Cults against Church

Translation in progress. Here is the short version:

Alexander Dvorkin, a representative of the Russian Orthodox Church and father of modern sectology, published ten questions originally written by Steve Hassan in "Combatting Cult Mind Control." These were questions to ask of people who may possibly be recruiting for cults. In the Russian Orthodox Church pamphlet written by Dvorkin, Scientology, the Unificationists (Moonies) and Hare Krishnas were referred to as "destructive cults." That was bad for business, so they all got together and sued. And lost. How they tried to win makes a story worth reading.


Press Release from the St. Irenaeus-of-Lyon Center
How to protect yourself and your loved ones from totalitarian sects - Anthology
  -     10 Questions for importunate strangers, or Guidelines for those who do not want to be recruited. (An updated version of the booklet for which Dvorkin was originally sued and which contains all the original material.)

Here are some pictures while you're waiting for translation to finish, which could take some time. The last two pictures of the first page are of James Richardson and Eileen Barker testifying for cults in Russia.

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