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P.O. / C.S.W.

Sit: OSA CIS needs Freezone site made and filled with translated Dead Agent materials in order to destroy reputation of Freezone.

Data: OSA has a helper, who can translate Freezone DA materials, which exist in English, which would make possible for us to make a site for the Dead Agent of Freezone. His translation was checked by Community Relations 11C and it is acceptable in terms of Russian language. Site materials is around 100 printed pages. Translations can be done in less than one week. We propose $60 of services as an exchange for Dmitry Bogatyrev, who will do this translation job. .

Sol: Approve exchange of $60 training award for translations work on the Freezone site by Dmitry Bogatyrev.

This is OK,
ML, Alexei

Editor's Note: ML is an abbreviation for "Much Love"

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Scan of Russian original

[The DA-freezone page still exists in English: http://www.freezone-da.com]

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