Scientologists prevent more humane treatment of psychiatric patients
September 18, 2003
Saint Petersburg, Russia

The one often behind the organizations which protest against newly proposed laws concerning giving aid to psychiatric patients is Scientology. That was the opinion expressed to a Rosbalt correspondent by the deputy director of the Serbian Institute, Evgeni Makyshkin. In his words, the Scientology organization was prohibited in many countries of the world, and members of this organization believe that psychiatrists ought not to render treatment for patients.

Evgeni Makushkin also noted that the RF law "On psychiatric treatment" was one of the most humane in Europe. The specialist also emphasized that cultists frequently appeared in public with appeals to stop financing psychiatry in this country. "But the better the psychiatric wards and centers are equipped, the more humane the treatment of the patients by the doctors," remarked Evgeni Makushkin.

We recall that today in Saint Petersburg activitists of the organization "Citizens commission for human rights" held an action in defense of psychiatric patients. In the course of which they expressed dissatisfaction with the amendment to the RF law "On psychiatric treatment."

Review of Russian media
published 3 October 2003 by the Russian BBC
consisted of three summaries, including the following:

"Bizarre" behavior of doctors

Yesterday the chief of Russian specialists in the field of psychiatry appealed to Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov with an open letter, reported "Izvestia."

The paper declared as "bizarre" the behavior of doctors, who ordinarily beat records for caution and correctness of expression":

"The government, which made the decision about the creation of the program "Development of psychiatric assistance in the Russian Federation, has not accomplished it in two years. Psychiatric assistance is the only field of medicine which is not financed from funds taken in by medical insurance.

"Therefore the majority of our psychiatric hospitals resemble the asylums in horror films, there's no treatment or support for the patients in them. The doctors know what this can lead to. And the government knows it doesn't want that."

The program was ready a long time ago, signed by everybody, studied by an expert committee attached to the government, but once again was not included in the budget for the next year.

"Why?", the newspaper rhetorically posed the question.

"All our efforts have run up against opposition from the Scientologists, who have found a way into the State Duma," believes Professor Valeriy Krasnov, Director of the Moscow NII Psychiatry, RF Health Ministry, "Deputies, who promised support now refuse to associated with it."

"The active role in this opposition is played by the so-called Citizens Commission for Human Rights, which has generally gotten out of control in our cities," relates Vladimir Agishev, chief doctor of the prominent N 3 city psychiatric hospital in Saint Petersburg. "They mass distribute leaflets and write letters saying not to give a kopeck for psychiatric patients, that psychiatrists are killers and their medicine is poison."

"Whether this was the reason they delayed acceptance of the program or they simple wanted to hit the government up for the "hopeless" patients is not known for certain," said "Izvestia." But it is known that in some regions the chief doctors of the psychiatric hospitals are seriously preparing to release on their own cognizance those patients who are not supported or treated. This has already been done last year in Vladivostok - the authorities and residents of the city were strongly displeased."

And here's how the disastrous conditions of the patients of psychiatric hospitals were described by member of the RAMI medical Academy, director of the Serbsky Institute for social and forensic psychiatry Tatyan Dmitriev, "If a patient is located in a closed department, where he is not able see relatives or if they live too far away, the patient is for all intents and purposes on a starvation diet. At the present time medicine for in-patients is inadequate, and the old preparations ordinarily ruin more than they cure."

In order to underscore the seriousness of this problem in Russia, "Izvestia" provides the following information:

7.5 million Russians go to psychiatrists each year. Over the past 10 years the rate of psychosis has risen 92.3 percent, schizophrenia - 29.2%, all mental disorders - 41.5 percent. Of suicides, two-thirds are related to mental disorders, 60,000 people are lost a year, equivalent to the population of a small city. The number of suicides among Russian men exceeds the critical threshold VOZ [?] for developed countries by six times.

Scientology shakes its fist at Russian psychiatrists
September 19, 2003

The director of the V.P. Serbsky Center for Social and Forensic Psychiatry, Tatyana Dmitriev, expressed annoyance with the activities of Scientologists on Russian territory, reported Interfax. Appearing today in Moscow at a conference on problems of prison psychiatry, she mentioned that officially the activities of the Scientologists were prohibited in the RF. Meanwhile, in her words, the Scientologists continue to operate under the mask of rights advocate organizations. "And that is how the big money works that is invested in Scientology," said the Center chief. She noted that one of concepts of the Scientologists has a direct connection to psychiatry. "They believe," explained T. Dmitriev, "that psychiatry in general does not need to concern treatment of the sick - that, as the saying goes, God gave you whatever you need." It was in this respect, T. Dmitriev said, that the Scientology protest actions carried on outside the V.P. Serbsky Center (the next such measure was supposed to take place today). One of their principle slogans, said T. Dmitriev, was "Psychiatrists: hands away from people!" Participants of such actions also appeal to the government to stop financing the country's psychiatry.

