Situation in Voronezh

I have received a message from Geolina [EM: No such first name exists. Should be Galina.] Gromova which said that at the insistence of Voronezh Oblast prosecutor the investigation of Voronezh Dianetics Center will continue, and possibly, a lawsuit will be filed on the charges of illegal business practice. Previously the case was closed due to lack of evidence. According to messages confirmed by Elena Klueva, who has a relative working in the Voronezh Oblast prosecutor's office, "General Prosecutor's office passed down an instruction to shut Dianetics down." It is possible that denials of registration for Centers, illegal business practice charges, "Black propaganda" in Voronezh and Novgorod media are all preplanned acts. Currently the Center is attempting to get registered as a noncommercial partnership, the founders list for which includes not only people who were the founders of public organisation which was denied registration, but also other people, and part of the "old" founders is missing from the list. This registration procedure might be completed by the end of this month.

Who gave the order to resume the investigation of Voronesh Dianetics Center is unclear from current information. I requested Yelena Klyueva to continue communication with her uncle, who works in the Procurator's office, since she earlier gave literature to him and new publications have come out since then. It is necessary to give him new literature, besides, his wife got interested in Dianetics and it might be possible to establish communications with her, possibly in this manner:

"I saw your niece in Moscow, she's alive and well, a good and respected specialist, she sends her regards and this booklet. If you'd like to, I could clear up your questions, I have taken many of these courses myself, had a lot of successes like ... currently I study ..., and it's very cool! Further, she could tell about her participation in the center's activities, tell that it's activity was very benefical and was never commercial, about her perception of the event, tell her that she thinks there should be many such centers in every city, their work results in people being more productive, improve relationships within families, improve effectiveness, and people become able to solve many problems. Tell about the article in Moscow News - that is another sign that some people lie to attain their political goals, to broaden their spheres of influence, to get rid of those who can find out that this person comitted a crime or violated moral or ethical principles. For normal (social) personalities, this is a way to understand a lot, to see what and who is really working for the good of Motherland."

She should arrange to keep in touch in the future to supply the aunt with theta information.

It is necessary to investigate and find the suppressive person who is behind this attack on the Center, and arrange publications about this suppressive person. Even a simple investigation can give some results.

M. L. Shilov

Translated from Russian to English
thanks Mimus and
Evgenie Medvedev, Project 7

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