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re: dr 4 march
dear sir,
* threat handling: st. pete vedomosti today published on page 3 the message on the tax court win in a factual news item telling that the federal court put the case back to 2nd court for reconsideration and that the case is about money that the scientology center st. peterburg received for membership and educational activity, which is nontaxable, but the case was on the question if the center had commercial income which is taxable. now this question must be reconsidered.
circulation of vedomosti is about 145,000 and it is the major daily paper in the region. this message got placed as other channels which had relayed the message on tax but without out message/win e.g. radio baltika did not yet agree to relay our message despite they got all facts.
* threat handling ongoing: in the newspaper isvestia petersburg was on 24/2/98 ran controversial news spot on the tax case of the st. pete center and an anti-sect article typically placed by the arm committee in st. pete and with enemy lines on e.g. moonies, scientology, visarion, jehowa wittnesses, krisnaits, bogorodski center. contact and comm with editor and chf editor was done with relay of d.a. facts, and chf editor is not against bringing our message, asked for proposed article and then decide the matter. this was proposed and cycle to be completed. * threat handling: ukrainian local paper pridunaiskie vesti ran controversial story on dianetics/lrh back on oct 97 and the dianetics group organized and ran in another newspaper "ismail" (2405 in circ.) a theta article on medical doctors analysis of value of lrh/dianetics. printed nov. 97.
* media: ukrainian newspaper "odesskii vestnik" circ. 55237, 4 column theta article on science of spiritual health - dianetics - ref. lrh.
- in kazan was published reference book on culture/religion/society and issued by the government. it has a chapter on scientology church with good and very exact data on lrh/dianetics/scientology/auditing/events and how official persons in russia involved with scientology (novgorod and perm) but it has one enemy line on purif rd. saying that it is forced on all members. the director of kazan dianetics center handed in very factual data in response to the publication and will follow up so the full understanding on purif rd. etc., is achieved. we know the source of this enemy line: professor trofimchuk, moscow, who is old commisar and so far doesn't agree to have any new philosophies etc. in russia.
* ad program: ot 12, 21, 22, 29 i/p. * cchr: in searching for data on any more existing rehabilitation centers - was found that there are two more under the orthodox church and we have their names. so these are non-medical.
* security: today put in drilling of all personnel osa, port captain office, receptionists, night watches, div 2 and sectors personnel dealing with receiving publics - on what to do when inspectors arrives. this was drilled through till understood. we will cont. drilling on other situations of influence from outside terminals so we will have control. we have very good issues from hco security chf for this exercise.
* ui handling:
D/PRO sent out today DA materials today to Glazov for newspaper "Krasnoe Znamia", which earlier printed entheta on us. DA materials were sent to Ekaterinburg to handle local newspaper in Kamensk Uralsky, called "Kamensky Rabochy", which printed entheta earlier. Pravoslavny vestnik in Tver was relayed all recent (3 overall) press releases on the subject of drugs. Newspaper editor of "Prostory Rossit" in Oryol was met with and handled by Ed Criminon in Oryol. Editor of the newspaper "Khabarovskie Isvestia" was met with plus given DA materials on the entheta story on 20/01/98.

Editor of newspaper "Surgutskaya Tribuna" in Surgut was met with and given DA materials. New theta story on NN result was published in that newspaper.

Almaty Mission produced a 3 min. theta radio on on in Dushanbe City (Capital of former USSR Republic Tadzhikistan).
* anti-narcotics -
Press releases were relayed to Ria-Novost correspondent, who is dealing with drugs to be relayed on the wire.

Constitutional posters were officially presented to head of the Ekaterinburg City, Committee on Youth of Ekaterinburg, to Memorial Society, and city library, LRH was always mentioned. Library now wants to organize a lecture on drugs.

DSA Nizhni Novgorod become part of Social Chamber of the city. First introductory speech was done for around 5 min. and LRH promoted. Around 30 people present.

Positive response came from the Duma after D/PRO participated in the Parliament's hearings on Monday. Person wanted to know who is LRH and what is his drug rehab tech. He was referred to NN.

Opinion leader of Semashko Hospital in Nizhni Novgorod was allied and now will handle the hospital staff to make a big assists seminar in the hospital.
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