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re: csw: letter of recommendation

Dear Sir, Sit: we have a chance to get Dr. Vladimir Ivanov, president Narconon Russia, included as expert in the Russian President Committee on Religion. For this we need letter of recommendation from CSI. Data: Dr. Ivanov has an ally working in the president administration and she proposed to help get him into two president committees: 1. youth, 2. religion. This will give many comm lines and will speed up our dissemination in Russia. The Religion Committee he may become a member of if we provide reasonable recommendation on the line of the president administration right now. We need a letter of recommendation from CSI and one from the CofS Moscow telling the Russian President why Dr. Ivanov should be appointed as expert in the committee. As we need all possible power comm lines to gain PR area control we want to utilize this chance. The idea is that drugs is a problem which religions need to solve and this year also the Russian Orthodox Church started to engage in the fight against drugs. Dr. Ivanov will be in religion committee as a drug expert due to his profession and his active work during the past 6 years to fight drugs and rehab youngsters who are on drugs. He will not be there as a Church of Scientology spokesman but as an active Scientologist who can and do take actions to change conditions. I enclose a proposed letter of recommendation to be printed on CSI letterhead and signed by President CSI and relayed to me via fax as well as sent on fast mail line in original form. Fax OTL Russia: 282 35 92. Address: Russia, 129301 Moscow, Ulitsa Boris Galushkina 19 A, Hubbard Humanitarian Center, Att: Birthe H.
Sol: Approve the proposed letter and relay per above.

enclosure: letter of recommendation.
to: Russia,
103132 Moscow,
Starja Plochid 4,
Administration of the President of the Russian Federation,
Attention: President B.N. Yeltsin.


Dear Boris Nikolajevich!

I hear that your country has problems with relations within different confessions and I wish to offer you competent help to solve the situation.

Before outlining my recommendation to you let me explain what I represent: Scientology, a worldwide religion with 8 million members in 107 countries and 2,318 churches, missions and related organizations, has existed for over 40 years. Scientology means "knowing how to know" from "scio" - and "logos" and our work appeals to the intellect of a person and for him to observe and think for himself. Our church and its members are working hard to make this world a better place to live for themselves and for others. Scientology concerns itself with the betterment of the individual - freeing him from the debilitating effects of drugs, illiteracy and declining moral values - and provides a means for him to improve himself and life's conditions.

To comprehend Scientology as a religion, one must look past the parameters one might be familiar with, such as those of the Judeo-Christian tradition, and view the East. For instance, although Scientology affirms the existence of a Supreme Being, its practice does not include worship as such. Rather, the goal of the Scientology religion is to bring one to a level to make his or her own conclusions. Thus, like many Eastern religions, salvation in Scientology is attained through personal spiritual enlightenment.

It is the effective work of our members that inspires me to offer you my recommendation of one of our active members during the past 6 years, Dr. Vladimir Ivanov, who is educated in the Hubbard New Life Detoxification Procedure, and has established the Narconon ("non-narcosis") organization in Moscow. Narconon uses the Hubbard drug-free withdrawal, detoxification and rehabilitation method, which besides Russia is in use in the United States, Canada, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, Holland, Sweden, Denmark and England. Governments in Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Holland and Switzerland provide funding for Narconon drug education efforts and support delivery of the drug rehabilitation program. In 1988 the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe recognized the success of Narconon and Mr. Hubbard's method.

Dr. Vladmir Ivanov works as a specialist with the aim to prevent narcotics from ruining the lives of families. The use of narcotics leads to criminality and broken self resepct [sic] and death. Narconon in Moscow has a success rate of 60 percent of its graduates stably off narcotics.

I recommend Dr. Vladimir Ivanov to be invited as an expert in the Presidential Committee on Religion. He can assist in advising charity and religious organizations due to his knowledge in solving conflicts. His own religion is open for dialogue with other confessions and for freedom of conscience for all.

With all my respect,

Rev. Heber Jentzsch

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re: wr 29 aug
Dear Sir, understood on uih stat. and on reporting dones per pgms on follow-up and offensive pgm. but on all d.a. packs this will be done over next few weeks. to only concentrate on this is destructive for other actions. we do use all hands on and off.
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re: docs about Russian scene
Dear Sir, I did send via fax a series of docs, then received tlx from your comm chf to resend via telex which was done.
Did you not receive it still?
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