The Scientology cult aims for Europe

Le Soir
September 19, 2003 (date of Russian text)

It's clear that Ron Hubbard's adherents love luxury. Their European office, which officially opens 17 September 2003, is an expensive three-story building at 91 Street of Law (Rue de la Loi), in the very heart of the European quarter of Brussels. "For us it's nice here, thank you!" smiles Fabio Amicarelli [sp?], director of the European office of the international "Scientology Church" cult. In the building, painted with white flowers, there are a few thematic halls. "Here," explained the director, "no religious services are held." They claim this is a "human rights embassy," which is "a place for open and transparent dialogue."

The staff consists of ten permanent employees. "They accept everybody here," emphasizes Fabio Amicarelli, "on terms of mutual respect." The stage setting is thought out to the most minute detail: photographs, symbolism, didactic paneling, slogans. Scientology does its best to show that it is somebody you can trust, and that using the "cult" label on them is absolutely unjust. "We serve as a religious association which is officially recognized all over the world," insists our interlocutor.

And here is "proof": on the walls hang ten certificates, official letters and photocopied records, from the USA, Sweden and New Zealand ... "Look," continues Amicarelli, "here are university theses from Oxford, Rome and Paris. They clearly present us as a fully equal religion."

Mexican politicians, Bill Clinton, "celebrities," scholars from Sobronne: there's no shortage of authority.

The "Church of Scientology," (8-10 million adherents in the world by the cult's own count, but according to expert assessments, no more than 500,000 - ed.) actively plays the "social," "ecumenical" and "rights" fields. Volcano eruption on Guam? Terrorist acts on September 11th? Natural catastrophe in Hungary? "Our volunteer ministers dedicate maximum time and energy to this," the office director says, with pride.

Now we all know about the goals of Scientology: "salvation of the spirit," the fight against drug addiction ("this scourge of our era"), and the social rehabilitation of criminals: "We need to fill the moral vacuum in our society," says our guide. The Hall of "Human Rights" is dedicated to the violent attacks of psychiatry, this "medicine of the devil." The floor dedicated to Hubbard is an unbroken eulogy to the father-founder of the organization.

The European office of the "Church of Scientology" opens it doors 17 September. "There will be many people," asserts Fabio Amicarelli. How many? What are their names? Unknown. Brussels was not chosen by accident. The Church of Scientology makes no secret of its wish to have its activities known in the capitals of Europe. Lobbying? "If you like, yes. But what is reprehensible about that?" And how about that speech in the Belgian parliament from 1997 in which talks about a "harmful cult"? "We respect Belgian laws and the government. But we think that Belgium lives fifteen years in the past. Scientology is not what they say at all." And the questionable methods of proselytizing? And the sources of the organization's financing? "Rumors and prejudice," says Amicarelli.

The European office is a site for conducting conferences and meetings. "We will invite the most diverse people so they can tell about our actions in defending human rights," says the director. "We will work here through our social programs: the fight against drug addiction, eliminating intolerance and rehabilitating criminals." The office doors will "always be open." Even for the press? "If they want to call on us."

(The last statement is very unique. Scientology founder Hubbard called journalists "merchants of chaos" and said that the membership of Scientology was closed to psychiatrists, journalists and homosexuals. - ed.)

Beware: Entering cult zone

22 September 2003
St. Irenaeus of Lyon Religious Studies Center

September 22. The All-Russian 'Fellow Travelers' youth organization, with support from the Russian Orthodox Youth Movement, begins a long-term nationwide protest action against the activity of the Scientology cult. On the appointed date the first leg of the action will begin simultaneously in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg, Volgograd, Nizhny Novgorod, and Kaluga. It will begin with public gatherings by the doors of cult offices where the well-known specialists will present to the public the true face of Scientology. On the following five days the 'Fellow Travelers' activists will picket the cult centers daily from 7 a. m. to 10 p.m., distributing leaflets and explaining to those who want to enter the dangers of the cult. Large posters will inform the citizens and all passers-by that the dangerous cult is near. In Moscow the action will begin on September 22 at 3 p. m. in four locations of the cult - three in the city and one in the suburb. The official opening will be held by the Russian headquarters of the cult (B. Galushkina St., 19). The guest speaker of the opening is Professor Alexander L. Dvorkin.

