Satanists arrive in our lives with forced smiles on untroubled faces

Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
November 20, 2002

Photo: Zemlyan manager Alexandr Kulikov

In Nizhny Novgorod there currently exists a state of war. The Earthans are engaged in a fight to the death with the Marcabs. For this purpose the Earthans have even created a production group in our city. But the Marcabs are not completely in the dark, either. They held a press conference.

First episode: The Hidden Menace

A girl on Bolshoi Pokrovke street pushed some sort of paper into my hand and deftly worked her way to the next passerby. On the paper, along with the usual offer of a discount as an enticement into a store, were words clumsily translated from English, "Happiness arrives through better understanding yourself and understanding others." This was an advertisement for L. Ron Hubbard's "Dianetics" book -- an open lure for stray or lost souls.

This kind of advertising leaflet is no rarity in our city. In the weekly paper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Nizhny Novgorod was called one of the three cities in Russia where Hubbard's doctrine had gained particularly strong influence. And not very long ago, a press conference was held in the mayor's offices in which social psychologists, psychiatrists and religious figures sounded the alarm: Hubbard is coming -- the matter had already gotten to the point where owners of large-scale businesses in Nizhny Novgorod were adherents of the Hubbard doctrine.

Ron Hubbard was a life-long writer of science fiction. At first he wrote science fiction stories. Then he got tired of that and he invented his own science, Dianetics. Dianetics promises mental health but, as psychologists explain, the results it gets from its hodgepodge of psychological methods are more often primitive as not. But Hubbard's Dianetics was not organized. Before long it verged into the sacred, and he created it as a religion -- Scientology, a rather successful business enterprise. He died in 1986. "Having finished everything he wanted to create, Hubbard discarded his body," wrote Scientologists.

Both Dianetics and especially Scientology turned out to be profitable businesses. An adept pays good money for every step on the way to mastering knowledge. Besides money, followers of Hubbard also strive for the adjacent high ground. In politics they seek adoption into various levels of government agencies. Press conference participants named the Zemlayn production group and Dom Botinka as bulwarks of Scientology in our city.

Dom Botinka is a store that deals in footware. It is said that its owner lives very modestly, that he gives his money to the Scientology organization. In psychologist Eugene Volkov's assessment, an application for work in the Dom Botinka is in the form typical of recruitment papers for the Scientology organization. Citizens, however, who buy their shoes in the Dom Botinka are not putting their health at risk. Scientology is not spread through footware. But the Zemlyan group has been carrying out an aggressive advertising campaign by mail for six months here. The Zemlyan group is an entire empire. It includes the Meshchera retail houses, the GAZ Center company, the ACR metallurgical company, the Tsentralnaya hotel, the Kanavinsky and Pechery movie theaters, the Sormovskie Zori arcades and a number of lesser known organizations in the city. Now, for example, this is the group that is renovating the Doma Modeley building on Skobe. Its proprietor - a rather important person in the city - is a Scientology supporter, regional legislative assemblyman Alexandr Kulikov.

Under threat of dismissal they make people take Scientology courses.
Nizhny Novgorod theologian Igor Simonov, deputy director of the city department for public relations, verified that the local officials work using Hubbard methods. The people are most upset but are afraid to talk about this.

Some people are afraid of losing work. And those who do lose it fear persecution. Many are not even able to explain what they are afraid of. Simply terrifying.

Mission Impossible

The Zemlyan brand that gave Kulikov his stake is anything but coincidental. The fact is that among various Hubbard science fiction there is a story about the good Earthans (Zemlyani) and the bad Marcabs who waged war between thems. What foolish creatures the Marcabs were. Now there is us. And the goal of the Earthans is to save this planet from them (or from us).

The whole concept of Marcabs is found in highly confidential documents that Scientologists are able to read only at, for the time being, the highest Scientology level of OT8. This is something like Hubbard's Testament, explains Alexandr Dvorkin, a well-known specialist on destructive religious cults.

