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No sooner had the url to Willis Carto's documentation at http://www.lermanet2.com/cisar/carto/index.htm been posted last year to a.r.s. than certain critics began attacking, not Scientology, but Willis Carto and Arnie Lerma. These were not casual attacks. The attackers not only knowingly and openly attacked Carto and Lerma as neo-Nazis, but they shared Scientology's Office of Special Affairs methods and resources in doing so.

As far as was known at the time the Carto documentation was published, neither Arnie Lerma nor Willis Carto were neo-Nazis. Carto is a Revisionist. As the situation changes, Lermanet will cover it -- and will not neglect to include Scientology's operational connections as they become known*. The entire purpose of the Carto pages was to give detailed documentation of specific Scientology infiltration into the media. Why then did the critics who were uncomfortable with Lermanet exposing unethical Scientology behavior accuse fellow critics of being insane or "kooky" for the purpose of discrediting them?

Lermanet is not at all unprepared for this sort of reaction, as it is only normal -- from Scientologists. The fact that this attack came from critics would have come as more of a surprise, if not for the bitter attacks on Bob Minton a few years back. This is a duplicitous situation, in that all the people associated with attacks on Hartwig, Carto and Minton have done some wonderful work in exposing the cult. Lermanet intends to treat these attackers the same way Hartwig, Carto and Minton have at one time or another treated the Scientologists -- as equals. Accordingly, Lermanet hereby issues a challenge for anyone who would like to spend energy on researching neo-Nazi (ex-)Scientologists. Start here:

David Duke's right hand man,

In a report from the Southern Poverty Law Center (an excellent civil rights group), Stormfront was profiled as the first major hate site on the web. Founded by Don Block, the group is now headed by Jamie Kelso, a.k.a. Charles A. Lindbergh. Claims of more than 52,000 plus registered members are being touted.

is an ex-scientologist, sea org member, named Jamie Kelso

From the book "What Really Happened To The Class Of '65?", by Michael Medved & David Wallechinsky (New York: Random House, 1976).

Jamie Kelso: The Idealist

We had seen Jamie only once in the years since high school. During a brief visit to Los Angeles in the winter of 1971 we called his parents and learned that Jamie had joined the Church of Scientology. He was living communally with fifty other scientologists in a ramshackle house in downtown L.A. When we paid him a visit one cold night, we waited in the seedy entrance hall while Jamie's "commanding officer" summoned him from upstairs. The entire house seemed to be administered along military lines. Many of the young people who came bustling in and out the various doorways were dressed in freshly pressed sailor suits. Along the walls were numerous framed pictures of "the Commodore" -- L. Ron Hubbard, scientology's founder. Finally Jamie marched down the stairs, wearing thick rimless glasses and a confident smile. He led us into the dining hall, where we sat alone at a long table and talked for ten minutes. We learned that Jamie was part of the Sea Organization, or Sea Org, the elite corps of the scientology movement. Those lucky enough to qualify spent all their waking hours in missionary activity, in return for which room and board were provided by the movement. As part of his commitment, Jamie told us he had signed a "billion-year contract," binding himself in this and all future incarnations.

He spoke quickly and nervously, but the smile never left his face and the intense green eyes smoked and glittered behind his glasses. He toyed with the sugar bowl, spilling some of the sugar onto the table and forming it into little mounds between his fingers. He told us he was very happy, and that he wanted to share his happiness with his friends. He wanted us to leave him an address so that scientology literature could be sent to us in the mail, but we declined the offer. Our conversation had just about run out of steam when one of Jamie's superiors came into the dining hall and called our old friend back to "work detail" upstairs. We said goodbye and wished him well.

Four years later we tried to contact him again in the course of preparing this book. We assumed that the best way to do that was to call the Sea Org, since Jamie still had some time left to serve on his contract. But when we placed the call, the operator at the scientology switchboard had to transfer us to four different officers before we found one who admitted any knowledge of Jamie.