Fellow Travelers declare war on Scientology
September 22, 2003

Yekaterinburg, September 21 (Noviy Region, Alexandra Stolitsyna) -- A protest action against the activities of the Scientologists will be held 22 September in several cities in Russia. The activities of this religious organization has already received a negative assessment several times from the part of the RF State Duma, the RF Health Ministry and the Russian Orthodox Church. Now the fight with the Scientologists also includes the members of the All-Russian youth movement, "Fellow Travelers." The reason for carrying out the action was the numerous attempts by organizational cells of Scientologists to get into Russian schools.

22 September 2003, Fellow Travelers, along with members of the Russian Orthodox Church, begin a six-day All-Russia protest operation against the activities of the Scientology cult in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Volgograd, Nizhny Novgorod, Kaluga and Yekaterinburg. Mass rallies will be conducted in all the above listed cities -- from 22 - 27 September organizational activists will picket sites on which Scientology centers are located, distributing informational material and answering questions for those who would like to join the cult.

In Yekaterinburg the protest action will be held at 9a Papanin. The action will officially begin September 22 at 3 and last til 7 p.m.

[from the Fellow Travelers web site]

About us

"Fellow Travelers"

As a regional public organization -- recorded under registration No. 13619 of 14 July 2000

As an All-Russian public organization -- recorded under registration No. 4070 of 13 July 2001

Our leader: Ykemenko Vasiliy Grigorevich

Our motto: Be well!

Our number: nearly 100,000 people in all the Russias (80% students)

Our funding: a number of large companies and banks render us sponsorial aid

St. Irinaeus of Lyon Religious Studies Center
photograph from 1tv
Top: Beware cult
Arrow: Cult there

Yesterday, September 22, there began an All-Russian Protest Action against Scientology. The activists of Youth Movement 'Fellow Travelers' together with Russian Orthodox Youth organizations started picketing

Scientology/Dianetics centers throughout the country. As the leader of the 'Fellow Travelers' movement Vasily Yakimenko said the anti-scientology protests will be held in 15 Russian cities. All week young people will hold a round the clock pickets by the doors of Scientology centers. The large posters will inform the passers-by that the buildings are occupied by a dangerous cult. The picketers will try to talk to every person entering and exiting the buildings and convince him/her not to enter or leave the cult, as the case may be.

The exhibit stands located also by the doors of the cult show various Scientology-related documents and two portraits of Lisa McPherson ("before" and "after" Scientology).

The opening of the All-Russian Action was held by the main Scientology office in Russia - 'Humanitarian Hubbard Center' (and umbrella organization which houses 'The Moscow Scientology Church', 'Dianetics Center', 'Studema', et. al.). there gathered around 300 participants of the protest diluted by some 30 Scientologists trying to compromise the action. The media presence was significant and the action was broadcast on all major news channels.

All participants were addressed by a Russian Orthodox priest Alexey Doroshevich, Professor Alexander L. Dvorkin, Vasily Yakimenko and others. After about an hour all who had gathered for the meeting had left, and there remained the first shift of the picketers (about 10 of them) who, together with their colleagues in 15 Russian cities will conduct a week-long watch.

Russia and the "Sellers of immortality"

RBC Daily: Politics
September 25, 2003

Ten Scientology organizations operate on Russian Federation territory. In essence they hide under the mask of rights advocates associations and attract new members under the guise of rendering legal and psychological assistance, and ridding people of all problems.

This week at the Scientology centers in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Volgograd, Nizhny Novgorod and Kaluga, protest operations are being conducted by the Fellow Travelers organization. For a period of five days at the entrances to Scientology centers the movement activists will distribute informational material and conduct informational work with those who would like to join the cult. This is not the first such operation by the Fellow Travelers. In January 2003 they organized similar measures in an attempt to focus attention to the activities of the St. Petersburg Dianetics and Scientology center. And in recent years the Justice Ministry has tried to prohibit the activities of the Scientologists in Moscow. An attempt to put an end to the work of the Moscow Scientology Church was not successful taking the legal route. The Moscow City Court did not find a basis for liquidating the Scientology church in the capital.

