Example of Scientology Self-Denunciation

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I did not once deceive the customers.

From the month of September I was full-time weighing salesman, and when we sold goods by weight, I cheated at the scales and short-changed the customers. I did this with all contracts, whether the people were dressed rich or poor. On my grandmother's grave I did not deceive anybody. I even had something like a conscience.

I cheated a customer when I worked in a sales booth.

In 199* in May I worked as a night salesman in booth "***". At 10 pm a man came to me. I was sitting in the booth and listening to music. The man asked me about some vodka and I told him that the usual price was 500 rubles, that was my night time price. The man paid the amount I said, took the vodka and left.

I deliberately cheated the customer by overstating the price at 500 rubles.

I cheated a customer when I worked in a booth.

In 199* in the month of May, I worked as a night salesman in booth "***". It was located near the bus stop by the area called "Pyatochok." One time during the night hours a "tough guy" ("krutoi") drove his car up. He said he wanted a whole stack of beer (a whole case). And he paid the price that was on the price list - I had fixed the price list in advance and overstated the price by 200 rubles. He took his beer and went, although I cheated, who cheated the others only on a bigger scale.

I cheated a customer when I worked as a salesman in a booth. I cheated him and gave him counterfeit money.

In 199* in June in the beginning of the month, I worked as a night salesman in booth "***", which was set up on the grounds of our town. At 4 in the morning I was sleeping on chairs when I heard knocking at the counter of the booth. I opened up and saw there a well-dressed outcast. He wanted to buy vodka from me and some trinkets. He gave me 50,000 rubles. At the time I had a "bad" 10,000 lying around, and when I went to give him change, I pushed this 10,000 rubles off on him. He took it without saying anything (he simply didn't notice that it was counterfeit), took his vodka and left.

I deliberately cheated this outcast by pushing a counterfeit bill on him.

I cheated an old lady at the market. I bought laundry powder from her with a counterfeit 10,000 rubles. I cheated her.

In 199* in the month of June on Saturday at 9 o'clock in the morning, I was returning from work. Back then I was working as a night salesman in booth "***". During that night someone had given me 10,000 dirty rubles. At the time I was going past the market and I decided to get rid of this bill. I went to the market and did not find anything I wanted. When I left the market, I saw an old woman, she was selling laundry soap. I went up to her and gave her the bill, she didn't look at it closely, and she gave me a box of soap. I got ready and left. I cheated the poor, old woman without a twinge of conscience, deliberately cheated her out of 10,000 rubles.

Back in technical school, I sometimes amused myself by stealing horses from various state farms.

In 198* I had gotten to know a guy, Zh. We traveled with him from ***** on a bus and walked to the stables on the state farm. Somehow in early September on Friday, somewhere near two o'clock we left with Zh., taking the bus home. There Zh. asked if I would agree to ride a horse with him out of the stable, I agreed to go. We agreed that I would go with him the next day, that was Saturday. That was how we did it, I left with him that day and we went on foot.

I broke into and helped to ransack a sports warehouse, together with a friend, K.

In 198* in the beginning of June or the middle of the month, I, with two friends, was hanging out with nothing to do near the "****" district, where we came across a locked building standing on the edge of a ravine. We climbed a tall tree to the roof, and from there to the attic. In the attic I found a hatchway and a pry bar. I used the pry bar to open the hatch and I climbed inside. There I found sports gear: skis, roller skates, hockey uniforms, tennis rackets, (fencing) foils, balls, etc. When I got out of there I told this to my friends, they went down with the pry bar where we broke open the door. I had climbed back down again, inside I found a sledge hammer and stood there pounding on the door from the inside. Within a half hour, we had it all broken open and had robbed the warehouse. I took a foot ball and a foil with me and went home.

I deliberately inflicted damage and harm and robbed a sports warehouse.

I cut and killed a calf that belonged to a state farm where I worked.

