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10-28-03 Nearly one million Russians in various cults [more]
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From Russia with "Much Love"*

* Even in Russia, Hubbard adherents often imitate his sign-off greeting of "ML" - "Much Love"

19981016 Translating to destroy Free Zone Russia, Moscow
19980109 OSA and Politics in Russia Russia, Moscow
19980000 OSA and the Duma in Russia Russia, Moscow
19950806 OSA in Schools in Russia Russia, Moscow
19980500 OSA and the Russian government Russia, Moscow
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19981125 Apocalypse Russia event Russia, Moscow

stands for
Public Relations Officer /
Office of Special Affairs /
Commonwealth of Independent States

Birthe Heldt is the person I suggested to replace me as OSAEU in 1983. She was also on the DPF in Copenhagen along with us other ex-GO's. She is a Dane and she is (or was?) married to Karl Heldt. There might be a relation to Henning Heldt, but this is not confirmed. Henning Heldt was Deputy Guardian for the United States. He was also among those famous 11 who went to jail for the illegal GO operations. See "What's new at the GO roundup" at http://www.wwwaif.net/GO/new.html
- - Birgitta Harrington, April 11, 2001

OTLs have been in existence for almost as long as the Sea Org has been around.

OTL stands for Operations and Transport Liaison Office.

Flag Order 638 of April 27, 1968 "Communication Lines" says OTLs have "specific functions such as procurement of personnel for the Sea Org, handling and routing of Advanced Course students, and other duties for the Sea Org."

In a May 1968 briefing onboard the Apollo (later issued as taped lecture 6805C24 "Officer's Conference"), Hubbard said OTLs "are a mission to facilitate comms [communications], supplies, personnel for the SO."

On May 20, 1968 in Flag Order 745 entitled "OTL Duties" Hubbard explained an OTL as being "an extension of the Sea Org. Its purpose is to expedite business [especially money and bodies to Flag] and requirements."

On August 10, 1968 in Flag Order 1151 "Financial Organization of AOs and OTLs", Hubbard made it clear that a function of an OTL is "to act as a Sea Org Liaison Office."

Flag Order 1214 of August 17, 1968 "OTL Do's and Don'ts" says OTLs are "communication relay points. They are not originating units. They are not interpretation units; OTLs do not decide or issue orders on any Flag project. OTLs only relay orders exactly without alter-is." In other words, OTLs relay orders and comply with LRH's "Command intention."

Flag Order 1561 "Sea Org Personnel", dated November 11, 1968 states that an "OTL is a relay point for the Sea Org."

In Flag Order 2461R "Stage One OTL Pattern", dated May 30, 1970, Hubbard made it clear that major purpose of CLOs and OTLs is: "to secure a communication line into its area. Security, speed and effectivness of comm[unication] to and from Flag or senior base is the OTL's first concern. This easily extends to include missions as a form of extended comm[unication] line. The word liaison means 'close bond, intercommunication.' The second and third immediate concerns of an OTL are recruitment of Sea Org members and promotion of customers [yes, he really called them *customers*] for AO [Advanced Org] and SH [Saint Hill] services."

According to L. Ron Hubbard's HCO Policy Letter of July 22, 1971 "Admin[istrative] Know-How Number 25 - CLOs, OTLs and Flag", "[T]he major purpose of a CLO [Continental Liaison Office] or OTL is to make Flag planning become an actuality in orgs, franchises [now called "missions"] and thereby the various publics." In this same policy letter, regarding OTLs, Hubbard said they are "an extension of CLOs for the CLO." He also stated that they are "branches of a Continental Liaison Office."

HCO Policy Letter March 9, 1972 Issue I "Finance Series No. 11 - Income Flows and Pools - Principles of Money Management", Hubbard dictated that OTLs were to be "supported by the nearest major org." He reasoned that if the OTL "were any good it will boom that org and others as well." He went on to say, "It has to boom others so that they will feed to the nearest major org. It is expected to send far more [money] to Sea Org Reserves than it consumes."

OTLs are "branches of the Continental Liaison Office". CLOs are also known as "FOLOs", meaning "Flag Operations Liaison Offices". The reference on this is a Flag Bureau Data Letter 191R "Current Scene", dated June 8, 1972 and revised September 21, 1973. This issue states, "Continental Liaison Offices (CLOs) have become Flag Operations Liaison Offices. The Programs Bureau in the Continental FOLO relays the program to the [lower] org[anization] and sees that it is executed."

According to Board Policy Letter 5 September 1972R "FOLO Staff Training and Auditing", Flag Operations Liaison Offices were created in order "to maintain one single command channel from Flag to orgs. They are Flag's link to the orgs and are vital to Flag management and expansion of orgs. They consist of Flag staff members working in the field on making Flag planning become an actuality." A month later, in a Board Policy Letter dated October 3, 1972 "Handling Continental Ethics", the following statement was issued: "all OTLs have at this point been converted to FOLOs and CLOs."

On May 31, 1972 in the Flag Orders of the Day (OODs), Hubbard stated: "FOLOs have the duty of getting reports to us and executing Flag programs."

The documents recently posted show that there is an EPF unit in existence in Russia. As the EPF [Estates Project Force] is a program for indoctrination of new recruits into the Sea Org, I expect that an RPF unit would also exist in Russia as well.

-- Warrior - Sunshine disinfects
April 11, 2000
See http://warrior.offlines.org/

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