The goal of the Scientologists is to create new people and a new world system. Scientology believes that the world is doomed to destruction and they are the only source of salvation. At the present time in more than 60 countries of the world there are nearly 700 different Scientology centers. American Lafayette Ronald Hubbard, the founder of the Scientology Church, had psychological problems and died in 1986. The activities of the church are not regarded as purely religious. Scientology encourages penetration of its members into government and business organizations to increase church influence, and also actively engages in entrepreneurial activity. So, for example, in 2001 in Germany "Scientology - New Bridge" was deprived of religious status in connection with it pursuing not only spiritual goals, but also engaging in business operations. In France after a law was passed to prohibit the operation of non-traditional denominations that use "mental manipulation," Scientology found itself hard put to ignore this law.

Courts generally prosecute Scientologists in connection with the real goal of their activity being business. The founder of the teachings himself, Mr. Hubbard, appealed to his adherents to extract as much profit as possible from those who passed through the doors of the organization. The ability to replenish the coffers of the cult has quite a tradition. The "mark" is analyzed, whereby countless potential problems and "negative imprints" (engrams) are found. The mark is offered a chance to be rid of these engrams by means of numerous "auditing" sessions, at a fee. Another product offered by the Scientologists is immortality. Such an exotic ware is particularly attractive for the elderly, and Hubbard's followers sell it for real money to this day. One can draw a conclusion about the commercial success of his undertakings from the amount of Hubbard's fortune at the moment of his death, which was estimated to be several hundred million dollars.

In Russia Scientology made itself known in the early 1990s. In Moscow, for example, they immediately celebrated the opening of a reading room in the name of Ron Hubbard at the journalism department of MSU. Today dozens of Scientology organizations are operating in Russia, the largest of which are located in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Volgograd, Nizhny Novgorod and Kaluga. Despire numerous appeals by various social organizations, the activities of the Scientologists are not prohibited on Russian Federation territory. Besides that, in July 2002, Moscow City Court overturned the decision of the capital city's Nikulinsk court, which dismissed the claim of the Justice Ministry to liquidate the Scientology Church. The court did not find transgressions of law in its operations and the Scientology Church continues to operate in Moscow. The Moscow Church of Scientology is only one local leader of a large chain of Scientology organizations on Russian territory. All the organizations have a lot of Scientologists, but counting them is not possible because the majority of them hide under incomprehensible names like "Hubbard Center," "Novgorodian Earthans," and "Studema." Many of them do not pretend to have the status of a church, therefore, from an official point of view their actions are not organized. Along those same lines, a number of Scientology associations could be registered through front groups," Mr. Dvorkin told RBC Daily. He is the church cultologist of the missionary department for the St. Tikhon Orthodox Institute, and has been involved in anti-cult informational activity for a number of years. According to what he said, he even had to go to court once in response to a claim filed by the Scientologists, which failed. "I experienced pressure on a regular basis," commented the anti-cult combatant of his relations with the Scientologists, "from libel, including on the Internet, to direct threats at my address."

According to what the expert says, there are cases known of the Scientology organization collaborating with important politicians, right leader Boris Nemtsov, for example. As he said, the "Narconon" drug rehabilitation program was at one time even recommended by the RF Health Ministry, which is one way the Scientologists replenish their members' ranks, and which is also a threat to health. It consists of consuming large quantities of vitamins and long sessions in the sauna. However, Mr. Dvorkin had in his possession information, head of the Rights Power Union (Soyuza Pravykh Sil) Boris Nemtsov sent a thank-you letter for the "active work in propagating a healthy way of life among adolescents and youth" by staff of the anti-drug "Narconon" social organization. And former Perm city mayor Vladimir Fil wanted to introduce the "Hubbard management system" into his administration.

As the specialists say, "pressuring" the Scientologists and other cults in Russia is not likely to occur due to lack of a legislative basis for enacting the requisite legal decision. That means the Scientologists can operate unimpeded due to problems in the legislature and to inadequate laws. Besides that, there are many cults which do not make a pretense out of registering their activities and which prefer to operate as rights advocates or as public (social) movements. The Russian legal system is not prepared to fight the spread of "dangerous" cults or their increasing influence. Under these conditions, experts note, the most effective measures against cults are protest operations and informational campaigns, such as the Fellow Travelers have done.

Aleksey Borov

Fellow Travelers carry out operation against Church of Scientology by the entrances to its offices,
September 29, 2003

The Fellow Travelers youth organization carried out an operation 22-26 September in Moscow by the Hubbard Humanitarian Center building that was directed against the Scientology cult. By the entrance to the center groups of young people assembled to explain to passersby that "Hubbard's cult presented a danger for individual, family and society, that it had criminal tendencies, and that it actively used psychotropic substances to obtain a manageable type of personality."