"That's a name we're not supposed to talk about," said the brisk, efficient voice at the other end of the line. "He ran away two years ago. He deceived us, won our confidence, and then he blew. If you succeed in locating him, I hope you'll give us his address."

We had no intention of reporting Jamie's whereabouts to the Church of Scientology, and we began our own quiet investigation.


He used to work at USLO in 1971 - aint that strange?


*From a feedback tip for which Lermanet is very thankful, the following information was uncovered:

Among those 42,000 Stormfront Members are Don Black, David Duke, Germar Rudolf, Dr. Edward Fields, Sam Dickson, Paul Fromm, Ron Doggett, Bob Whitaker, Juergen Graf, Stan Hess, Elena Haskins, Kevin Alfred Strom, and new Member Willis Carto. See you on Stormfront between now and Sunday, and see you in New Orleans on May 20-22,

James Kelso


For the record, Lermanet acquired the Carto files about one year before the above, which was dated January 2005.

Further research found sources dated 1958, 1963 and 2005:

Scientology has a history of sharing information with the right wing, i.e., Nazis, for the purpose of attacking common enemies. The Communist Party of the Soviet Union managed to exploit this mass fear by the early 1960s.

In 1963, Hubbard officially reprinted an article by Ralph de Toledano, "RUSS A-WAR PLAN ...", which is supposed to convey the impression of inside experts familiar enough with the concept of "Russian Atomic Warfare Plan" to abbreviate it. The first page follows. (Hubbard's own clumsy but still effective attempts at disinformation, "The Brainwashing Manual", are discussed next.)

Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex.


King Features Syndicate of New York very kindly gave us permission recently to reprint the following release of the book Soviet Military Strategy by Ralph de Toledano.
The present lull in the world situation is deceptive in inducing a leisurely sense of time.
Here is the release:

RUSS A-WAR PLAN W0ULD SMASH U.S. - SOVIET 'MEIN KAMPF' DETAILS BLUEPRINT FOR HOLOCAUST By Ralph de Toledano Copyright, 1962, King Features Syndicate, Inc.
A 450-page book; smuggled out of the Soviet Union, may jolt the American people out of the horse-and-buggy strategic thinking - that is, if the text is ever made public.
Written by Marshal Vasily D. Sokolovsky and 13 other senior officers of the Red army, it is "Mein Kampf" blueprint for burying the West in a nuclear holocaust.
The book, "Soviet Military Strategy", represents the U.S.S.R.'s official military position. Its major point is, that the Soviet Union must and will launch an all-out nuclear attack on the United States once it has superiority in the new weapons.
While the U.S.S.R. is in the process of seeking this lead, it will continue to operate behind a propaganda smokescreen - calling for "negotiation" with the West, the relaxation of tension, and an end to the cold war.
Whatever concessions the West makes, however, will make no difference. The only deterrent to war, according to the Soviet Union's top strategists, is American superiority in nuclear weapons and the vehicles to deliver them. If "negotiations" serves to lull the West, this is all to the good. But war, as soon as possible, is the fixed policy of the Soviet Union. This Soviet strategic manual is blunt about Soviet capabilities. Though Comrade Khrushchev has boasted that this country has anti-missile weapons which can "hit a fly in space," the manual frankly admits that this is false. "It is necessary", it states, "to create effective means" to destroy missiles and bombers in the air. When the Communists have created these "effective means", they will be that much readier to put their plans into operation.
Here are some of the key points in the Soviet nuclear war plan - now being secretly studied by the Central Intelligence Agency and the Pentagon's highest echelons:
1. A surprise attack by the West on the Soviet Union is still possible. Therefore "political" means must be used to prevent it.
The American concept of "strategic defense" - the "second Strike" thesis - is thoroughly repudiated as impossible against an enemy with a lead in nuclear armaments. Soviet strategists believe that victory can come only to the nation taking the offensive.
3. War can be won only by a "first strike" and through the "total Destruction" of the enemy. "Wars of liberation" merely serve political ends.
4. In taking the "decisive step" of starting a war,, the Soviet Union will throw most of its strength into the first blow.
5. The former Soviet doctrine which placed large land armies at the head of the list as most important has been cast aside. Major priority is now given to "strategic rocket troops."
6. All troops must be developed long before the attack signal is given. These forces must be dug in as close to the American heartland as possible so that they can be moved readily after the knockout blow.


