Grand Mufti of Russia rejects collaboration with "rotten Scientologists"

Let them waste away where they sprout up

Ekaterinburg, Russia
July 6, 2001,
Pravoslavaya Gazeta

Grand Mufti of Russia Talgat Tajuddin stated in an Interfax interview that he had "sent the Scientology sect to the devil."

"They came to me and offered to collaborate, but we will never do that with such fithy, lousy creatures," declared the spiritual leader of the Mussulmen. Along with that he called attention to the fact that Russia "had always been a religious country: the Mussulmen have the Koran, the Orthodox have the Bible and the Jews have the Torah and truth, for us, is derived from these books." "Therefore totalitarian sects," continued Talgat Tajuddin, "will never be adopted in our country, where we find God."

The Grand Mufti believes that the methods of the Scientologists are like those of the "Vakhabites* and other religious extremists that catch stray sheep." "All of them come from the same school: they zombify people and steal them away from reality," reasoned Talgat Tajuddin.

He is delighted to hear that the Scientology sect was not able to get re-registered in Russia, and even promised "to slaughter a lamb to celebrate." Besides that he reckons that this was more "than just a matter of registration on paper, it would still be necessary not to give Scientology the option of developing in our country." "It goes through the motions of a religion to play pranks across Russia. Let them waste away where they sprout up, we have our spirituality and our good sense," said Talgat Tajuddin.

*Vakhabites - a word used in Russia to mean Muslim militant extremists, like in Chechnya, or under Usama Ben-Laden, in other words a Muslim militant terroristic totalitarian cult.

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