March 12, 2003
Scientology Lobby in the Council of Europe

January 30, 2003 23 representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (not to be confused with European Parliament) appeared with "written declaration No. 342" (see, which supported the terms "Narconon" and "L. Ron Hubbard." The holder of the copyright of these terms is the international totalitarian cult of Scientology. Hubbard, who is mentioned in the declaration, is the founder of this sinister cult. Therefore, the publication of the "Declaration" was coordinated with the cult. In the "Declaration," representatives express admiration for the Scientology organization and its methods, and they proclaim their support for the prospect of bringing a new Scientology operation into the middle of the school system.

Scientology has asserted for some years that it has been working closely with the Council of Europe. Thus far, however, the cult has not managed to corroborate its own assertion with even one ponderable fact. Could it be that the new declaration is meant to serve as such?

But it didn't turn out quite as Scientology would have wished. The declaration was not accepted by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. The testimony to this is stated clearly and distinctly in the sub-heading, "This written declaration commits only the members who have signed it." Actually, the representatives of the Council of Europe have the right to express their own personal opinion in the form of a declaration. But this does not make the document they signed the opinion expressed by the Council of Europe or the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

However, if it weren't for the Scientology lobby being in the Council of Europe and a small group of delegates signing a "Declaration," what sort of independent corroboration would there be for the least amount of effectiveness on the part of L. Ron Hubbard's "drug rehabilitation technology"? That leaves no doubt that the "Declaration" is the best advertisement for the Scientology "anti-drug campaign called 'Drug-free future for the children of Europe'." The document can stand as a calling card for the cult and help it to penetrate the school systems of many European countries.

We don't know anything about the foreign delegates who signed the declaration and can't address what compelled them to take this less than prudent step. We hope their constituency is aware of their conduct.

At the same time, our domestic electorate needs to know that Russia was represented in this dubious list by a delegate of the RF Duma, S. A. Kovalev (SPS party). Some time ago, Deputy Kovalev earned the attention of the mass media, via a well-known publication where he was characterized as a bosom friend of Chechen terrorists, gangsters and slavers. A militant atheist, single-mindedly and steadfastly appearing against the Orthodox Church, Mr. Kovalev is a devoted cult defender whose help in religious matters includes the notorious Mr. Levinson, who some years ago represented himself as a member of all totalitarian cults in their entirety. So Mr. Kovalev's present position is completely normal and in character for him

As is well-known, Chechen field commanders make a good part of their living from dealing drugs (which this ally of the Scientology antidrug operation prefers not to mention), to the point of paying their hirelings with counterfeit US military scrip, the kind you don't hold onto -- a deputy's life is very expensive. And Scientology has much money and is ready to pay its friends' expenses. It's money after all, no matter who you get it from. After thanks to the deputy and his "Declaration," the cult attains access to such means, so that all expenses come back to them with interest.

Kovalev does not believe in God or in divine requital. Not at all, even if he knows that from now on his name will forever be connected not only with Chechen oppressors, extortioners and murderers, not only with slanderers -- brothers in spirit of E. Yaroslavsky and other Bolshevist executioners, but now with Scientology, one of the most sinister totalitarian organizations at the close of the 20th century.

Alexander Dvorkin

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