1. Produce the DA Pack.

2. Get it into hands of Iliukhin (State Duma Deputy) in private meeting and make him see all the points and see what are the real facts. Use German news as a main factor of influence and show that German attack lines are not valid.

3. Get a copy to the Duma Chairman Selezniov in the private meeting.

4. Place a separate copy in the Duma Religion Committee.

5. Place a copy in the press service of the Duma.

6. Place a copy in their Duma library.

7. Prepare a Dead Agent Pack for Commersant-Daily and give to the chief editor. Show him the exact facts. Discredit his own source of the data for the article.

8. Get combined correction (prosecutor's office + ours) printed in the Commersant-Daily.

9. Make a press release on the German data which is showing that German government is not doing right. Show the infiltration of Dvorkin on their lines and use a data from the German government officials saying that this cycle is not valid. Issue the press release on 12.06.98 broadly.

10. Look into the article of Krivelskaya and prepare a short DA pack for handling of her enemy lines. Use the press pack as well as DA pack on Germany. Deliver the DA pack on Monday (15.06.98) to her party, Chief Ideologist in LDPR, and Krivelskaya personally.

11. In the same time organize several orthodox Scientologists, who could write to her, go to her and point out that they are disappointed and show that they will not support her on the next Duma elections.

12. In the same time bring the DA pack to the Observer magazine to show to the chief editor that he is abused and show him new data on Germany that we have.

13. Find out the address of the local newspaper, which published entheta from Krivelskaya. Send the Dead Agent pack to the editor.

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Scan of Russian original - page 2

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