the east and south of the city, where their adherents have been preparing for the anticipated end of the world on January, mostly by stocking up large supplies of water and food. These primarily Asiatic-inspired sects fear, for the most part, a nuclear or climatic catastrophe, which some of them had also prophesied at the time of the total solar eclipse in August. According to a member of domestic intelligence, "the first test would take place on December 22 with the appearance of the full moon." There will be a security force of approximately 20,000 uniformed and civil security forces in Paris at year's end.

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Paris, France
September 24, 1999
Dolomiten Online

Paris - Parisian trend setter Paco Rabanne has apparently apologized for having prophesied the destruction of the French capitol city. He had predicted that the Russian Mir space station would crash to earth this past August 11 - the day of the most recent solar eclipse - and destroy Paris as well as other French cities. "I'll say it again, I'm sorry," said Rabanne.