This contains two (2) reports.

1. Our efforts have paid off
2. Final report from St. Anton

       From: ARS-CC Vienna 
 Newsgroups: de.soc.weltanschauung.scientology
    Subject: Unsere Bemühungen tragen Früchte & End-Bericht aus St.Anton
       Date: 11 Feb 2001

1. Our efforts have paid off

by ARS-CC Vienna (WDNE) PR & Legal I/C

from ***OTS-PRESSEAUSSENDUNG***OTS123 5 II 1008 NPA001 of 8 Feb 2001:

Parliament/Report/Security doctrine
Security Politics and Neutrality - Government experts analyze
Is neutrality still only of historical significance?

Vienna (PK) - On January 23, 2001 the federal administration decided upon a "Report concerning security and defense doctrine: Analysis Part (III-87d.B) written by an expert commission and passed it on to the National Assembly ......

Then there comes the battle about and with information, ripple effects of conflicts outside of Europe, such as refugee movements, disruptions to foreign trade, environmental damage transcending national borders, trade in drugs, arms and humans as well as dangers posed by state and non-state agencies; in connection with these the experts warn of terrorist movements, organized crime, *** SECTS *** and lone perpetrators ....

These and the entirety of changes to date are also forcing Austria into a fundamentally new orientation toward its security politics. Mere adaptation of old concepts is inadequate, the experts say. What's needed instead of a "Threat-Reaction Politic" is a preventive, comprehensive security politic with the goal of maximizing the stability of the political, commercial, military, social and ecological environments .....

2. Final Report from St. Anton

Here as promised is our final report from the Alpine ski resort of St. Anton, Austria for the period Jan 29. to Feb. 10, 2001.

In the course of the past weeks we had the opportunity of being invited to the places where the various Ski teams were staying.

We brought along numerous copies of our informational documents and found people very receptive and interested; they were very happy to finally get more information about the machinations of the Scientology organization.

Naturally, among the many dazzling personalities from the worlds of art, culture, business and politics, we also had occasion to partake in a truly royal meal, at which the head chef, at our special request, had fresh clams flown in for the clam soup which not only we enjoyed, but the other guests of honor, too.

The ARS-CC Staff went out evening after evening wearing the In-clothing at the various In-gatherings with informational documents on the machinations of the Scientology organization. Since almost everyone knew us already, we were greeted effusively and had quite a large audience.

On the next to the last day there we had appointments and interviews with the press in which would were able to report about the success of our informational work on the machinations of the Scientology organization.

On the last day when the ski tracks were almost empty we were able to tear ourselves away from our important work for a little bit and wend our way through the beautiful tracks around St. Anton.

In connection with the Slalom victory celebration there was also the farewell to the St. Anton ski community from the many athletes and winter sports guests. High caliber state and honorary guests came especially for that: the Federal President of Austria, Princess Caroline of Monaco, Vladimir Putin with his wife and daughter, Prince Edward and Sophie from England and many, many others were there.

The staff of ARS-CC Vienna and of ARS-CC Tyrol thank the athletes who kept us spellbound us with their absolutely top performances, as well as the people of the wonder ski community of St. Anton for their helpful support. We also acknowledge our colleagues of ARS-CC Helvetia, who will continue the informational work in two years at the Alpine ski resort in St. Moritz.

ARS-CC Vienna (WDNE) Sports & PR I/C
ARS-CC Tirol (WDNE) Sports & PR I/C

ARS-CC Vienna
in cooperation with
ARS-CC Tyrol

as promised, our

Interim report from the Alpine Ski resort in St. Anton, Austria
January 29 - February 10, 2001

      From: ARS-CC Vienna 
Newsgroups: de.soc.weltanschauung.scientology
   Subject: Zwischenbericht von der Alpine Ski-WM in St.Anton
      Date: 5 Feb 2001 

550 people wearing traditional costumes turned the opening into a colorful picture rich with history. Representatives came from all the valleys in the north and the east of Tyrol. All the most well-known and treasured costumes could be seen. Those include the Lechtaler, Kitzbueheler, Zillertaler, Alpbacher ....

Once again our presence was marked by stunning success from our highly visible information booths. Within the shortest amount of time possible the informational material on the Scientology commerce sect was snatched up. As a precautionary measure we had brought another load in the Enthetamobil [TM] so we could immediately provide replacement material.