Each entrance into the center was covered by Fellow Travelers handing out a colorfully illustrated booklet with criticism of the Scientology doctrine and with a legend on the cover reading: "Beware! of Scientology, Hubbard, and Dianetics." An anti-scientology slogan was also to be seen on a five-meter high banner set up by the entrance to the center's building. The graphic presentation was supplemented with two displays showing documents and photographic illustrations which revealed the "dangerous essence of Scientology."

A press release distributed by Fellow Travelers in connection with the completed operation said that many people were victims of the cult of Scientology, and that its activities had merited a negative appraisal in meetings of the State Duma and in documents of the Russian Health Ministry. "Having looked dispassionately on impermissibilities ever more frequently occurring," the "All-Russian "Fellow Travelers" public organization, together with church youth and clergy of the Russian Orthodox Church began a long-term all-Russian protest operation against the operations of the Scientology cult in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Volgograd, Nizhny Novgorod and Kaluga. Over a period of five days, organization activists will be found by the entrances of cult centers from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., distributing informational material and conducting informational work with those wishing to join the cult; signs and placards will inform residents about the presence of the cult," said the press release.

As Blagovest-Info reported, Hubbard Humanitarian Center staff members, including Yuri Maksimov, sent information about an illegal operation to the state prosecutor's office, to the police, and to regional offices, which replied that in case of a civil disturbance the appropriate measures would be taken. According to Yuri Maksimov, corresponding operations were stopped in Saint Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Kaluga as a result of intervention by the city administration.

In a press release for the occasion Scientology Church Moscow claimed that the action by Fellow Travelers indirectly helped the Scientologists, "thanks to their protest, Scientology's popularity will only be increasing. There has been a wave of interest in the organization and people are waiting in line for help."

Fellow Travelers is an All-Russian public organization to assist youth education. According to the organization's own information, it has nearly 100,000 followers in all of Russia (80% of which are students), the movement receives sponsorial assistance form a number of large companies and banks. The basic position of the organization is its "Moral Code", which includes respect for parents and elders, impermissibility of killing, cruelty to animals, drunkenness, using or distributing narcotics, cursing, nationalistic or chauvinistic ideology, and striving for improvement in all things in all places, and for active civic involvement.

Several hundred Scientology organizations in Russia, believes cultologist Dvorkin

July 19, 2002

The Moscow City Court refused the RF Justice Ministry's request to revoke registration as a religious organization for the Moscow Church of the Scientologists.

With a request for comment on the situation, correspondent and ITAR-TASS correspondent went to the head of the cultology department of the St. Tikhon Orthodox Theological Institute, Alexandr Dvorkin. According to him, the Justice Ministry had intended to revoke the Moscow Scientologists' registration on a formal basis, because in the period prescribed by law on freedom of conscience, that organization had not registered the required documents. Advocates of the organization managed to have this question decided in the court system to their advantage.

According to A. Dvorkin's information, several hundred Scientology organizations are operating in Russia with different names and types of activity. They include groups in the categories of "medicine, science, and education." As a rule, the word "Scientology" practically never appears in their names, such as Hubbard College or Dianetics Center. "And every so often the essence of the organization cannot be guessed from its name, such as in Nizhny Novgorod, one of these organizations is registered as the "Earthans," a finance-industry group, which, as follows from reports from the local press, has already managed to get a considerable share of the city and region under its control," noted the cultologist. But, according to him, the status of "religion" was only held by one group, the "Scientology Church Moscow."

In a number of countries Scientology is prohibited or restricted by law. In Greece, for instance, their registration was revoked, in Germany the organization is under surveillance by the police, and in France the Scientology Church has been called the most dangerous of cults. It seems that this is not a religious organization, but a commercial one, the goal of which is power and money.

In Russia, according to the cultologist's information, not one Scientology group has been closed, although this issue has been examined in the court system. So, the Moscow social organization "Hubbard Humanitarian Center," which lost its registration in 1999, continues to operate today, as the court decision from this case never went into effect. It is known that Scientology managers have been convicted for illegal undertakings, but that these same groups continue to operate.

