To Birta Heldt                   16.09.97

CC OXC Novgorod-2
Durova Elena

Dear Birta!

Yesterday, 15.09.97 Ovchinnikova Tatyana (ID ) said that she talked with the head of Oblast Duma, Anatoly Boitsev, and he said that he knows the real source of black propaganda to be Osin, the head of Oblast FSB. [EM: that is, Federal Security Service] This man came to Novgorod not so long ago. He has the connection to the governor, Prussak M.M, and tells him (Prussak) "black propaganda" about Scientology. Tatyana asked me to send this information to You and [illegible, EM: Dithhelm Alish?]

This is true.

Translated from Russian to English
Evgenie Medvedev, Project 7

Scan of Russian original

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