In 199* in the middle of December, I agreed with a guy (truck driver) that I would slaughter and dress a calf, and he would drive it to the city. We both worked in the "***" state farm. I came for the calf early in the morning at 8 o'clock on Friday. There was an initial change of clothes in his closet, there I grabbed a hoof knife and a rope. When I went to see the little calf, I found a large calf running in the passageway. When I got closer to him, he stood with his side to me. I did not change my mind about stabbing him with the hoof knife. I hit him in the neck, cut his jugular vein and closed off his trachea. The calf fell down and died. I tied him and poured out the blood, then hid him in an empty office across from my locker. I took the hide there and waited fro him a while. And he came. I deliberately inflicted damage to the state farm at which I worked. At 10 am he came into that office. When they sent for my in the inspector's office, I concealed the fact that I had killed the calf.

I sold two calves which belonged to the state farm at which I worked.

In 199* on a Monday at the end of December, one guy came to me and asked me to sell him two calves. I consented and told him to drive his vehicle around at 8 in the morning of the following day. The following day on Tuesday morning I went for the calves. We had arranged to meet in my office at 8 am. This guy was waiting for me in my office. I told him he should drive his vehicle to the back of the building for the calves. Then we went to the stall and got two calves. We lifted the calves up to our shoulders and trotted to the back door, where there was a conveyor belt. We managed to push them across the belt. The vehicle was already parked in the yard. We threw the calves in the trailer, they paid me money on the spot and they drove off. I deliberately inflicted material damages upon the state farm in which I worked.

I killed and sold calves belonging to the state farm at which I worked.

In 199* on a Friday in early December, I made a deal with one guy (he was also called D.), who worked as a driver of an open truck, that if I could kill and dress a calf, then he, in his turn, would be able to sell it. Back then I worked at the "***" state farm. My office was set between the herder and an empty department. Because I was located in one building with calves, it was easy to avoid everybody. When the herder went to dinner, I and D. went to the pen and roped a calf and right there, in the common pen, I stunned him with a blow from the blunt side of a hatchet, then heaved him up on my shoulders, we went to the back part of the cattle pen, where the manure was raked out. Anyway, we climbed with the calf's body across the transport line, and when to the section where there was an exit to the field (nobody was able to see us there, although we were, in fact, visible.) In this room, I cut the calf's throat and took the hide. After D. brought the truck closer and we got the carcass on the tailgate, we tossed it into the back of the truck and drove to town, where we sold the entire thing to the employees of a vegetable store. Then I put the hide of the dead calf in a different place where they processed hides, and took a couple of minutes to write a statement about the butchering and put it in the desk drawer of the head doctor.

Thirst for profit had darkened my ordinary compassion for the animal, for professional ethics and plain honesty as regards my state farm which had given me work. I inflicted damage on the state farm.

I, with somebody else, tried to steal a car.

In 199* in the middle of June, I arrived in **** to see my friend and my aunt. One of those evenings of that same month, I was walking single file down an alley in **** with my friend, D.L. This alley came out on the main street which had the streetcar tracks, on the left, nearly to where it came out on the main street, was a nine-story building, which had parked in front of it a Zhiguli model one. We went over to the car and L. said, "D., it'll take me five minutes to steal this car." I said the time had just started. He pulled a burning cigarette butt out of his mouth and applied it to a spot where a latch was fixed, holding the side of the windwing on the front driver's side door. After a minute the latch fell off, opening our way inside. D. opened the windwing, put his hand inside, opened the driver side door, then courteously opened mine. While D. was starting the car, I hurriedly ransacked the contents of the "mess," cleaned out all the cassettes, shades, handbag (the documents from that I dumped on the rear seat) and other little things, and put it all in the handbag. By this time D. had jumped the ignition. We drove ten meters down the alley and it fizzled out. This time there were two guys waiting there for us with two girls who were drunk on wine, and the guys were not sober, either. When they came alongside of the car in which we were sitting, one said to the other, "Mikola, there is your car." I understood that it was high time for me and D. to depart. I suggested that we should do this calmly. I opened my door and got out without saying a thing, closed the door without slamming it and said, "D., go." He also opened his door and used his hand to push the approaching owner, who was banging on the door at the same time, and he said, "Go." Walking casually (I had the stolen items with me), we went down the alley. Once these two realized what insolence they were being faced with and by the time they understood what had occurred, we had already gotten away, and we heard only indignant howling from them. I deliberately robbed the car and participated in driving it away and inflicted loss upon its owners.

In October 199* in the middle of the month, I got my friend into trouble and ran away myself.