Many people recognized us from Kitzbuehel and waved hello to us or showed their approval with upraised thumbs. People driving by in their car honked in recognition. A very nice gesture from the residents, we also were provided some local entertainment by our booth, a regular "Brettl-Jaus'n and Almdudler." Between times the ARS-CC staff went throughout the village and distributed information leaflets and got positive feedback from the people as to how important our information work was for our beautiful Austria, and that we should continue with it.

On February 3, 2001, for the gentlemen's slope race, Federal President Dr. Thomas Klestil and King Carl Gustav from Sweden, accompanied by their wives, came to St. Anton on the Arlberg.

We have quarters in a 4-star hotel; we are allowed to run one of our information tables in the foyer, which is visited continuously by celebrities from the worlds of business, politics, culture and art, as well as residents, many of whom want information about the Scientology sect.

The trademark of St. Anton is a special postage stamp. The picture on the stamp, 50 by 31.8 mm, was done by a Tyrolean, Elmar Peintner, who comes from Imst ;-)

The most important thing though is our thanks to and our acknowledgment of the winter sports athletes whose performances have impressed us and which we are enjoying very much.

Coming soon: our visit to the teams' camps, a royal meal, meetings, press interviews and a little bit of leisure time for the staff of the ARS-CC.

ARS-CC Vienna (WDNE) Sports & PR I/C
ARS-CC Tirol (WDNE) Sports & PR I/C

ARS-CC VIENNA in cooperation with ARS-CC Tyrol
presents a report from the

61st Hahnenkamm Races 2001!

Biggest social happening of the winter at Kitzbuehel ski resort!

Hahnenkamm: mountain near Kitzbühel in Tyrol, Austria
site of annual international ski races

        From: ARS-CC Vienna 
  Newsgroups: de.soc.weltanschauung.scientology
     Subject: Aufklärung in 2000 Höhenmetern
        Date: 21 Jan 2001

19 January 2001 Super-G on the "Streifalm"
20 January 2001 descent down the course
21 January 2001 Slalom on the "Ganslernhang"

Kitzbuehel is like Wimbledon, business people and celebrities as far as the eye can see. The most glamorous personalities in High Society were present.

We set up one of our publicity stands for information about the Scientology sect at the 2,000 meter mark of the Alpine idyll right by the mountain station of the ski lift on the legendary Hahnenkamm, where the slope and course are are located. The flow of people by our information stand was huge, all our staff were completely involved in answering the many questions about the not-so-nice machinations of the Scientology organization.

Unbelievable who all were shaking our hands out there!

The downhill races on the course in Kitz on Saturday, January 20, 2001 were followed live on TV by up to 500 million spectators at home, and our Info-Stand could be seen several times.

We stayed in a 4-star hotel, the Schwarzen Adler; right in front of it we put up our Nbr. 2 information stand, just like the information stand at Hahnenkamm it was working at full capacity.

We fortified ourselves at the Golden Goose, where the food really leaves nothing to be desired. Naturally the staff of ARS-CC Vienna once again devoured a magnificently prepared clam soup.

We had our third information stand in the large auditorium of the Casino Austria in the Golden Greif Hotel, where the social life of Kitzbuehel takes place in the evening. There again, hard to believe, there was no stopping the rush of people to our information stand. Many contacts were made and our work was really a colossal success.

We had our obligatory gala dinner in the hall, where the Blitz from Kitz was dining; he also had many questions about the activities of the Scientology sect in Austria.

We rang out our overall successful event with a pleasure ride on the "Gaisberg" toboggan run, .....

The outstanding performance of the athletes deserve the greatest praise.

ARS-CC Vienna (WDNE) Sports & PR I/C
ARS-CC Tirol (WDNE) Sports & PR I/C

Repressive Methods of the Scientology Sect

Salzburg, Austria
June 16, 1999
Salzburger Nachrichten

Documentation on "Missing in Happy Valley" extracted under adventurous conditions (ORF 2/23.15).

In the Scientology manner of speaking they are called "Rehabilitation Projects." Representatives of the sect assert that the people are there voluntarily. Nevertheless, Ina Brockman and Peter Reichelt document in their "Hotpoint" report thoroughly repressive methods [in use] against staff workers who have fallen out of favor.

"Like in prison: wake up, wash, get dressed, all in ten minutes. And then you stand outside and shiver all over. Early morning, it is ice cold. Lined up in rows, they count off, like in jail, to make sure nobody has taken off. They tell you what your work is that day. 20 minutes to eat, then take the bus to headquarters."

