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Current events

3-2-04 Moscow - Dvorkin: A cult can be created from a light bulb [more]
2-26-04 Moscow - Krishnas collect 45,000 signatures supporting temple [more]
2-24-04 Blogoveshchensk - Investigation reveals state money used for Scientology services [more]
2-17-04 Saint Petersburg - Scientologists release postage stamp with image of L.R. Hubbard [more]
2-24-04 Moscow - Krishna parents accuse broadcaster of fomenting religious discord [more]
2-22-04 Moscow - Scientology's Volunteer Minister Crusade Campaign [more]
2-18-04 Ukraine - A sample of cults in the world [more]
2-12-04 Moscow - Orthodox citizens against construction of Krishna complex [more]
2-12-04 Moscow - Orthodox journalist pointedly refused at journalists center [more]
2-13-04 Republic of Buryatia - more than 20 sect victims [more]
2-11-04 Tyumen - officials taking control of sects [more]
2-9-04 RF - Appeal to protect youngsters from the cult of violence [more]
2-3-04 Moscow - Aleksandr Dvorkin talks about the risks of pseudo-Orthodox sect [more]



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