Cults in Russian schools

Alexander Dvorkin: "Between psychiatric clinics and science"
December 4, 2001

One of the first attempts by Moon adherents to infiltrate schools was made some years back. They prepared the textbook "My World and I", which they used five years ago [around 1996] in more than two thousand Russian schools to teach a course by the same name. 60,000 teachers took the course. You see Moonism is a totalitarian cult which (like any other) fully controls people. These people break up with their families, they might beg in the streets, they can be sent to other cities to live there in appalling conditions. They become slaves for the organization.

- How can the government permit such a thing?

It's all very easy. Deacon Lev Semenov, who in his time was in the sphere of managers in the Russian Moonist organization (engaged in PR for them), related how Moonists, who were offering the program to the Education Ministry, made their pitch: With us everything has been prepaid. The only thing required from you is to send all these by mail (then pay the postal fees). The effect was very simple. When the letters arrived from the Education Ministry, they were received as a directive.

- But the Education Ministry didn't understand what was happening?

That's a question for them. In any case, they faced quite an uproar about withdrawing the textbook. Although in Kalmyki, for example, this course was taught in all schools by order of Ilyumzhinov. One of the largest cults has infiltrated the schools - Scientology. They also offer schools a course ("How to learn to study"). On that matter this course is for controlling consciousness. As a result they sway the consciousness of children and persuade them to be Scientologists.

They penetrate into schools and Porfiriy Ivanov is an adherent.

- For most people Porfiriy Ivanov is just an adherent of a healthy way of living and fitness.

Yes. But first of all, as is known, he didn't invent fitness. And secondly, in any "fitness by Ivanov" people have to raise their hands high and say, "Teacher, give me power, give me energy!" The Teacher is Ivanov himself (he also calls himself "God the Father", "God the Son" and "God the Holy Spirit.") In general this is a religious ceremony being carried out in schools, contraband, so to speak.

- But cults can also infiltrate under the appearance of school courses.

They can penetrate into schools under any guise, even under the guise of the Orthodox Church. There is a sort of pseudo-Orthodox totalitarian cult called the Mother of God center. They've gone to schools and have begun pushing their misanthropist doctrine, their penetrating hatred for women, especially for mothers.

- What can you say about valeologs?

There are no valeologs. There are as many valeologs as there are regions. But I've been to many throughout the country and have never seen a single valeological follower without a touch of the occult. More accurately, no - I've seen one. There it was said that interpretation was managed in accordance with the principles of a single true doctrine - Marxism-Leninism.

Occultism is the area between magic and science. They use pseudo-scientific terminology like "torsion fields" or "bioenergy-information fields." Stanislav Lem said that this was a "no-man's land between psychiatric clinics and science." It confuses many scholars, where the practice of science stops and the theories begin that explain everything in the world (the fight with psychotropic weapons or historical research of the type by the scholar Fomenko). But what about schools?

- What kind of cults have infiltrated schools?

Sahaja Yoga, for example. They don't have any connection with Yoga. In May 1993 in Tolyatta a seminar was given by Sahaja Yogis, in which representatives from 25 cities in Russia, the Ukraine and Belorussia participated. During the course of the year first-graders were taught the methods of Sahaja Yoga in 48 schools.

Or the textbook "Noosphere Education". They've now penetrated into schools in New Peredelkin ("bio-equivalent methods taught in textbook courses"). They're operating in Moscow, Lyuberts, Zhukovsky and Khabarovsk. The author of the textbook, Maslova Natalya Vladimirovna, is the president of the department of RAEN Noospherian education. Even though she uses one of Bernard's terms, she wrote the book with no connection to it at all.

There are pedagogic cults which have sprung up around scholarly innovators. The Stolbun Cult, for example. It's both medical and academic ("curing" all diseases by means of connecting electrodes to [deleted]). Cults wander through different cities. There's the Bronnikov cult. They open schools where they teach children anything has "superpotentiality". The cost is from 50 to 200 dollars. The third, most expensive level teaches "exterior vision with closed eyes."

- Which areas are more prone to the influence of totalitarian cults?

Usually the more money involved, the greater the danger of cult interference. Often there are structures set up near schools which offer during non-school hours lessons in the English language (as the Mormons do). Or a school leases space, but a religious group holds its religion lessons there. This is not permitted, it is by this way children are involuntarily drawn into this.

- How should this be responded to?

The Education Committee has an official who deals with such matters. When a complaint is received from parents, there are steps he takes. Of course there's new legislation, but even with the way it is now, much can be done. There is no special law, but there are executive orders. The Health Ministry has an order which forbids the use of cult methods in state health care.

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