CO OSA CIS                            2509
ID                                    1.10.96
Tkachenko S.


1. The source [of? codename of source? illegible] claims that they have recieved [orders? illegible] from FSB RF [EM: FSB: Federal Security Service; RF:Russian Federation] about measures taken to investigate Scientology Organisation through banks, tax police, MVD [EM: MVD - Ministry of Internal Affairs] and SES. [EM: SES - Sanitarian and Epidemic Station, local authority organisations which control health and sanitation and have power to shut down organisations if they don't comply with regulations.]

2. [EM: grammatically this sentence doesn't connect with the previous one. Possibly, this whole message is a reply to another one, and it is an answer to a question. Depending on the question, proper translation may sound slightly different.] Improve the work on information blocade, do not allow to spread within the organisations of political power.

Tkachenko S.

P.S. In addition: On 29.09 it was claimed that FSB RF recommended not to perform any active operations. The list contains, beside Scientology, 11 other [illegible] organisations. The source said that no operations will be performed, but covert control and checking will be. FSB RF has confirmation of [whole string worth of illegible] in Moscow.

Tkachenko S.

Translated from Russian to English
Evgenie Medvedev, Project 7

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