In October 199* it was the three of us, I, D. and Zh. agreed to take a cart at night into the neighboring village and steal some grain there for the horses in the stables of our technical school. Our technical school figured that the horses were able to live only on the muck it ordered once a month and still run lively after eating that. We had a different opinion, and quite frequently we had to steal fodder: hay, grain, etc. On that evening, as fate would have it, we three left with the Zapregli horse on the cart, and went to the other stable in the neighboring village for grain. The stables there were wealthier, but the stableman was greedy and a real bastard besides. If he gave you anything, it was only swill, and he wanted friendship in return. We went to the village, hid the horse with the cart in an abandoned shed, got our sacks and went to the stables. We went up to a stable window. It opened into a stall where there was a stubborn and nervous horse. Zh. started to climb into the window head first, and we helped him from behind. When Zh. had gotten almost all the way through the window (the only thing left outside was his feet), suddenly a light shone down from all sides to the road, and a couple of people jumped out from the corner of the stable and yelled that we should stay where we were. I and D. were content to quickly let Zh. fall through the window, not taking the slightest notice of his violent complaint on the occasion, nor of the frightened neighing of the horse, which was so scared by the unexpected appearance of a person before it that it kicked down the door to its stall in terror and ran out into the stable passageway. Altogether, when this cacophony of shouting and screaming sounded through the night, it somewhat dumbfounded our group of captors, so that I and D. dashed forward toward the cart. But these children were thoroughly prepared to catch us, and when we were still running on the road leading to the shed, five people ran quickly to intercept us. We saved ourselves by running low and sideways, that way the "eagle" who was holding the flashlight up high blinded everybody else. Naturally, D. and I found our way out of the trap. Zh. also then left. Zh. was one of the most dishevelled of the drunk crowd, and he left on the simple chance that no one would notice him in all the commotion.

Maimed my neighbor in a room in the hostel

In the beginning of October 198* on a Tuesday evening after 6 pm, three of us were sitting in a room in the hostel, me, V. and J. J. was sitting alone on a bed near the window, I was at a table near the window, and V. sat on a bed near the door, about ten feet from me. I sat at the table reading a book, and V. sat and was spitting onto my page from a straw. After several minutes I told him he was going to be very sorry about this if he didn't stop, but he was obviously not interested in such a small thing, and he kept shooting his spitballs with renewed enthusiasm. After a few more minutes, I flew into a rage and grabbed a knife from the table and went through the motion of throwing it at V. As luck would have it, the knife was beautifully balanced, and the point of it was aimed straight for his teeth. If V. would have started to get up at the moment of the throw, the knife would have gone into his throat. As a friend, it was necessary for me to make a decision about the situation at the time and not grab for the knife. But I maimed the guy by knocking out his front teeth and splitting his lip.

I deliberately stole a boot which did not belong to me.

I provoked discontent, insubordination of authority, and general rebellion when I worked at the stables. I played the role of a 3rd Party.

In Fall of 199*, I turned up in ***** state farm technical school, where I went to the stables. There were ten people at the stables: A., S., L., A2., V., Ya., Zh., O., and D. At the head was A. and his friend S. The people supported both A. and his friend, because at the stables there were six horses - 4 of which were constantly tended to by A. and his friend, for L. there was also a horse, but it (the horses) did not like A. In October, I began to force events. I talked about things in a discontented way, I said this was a whorehouse and A. was only using us to take away the horse droppings, and for a reward the rest of us had to share one horse. In November the discontent grew to open disagreement with A.'s disposition, and L. joined in the dissension. In my plan against A., Zh. and L. openly supported me. I and Zh. got together to drive off and hide the horses, then L. and Zh. were to dictate the terms of our conditions to A. At the last minute L. told us that he had gone and told A. everything, he had not been in the stables when we started, when D. and O. had locked A2., V. and S. in the stables and driven off the horses. Then A. appeared. He was calm and said that if we wanted to fight, he was ready for us. He was on a little hill, and we were below in an unfavorable position. Then A. took me to one side and told me that he liked me and that now he would give me one of his horses to take care of so that I would keep quiet, and I agreed. After a week things quieted down. Everybody became somewhat more content, except me and A. I provoke rebellion at the stable in my own personal interest and played the role of a 3rd Party.

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