Attacks on Bob Minton: The Greenway Theater Group

There are several sources of attacks on Bob Minton. The most recent is German Ursula Caberta, next oldest is American Patricia Greenway, and originally there was Scientology's Office of Special Affairs (OSA).

There are several connections that have been made among Minton, the above three sources of attacks and their respective areas of competency in the attacks.

One is Caberta's connection with Scientology. As Renate Hartwig commented on the German Scientology Internet news group, when Ursula Caberta flew to the United States to give testimony to Scientology lawyers, the press overlooked two facts. One, Caberta flew to Florida twice, once in July and once in October, 2000. Two, Caberta gave her testimony about Bob Minton's personal financial dealings in her first meeting with US Scientology lawyers; on the second visit she signed and sealed it -- with her official seal of office.

Another connection is between Caberta & Greenway. Robert Minton commented on this link in a post to Internet news group alt.religion.scientology (A.R.S.). He was evidently aware that he was at least one of the topics of Caberta's and Greenway's discussion in Leipzig, Germany, and that the discussion was not of a flattering nature.

In February 2002, Minton emphasized the connection between Scientology and the Nazis. He stated in the "Scientology and Nazis: Blood Brothers?" post that he would not like to see the effects of Scientology combined with other totalitarian activity. This in fact was a foreboding of what was about to happen on A.R.S.

Minton made a connection between Greenway and OSA. Minton noted Greenway by name in testimony, which was leaked to the public while court was still in progress, as the by-default source of information OSA had gotten from the offices of Ken Dandar, the attorney representing deceased Scientologist Lisa McPherson's estate, concerning inconsistency in his prior testimony against Scientology.

The passing of the "guidon" for publicly attacking Minton occurred in April 2002. The flag was passed from OSA to news group posters who had established an image for themselves as critics of Scientology. This was accomplished in an anonymous post on Minton's alleged betrayal to the Internet news group alt.religion.scientology. Further anonymous posts and e-mails to A.R.S. denizens eventually indicated that the source of these posts was not OSA itself, but P. Greenway and/or those inspired by her accumulated efforts against Minton. By April 2002 that included Ken Dandar.

During the agitation of the public against Minton, Gerry Armstrong recognized OSA activity behind posts from "ptsc" (aka "Rob Clark") and Martin Ottmann, among other posters to the alt.religion.scientology news group who spoke out publicly against Minton.

Finally, as observed by Joe Cisar and verified by Thomas Gandow, the relay stick for A.R.S. attacks on Minton transcended legal jurisdictions at the end of 2002, from Greenway-supporter Rob Clark in the USA to Caberta-supporter Martin Ottmann in Europe. This indicates an operational connection between Greenway and Caberta.

Effects of the attacks:
1) tie up as much of Bob Minton's money as possible. This succeeded. Bob Minton's stated purpose in leaving was to settle his own personal and financial accounts.
2) prevent other businesses and independently wealthy individuals from openly joining the ranks of critics.
3) imbue citics with a sectarian worldview. This includes the positive product of OSA, which is to make the technology of L. Ron Hubbard acceptable to society.

In determining competency in those using UC methods to avoid accountability, effect has a duplicate role. It both takes precedence over purpose and is the ultimate purpose.

The groups that were most involved in accomplishing the above effects, in order of precedence, are OSA, Greenway, and Caberta, each serving as an extension of the next, with Greenway taking the primary intermediary role.

If emphasis is shifted from an OSA to a German communist orientation, then the most involved groups shift to: German communists, Caberta, Greenway and Scientology. In the communist-oriented model, a Stasi interpretation applies in which the fight against Scientology is equated to a fight against the Republican party. This is part of the "class struggle" in which the Communists have a tendency to lump all their enemies together -- cults, Republicans, greedy corporations, Scientologists, Bob Minton, world poverty, etc. The precedent for this on alt.religion.scientology, which was previously politically non-aligned, was set by Martin Ottmann when he notified A.R.S. that Minton contributed money to the Republican party.

By encouraging American critics to publicly oppose Minton and the Republican party, Germans helped Scientology alienate US critics from about half the US population. Consequently, the more any critic publicly emphasizes anti-war, anti-Bush, anti-Republican sentiment, the greater an ally Scientology has in the pro-war, pro-Bush, pro-Republican half of the country. This has created a whole new field of recruitment for Scientology against American anti-Scientologists.

Similarly, in the OSA-dominated dimension, the more any critic publicly attacks Bob Minton, the less likely it is that any millionaire will ever again be as generous with critics as he was.

End Product - War Trash

More than a few Greenway players, sympathizers and freelancers have been named in these files, and, first and foremost, they should be given credit for the fine work they have done in exposing the cult. However, it is charactistic for those connected with the Greenway Theater Group to leave behind an undesired byproduct - war trash.

For a totalitarian group, showing any sort of sympathy for the enemy, including being taken prisoner, is an unforgivable crime. Sympathy for other beings is considered a disgrace to the group's ideology, proof that it is fallible. Therefore when soldiers of totalitarian regimes are taken prisoner by the enemy, they are reluctant to ever return. For if they do, they are not celebrated as heroes, but "tried" and jailed as criminals. They are "war trash." That is what the Greenway Theater Group did for the American who spent more of his own money than anyone else in history to fight the cult.

As it turns out, Minton likely was never a "prisoner" of anything but his own ignorance. His benefactors can ill afford to admit that neither the Lisa McPherson case nor the movie, "The Profit", were relatively unsubstantial. Both these efforts were funded primarily by Bob Minton, but even his money was not enough to bring down a worldwide intelligence service which has survived 50 years of adversity under the guise of a religion, and might do so for another half century. This can be attested to by dozens of others, including federal police and intelligence agencies, who have gone up against the cult only to discover an old-time propaganda and security agency dressed in modern guise.