That is how Jesse Prince, former number two man in the Scientology, describes the conditions in "Happy Valley," which is barely a two hours drive from Los Angeles on the edge of the desert.

Rehabilitation camps had been ordered by Scientology founder Ron Hubbard before he died in 1986, and are also meant for children.

Another camp has been established in Copenhagen, the Europe headquarters for Scientologists. There is offered, according to the official position, "a program for reconciliation" if serious mistakes have been made. Anywhere else one would simply be thrown out, says Marlene Getanes, Scientology spokesperson for Europe.

[An English transcript of the program: ]

Scientologists unwanted in civil service

(Internet creates Spiritual Nomads)

Salzburg, Austria
April 27, 1999
Salzburger Nachrichten

The civil service may not be infiltrated by state enemies, believes Upper Austria. Active sect members risk exclusion.

by Fritz Pessl
SN-Redaktion Oberoesterreich

Linz. An active membership in the "Scientology Church" may preclude working in the civil service. This opinion was brought forward on Monday by State Representative Franz Hiesl (OeVP), personnel director of the state of Upper Austria. In contrast to the Free State of Bavaria [Germany] he has not determined that infiltration has taken place in the state agencies; his statement is, instead, to be taken as a shot across the bow. The legal basis for a dismissal or discharge should be determined in accordance with existing ordinances.

In Bavaria, for the past two years, every state worker has had to sign a statement that he is neither a member of the sect nor does he support its views. Untrue statements are grounds for dismissal. Originally the Germans had wanted to enforce a ban on Scientologists from civil service throughout the entire federal jurisdiction, however, that could not be carried out. "We will stick to the Bavarian route. A Scientologist challenges the state in this way and endangers democracy. That is not consistent with a state servant whose oath of office is to the Constitution and the Republic," said Hiesl.

At the federal party rally of the OeVp last weekend, a JVP proposal was accepted which said that membership in Scientology would not be compatible with membership in the OeVP.

The Upper Austrian State Assembly Director, Helmut Hoertenhuber, replied to Hiesl's initiative that, basically, any labor law could be used as grounds for dismissal. The question would be whether the constitutionally protected basic right of freedom of religion or freedom of belief would possibly be violated in doing so. These freedoms could be restricted only with technical justification and the leeway in dealing with them would be assessed by the Constitutional Court.

The sect commissioner of Linz diocese, Andreas Girzikovsky, mentioned that fewer members were going into the classic sects with religious background, such as the Moon sect. "Youth are turning into spiritual nomads because access to knowledge (the internet) is growing. They roam through landscapes of values which sometimes contain ravines," is how Girzikovsky put it. In the past three years 13 new mini-groups in the esoterica market have arisen, mainly in the Wels area and in Innviertel.

Their distinguishing features: About 40 often radical members gather around charismatic personalities on outlying farms and offer psycho-seminars and products at highly inflated prices. "Judgment Day in reference to the year 2000 does not make itself noticeable in the quantity, but in the insanity of their actions," related Girzikovsky.

Fleeced and Harassed

From: "Kleine Online" Austria
December 23, 1998

Letters to the Editor
Graz, Wednesday

(re: "Scientology as Cuckoo", 12.12.98)

It is horrible that worldwide outlawed Scientology be allowed to descend upon our youth like a wolf in sheep's clothing at the Christ Child Market at the Graz Fair. Our son (18) unsuspectingly visited the Christmas exhibition "Gifts and Handicrafts" and was taken in with the crazy words and was browbeaten by the agents of Scientology. Although one would know that he, as a student, has no income of his own, he was fleeced of over 2,000 shillings with books and writings. Since then he has been tracked down via telephone and harassed, although he wants nothing more to do with them. (A real estate advisor from Graz functions as lead actor and forced beneficiary.)

Warning, Parents! See whether your children have brought Scientology publications home (Dianetics, Ron Hubbard etc.). Use extreme caution!

Name withheld

Advertising Ban on Sects necessary

says City Representative Eva Maria Fluch

From: "Kleine Online"
Friday, December 4, 1998

Graz. VP Representative Eva Maria Fluch has spoken in favor of banning advertising for sects. In her discussion, the municipal representative referred to a large Scientology poster which has given rise to a lively debate on destructive cults and psycho[logical]-groups; network chief Peter Hosak is backing a general ban as a result. Fluch asks that the possibility of an advertising ban be researched, or that the results be presented if the research has already taken place. She further asks that the city of Graz take preventive measures to raise people's awareness so that young people will be protected from the dangers of sects.