** events/meetings: On the Open House at the OTL Saturday was meeting with official Novikov from the South of Moscow Ministry of Internal Affairs., Investigation section, who was met with last week by PRO Vitold and was found to antagonistic towards LRH, Dianetics/Scientology mainly due to false data from a FSB Mayor and had been invited to attend the Open House event to see for himself. He came and was toured through the OTL and briefed. He after that was telling about his own considerations and the end result was that he saw the activity of the OTL is good and he is willing to support it and said that his son will come to continue his study at the OTL and Novikov wants to arrange a meeting with PRO and the FSB Mayor so false data can be handled.
** A meeting was done with Nikolski, human rights fighter working with the Moscow Helsinki Group and other orgs. Several good informations were received as e.g. there is opened an internet site for president Boris Yeltsin on which he can be given data on human rights related issues, possibly this is only a couple of days valid - we will check it out - and would be for use to get across some of the terrifying facts received on cchr lines as well as on the OTL with strange "investigation/raid".
* The internet site for receiving "hot line" data re religion law is running and appears with four faces of those who will care for the data reported: 1. Loginov from president administration 2. Kudravtsev, chief of registration department of ministry of justice, 3. Ptjelintsev, director of institute for religion & law, 4. Orthodox priest V. Chaplain. This is a clear indication that the president administration woke up and decided to work with Ptjelintsev and not suppress him as he is one of the dominant opponents of the religion law. This is a good "watchdog" set up for all concerned as no. 2 and 3 have the aim of equal rights under the law.
* Russian government expert on religion law Sebentsov has expressed that more complaints should be filed on any violation of the Constitution due to the religion law.
* Nokolski expressed that he has realized how the current conditions of society are similar to what they were under the Soviet regime. This realization seemed to have woken up his interest and care that any action he is doing has to be effective and the aim is to present suppression of human rights. He pointed out that in Soviet time there was a system of "democratic government" and there was no openness about what the KGB was doing. Today there is also some sort of "democratic system" and the FSB is not an open subject for the public. And there are ex-KGB officers placed in various spots which very well can be seen as similar system as was with the KGB. E.g. there is an ex-KGB officer in the board of the NTV (non-state) TV company, there is ex-KGB officer working as economical advisor for the Metropolit Kirill, who is the next strongest in the church after the Patriarch. There is an ex-KGB officer working as member of the Center where Dvorkin works. These are just concrete samples and Nikolski, who himself was a dissident under the Soviet regime knows the old system and also lots of names.
** A meeting was done with professor Kanterov from the Moscow State University who came to the OTL. He came due to having found a note in Nezavisima Gazeta on the raid at the OTL and wanted to know what happened and what is the situation? He was given tour at the OTL and data about the raid etc. and on this only advised to use good lawyer in handling the scene. Further he was giving info that on 17 May will be a meeting by the US Senate to decide about the religion law in Russia and of course about whether support money should go to Russia or not. He knows that Dvorkin is in some conflict with the Orthodox Church after the scandal media he created against Prime Minister Kirienko. Kanterov himself as well as two other leading professors of the faculty for philosophy / religion are against the illegal use of terms like sect and totalitarian sect and cult and refuse to participate in media interviews when such topics are being used. Kanterov in recent years did expertise research on the Russian religious group Vissarion and now has agreed to participate in a major expertise on the Jehovas Witnesses in St. Petersburg as they are under attack there. Kanterov will be working with a sociologist and another religion scholar from that area. Kanterov was given press releases, articles, Bogdanov expertise on Scientology in Russia and commented that he saw this text before and found it very good. He also got the Russian LRT/FOT*.

[* Fundamentals of Thought]

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