There Hubbard calls himself the Antichrist and maintains that if Scientologists will live according to his Testament and await his second coming, that will "make it impossible for the mass Marcabian landing (Second Coming) to take place."

By the way, the Scientology symbol has an implication: a crossed-out cross! So it's no accident by any means that Scientology is listed in a many different religious organizational references as a Satanic oriented movement.

-- Hubbard was an acquaintance of Aleister Crowley, as Father Mikhail (Taganov) observed at the teachers Nizhny Novgorod spiritual seminar.

Aleister Crowley was one of the most odious ideologists of Satanism. He called himself the Beast 666. Hubbard observed each of Crowley's instructions to the letter. He once decided to create an Antichrist in accordance with Crowley's methods.

With his friend and his wife, they, having made all ostensible preparations for this ritual, engaged in sex. The result of this endeavor was girl. They didn't get an Antichrist. It is not surprising that after Crowley's death his followers accused Hubbard of plagiarism. One of the Nizhny Novgorod experts on religious cults, desiring quite understandably to remain anonymous, told us that Scientologists usually do not leave people in peace who inform the public about the substance of their religion. They ring them at home and bother them at work ...

He's quite a joker, Hubbard, whose invisible shadow hangs over our city. We, for whom the name of Hubbard means nothing in life, are the Marcabs, and they are the Earthans. They wage an invisible war with us. Well, what a mission we have!

-- We continue to build no matter how many hoops we have to jump through, Alexandr Kulikov said recently in an interview with the Birzha newspaper. The interview was titled simply, "Mission Possible."

They are not getting through!

Scientology is conducting an aggressive advertising campaign in Nizhny Novgorod. They stop at nothing in the performance of this mission. In this respect, Nizhny Novgorod does not compare to Russia. They even say in our city that the Scientologists have a high-powered patron in the local Kremlin.
We can only guess as to the identity of this patron. Neither he nor the Scientologists have revealed who he is. Their entire organization is a secret multi-level structure of the masonic type. A mason will never admit that he is a mason.

By the way, nowhere has businessman Alexandr Kulikov ever said that he is supporter of Scientology. Neither has he really denied it.

Now that Hubbard's doctrine has a bad reputation in Russia (after only ten years!), Scientologists prefer not to use his name in vain. They give their organizations completely innocent and fashionable appellations. And by deception they lure into them people, in their opinion, naive Marcabs. And if today someone publicly states he was a high-powered member of Scientology and is now leaving the organization, this can be just another way of fooling people.

-- A large quantity of parallel Scientology groups exist that operate according to the principle that "Hubbard was good, but his bad disciples perverted everything," according to Alexandr Dvorkin.

And Zemlyan is already there among them in maternity home No. 6! They have a "Cradle" program. Using it they inculcate people with Scientology methods. Every day the conduct and work of the medical personnel at the home is now appraised according to a special scale. Points attained are exhibited on station. In general, full accounting and control as bequeathed by the great Hubbard are in use.

What about another "Good News" newspaper, which they distribute free in Nizhny Novgorod.

"Good News" is Scientology's standard claim, according to well-known Nizhny Novgorod social psychologist Eugene Volkov. The silly Marcabs need to see the world as described to them by the strong jaws of the Earthans.

They've even gotten into the Orthodox Church. In their Zemlyan newspaper they write about restoring the church. The Tsentralnaya hotel was blessed for them by the Orthodox priest. In Father Mihail (Taganov's) opinion, this happened because our clergyman, by virtue of his spiritual life, does not read the newspaper nor watch television and thus has inadequate information about the operations of these groups, and he agreed to do a good thing on principle, like the blessing of a hotel.

Besides that, according to Eugene Volkov's information, the Scientology organization has a special "clergy department" that is involved in discrediting traditional religions.

For now, even the clergy have to take heed. But this is now.

-- Nizhny Novgorod is not a city that can be scientologized, theologian Igor Simonov is convinced. Our city has a solid spiritual tradition. And our city is not so easily bought with cheap psychological tricks.

... They came to us invisibly and silently, but they are not getting through.

Mihail Slonov

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