20011117 nwz Scientology will not relax or give up Germany, Dusseldorf
20011116 fp Fliegerbauer confident of winning Germany, Zwickau
20011115 Stern Good-bye, Cruel Will! A new slant on Brainwashing Germany, Berlin
20011114 Berlin Kurier Big recruitment drive in Germany Germany, Berlin
20011110 pnp Democracy, religion, cults and terrorism Germany, Landau
20011031 Bad. Ztg. Public Scientology debate in Germany Germany, Loerrach
20011022 MainRheiner Logotherapy for Hospice workers Germany, Lampertheim
20011022 fp Zwickau reacting to Fliegerbauer Germany, Zwickau
20011021 fp Norbert Potthoff in Zwickau Germany, Zwickau
20011017 mrl Sheer intention no cure for Terrorism Germany, Mainz
20011013 faz Millie Goerues in Germany Germany, Stuttgart
20011012 Standard Cult fundamentalism at the book fair Austria, Vienna
20011012 fp Scientology expert Norbert Potthoff Germany, Zwickau
20011012 apa Continuing Scientology activity rejected Switzerland, Lausanne
20011009 dpa Can psychiatry cure Scientology? Germany, Berlin
20011002 Landbote Second Scientology School in Zurich Switzerland, Zurich
20011001 nlz CCHR capitalizing on mass murder Switzerland, Zurich
20010930 Welt Caberta in Hartwig's Light Germany, Hamburg
20010918 TAZ Hodgepodge of political Islam Germany, Berlin
20010917 dpa Tougher Laws against Terrorists Germany, Berlin
20010709 Spiegel Status: the Fight against Scientology Germany, Hamburg
20010703 Heilbronner Stimme Calling someone a Scientologist libelous Germany, Heilbronn
20010702 sz Illegal interference with right to do business Germany, Munich
20010703 TAZ Distortion of reality causes mental illness Germany, Berlin
20010612 weser-kurier Vanishing Discrimination in Germany? Germany, Essen
20010608 BM Scientology financial power growing Germany, Berlin
20010426 Frankenpost Presentation on Scientology Germany, Marktredwitz
20010425 TAZ Caution: Dangerous Cult! Germany, Esslingen
20010425 Stimme Refugees from Psycho-cults Germany, Heilbronn
--- 20011213 unofficial Scientology sues secret agents and wins Germany, Berlin
20010117 unauthorized OSA How Scientology Works Germany, Munich
20001229 OSA Mouthpiece of Scientology & comment Germany, Munich
20001031 unofficial OSA Typical Scientology Court Victory Germany, Munich
20000704 Reichelt Did Roland Sommerfeld work for OSA? Germany, Mannheim
20000618 unofficial OSA Good News from OSA Germany, Munich
20000418 unofficial OSA OSA dead agent letter on Minton & Brooks USA, Los Angeles
20000117 Freie Presse Red Carnations for Red Rosa Germany, Zwickau
19970100 OSA-FREIHEIT Dr. Norbert Bluem - a Trilogy Germany, Munich
19990505 Robin Direkt OSA agent exposed Germany, Hamburg
19990929 Robin Direkt Scientology infiltration of Austria exposed Germany, Hamburg
20011129 fp Fliegerbauer walks smiling from court Germany, Zwickau
20011105 TAZ The Red, White and Blue religion Germany, Berlin
20011130 Spiegel Microsoft source code revealed Germany, Berlin
20011102 TA Terrorism a breath of fresh air for cults Switzerland, Zurich
20010811 Suedwest Psycho-groups can destroy lives Germany, Ulm
20010802 Abendblatt Caberta deposed by Scientology Germany, Hamburg
20010713 RON Just Say No to Scientology Germany, Erfenbach
20010709 TAZ Besier: More Freedom for Scientology! Germany, Berlin
20010105 TA Cell Phone psychs of Universal Life Switzerland, Zurich
20010105 SZ A Dark Evolution - Smoke & Mirrors Germany, Munich
20001222 NLZ Is Doubt equal to Intolerance? Switzerland, Lucerne
20001222 Hartwig R. Hartwig reports Cartel of Silence Germany, Hamburg
20001220 TAZ Moslem view of JW decision Germany, Berlin
20001220 TAZ Jehovah's Witnesses decision Germany, Nuernberg
20001219 Netzeitung Jehovah's Witnesses getting religion? Germany, Berlin
20001214 OTS Cooperating with sects worthwhile Austria, St.Poelten
20001205 Presse VPM supports leaving EU Austria, Vienna
19980430 Stuttgarter Nachrichten German investigating Scientology treated harshly Germany, Stuttgart
19980430 Robin-Direkt Scientology in southern Germany directed from Switzerland Germany, Baden
19980430 dpa Italy fears violence in year 2000> Italy, Rome
19980416 Berliner Morgenpost German police still suspicious of commissioner and Scientology Germany, Berlin
19980415 Stuttgarter Nachrichten Possible political motive for arrest of German investigating Scientology in Switzerland Germany, Stuttgart
19980411 TAZ German Senator Wrocklage speaks on Scientology Germany, Hamburg
19980411 TAZ German Spy investigating Scientology arrested in Switzerland Switzerland, Basel
19980411 Stuttgarter Nachrichten German Swiss tension over Scientology investigation Switzerland, Berne
19980411 Stuttgarter Nachrichten German agent investigating Scientology arrested in Swizerland Germany, Stuttgart
19980402 News Conspiracy Theorist profits from Comm Course Austria, Vienna
19980327 Mainpost German sect expert Renate Hartwig speaks on Scientology Germany, Bad Bruckenau
19980319 Stern Personal Data Security Germany, Berlin
19980228 Main-Echo German Police Psychologist bashes Jascke Report Germany, Munich
19971121 Sueddeutsche Zeitung Scientologist Reporter Interviewed Germany, Munich
19970601 Zitty Feasibility of UFO cults Germany, Berlin
19970426 SZ Scientologists need attention, too Germany, Munich
19970204 Tagesanzeiger Questions Choice of State Security Sect Expert Mayer Switzerland, Zurich
19960600 Robin Direkt Report on Hans Bschorr Germany, Hamburg
19960125 BZ Mayor loses 40 million marks Neckarwestheim
19960115 TAZ Interior Secretary demands ban on Scientology Germany, Cologne
19960112 TAZ Security Chief against surveillance of Scientology Germany, Saarbrucken
19951017 Welt Scientology an Accessory? Germany, Hamburg
19950704 Welt Fascinated with Cults Germany, Hamburg