Russia and Scientology

Representatives want explanation of Kirijenko's contacts with Scientology

Russian sect experts are concerned with the possible influence of the psycho-cult on Yeltsin's proposed premier/Tschernomyrdin announces candidacy

by Frank Nordhausen and Liane v. Billerbeck

Moscow/Nishnij Novgorod/Berlin, March 29, 1998. The Russian Minister Premier of Commerce, Sergei Kirijenko had, according to statements of sect experts, taken a one-week Scientology course three years ago in Nishnij Novgorod. Kirijenko, at that time director of the "Garantia" bank, is also said to have arranged for the leading powers-that-be of the financial institution to graduate from Scientology seminars. Kirijenko is said in a speech to have given up the contacts and explained that he wishes "to have nothing more to do with it."

According to information of the "Berliner Zeitung" [Berlin Newspaper] various representatives of the Duma wished to question Kirijenko about his Scientology connections when he presented his administration program to the Russian Parliament. Russian and German sect experts expressed concern about Kirijenko's earlier contact with the psycho-cult, which seeks political influence world-wide. It could be possible that the sect possesses a 'back door' with damaging information on the Premier.

Threat of a new election

The communists announced Sunday that they do not wish to support Kirijenko. Yeltsin threatened to dissolve the Duma and initiate new elections should Kirijenko not be confirmed. In this question the former Russian administrative chief Victor Tschernomyrdin distances himself from Yeltsin: "I am categorically against the dissolution of the Duma."

Communist chief Sjuganov said that Yeltsin should not have used this threat with the Duma. His faction will oppose Kirijenko because he lacks experience: "One can not support just anybody as the second man in power of the country. If the President were to be seriously ill, a situation could arise in with the Premier would carry responsibility for the atomic arsenal." If the President could no long carry out the duties of his office, the Administrative Chief, per the constitution, would take over the post's office.

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