The book "Soviet Military Strategy" was not written by Ralph de Toledano, as Hubbard erroneously stated, if his grammar is correct, but by Marshal Vasily D. Sokolovsky. There actually was such a book "smuggled" out of the Soviet Union, but what Mr. de Toledano failed to mention was the book was written in English, not Russian. It was never meant to be read by Russians, but by Americans. It was an example of Soviet disinformation whose purpose was to help incite hysteria in the USA. In this sense both Hubbard and de Toledano, while pretending to fight communism, were dupes of N. Krushchev, who officially led the Soviet Union.

In the 1950s, Scientology's Brainwashing Manual had been easily assimilated by this market of agitated nationalists. "Soviet Military Strategy" was Russian disinformation which purported to be official Soviet military strategy. Its purpose to mislead the "enemy," namely the American people who gave their support to the US government. Hubbard's Brainwashing Manual was Scientology disinformation, which purported to be a manual for Soviet psychological warfare. It combined a fear that already existed in the collective mind of Americans about Communist Soviet Russia with a fear for the "psychs," who Hubbard considered to be his enemy. On a strictly business level, psychiatrists and psychologists helped keep Hubbard from asserting a monopoly in the field of mental welfare. Hubbard used his literary skill to combine these two fears together in the word "psychopolitics". Hubbard also sought to exploit his enemy, the psychs, who had accused him of "brainwashing." He would use the lead they gave him and turn it around to give the public the impression that Scientology cured, not caused, brainwashing. Hubbard feigned self-confusion as he related that The Brainwashing Manual was supposed to be an English version of the German translation of Russian text.

The brainwashing manual which came into our possession so mysteriously is being released, not with any intent to unmock psychiatry, but as a necessary piece of information for auditors who are confronted with the problems of brainwashing. Some of these cases are now turning up, and unless the basic philosophy of the brainwasher is understood, they are more difficult to handle. [...]

Some of the mystery concerning the manuscript on brainwashing which came into our hands in Phoenix was resolved when it was discovered that a book called Psychopolitics (spelled with a K) is in the Library of Congress. It is in German. It was written by a man named Paul Fadkeller, and was published in Berlin in 1947. Although I may be misinformed, and I definitely do not read German, this book is probably the Russian translation.

-- HCO Operational Bulletin No. 8,
December 13, 1955

In an "insider" taped lecture which mentions the Brainwashing Manual, Hubbard later told staff that if one ever wanted to disclaim authorship of a text, all one had to do was to surreptitiously slip it under the front door of the org. Then one could honestly claim that it had been found slipped under the front door.

Journalists quickly saw through Hubbard's pretention, and "The Brainwashing Manual" was subsequently "recalled" by the Church of Scientology. Hubbard performed the "recall" in a manner so as to lead people to believe that he was engaged in secret government work. Despite the supposed recall, the book was still made available.

It is the friendly opinion of the government that the pamphlet giving forth the basic materials of brainwashing be circulated only amongst very trusted personnel in the organization and that it be withheld from general public release. You understand that this is not an official order on the part of the government, but the government appears to be very well satisfied with us and is only afraid, I suppose, of the commotion which would be caused by the broad and general release of the brain-washing booklet.

-- HCO Operational Bulletin No. 12,
January 10, 1956

In HCO Information Letter of November 24, 1963, "ESSENTIAL INFORMATION EVERY SCIENTOLOGIST SHOULD KNOW," Hubbard's office published a redefinition of "rightist" as one who believes in rights. This was to counteract Scientology's right wing political affiliations:

To correct certain misconceptions held by newspapers and areas of the public, the following information is released to assist Scientologists in correcting such ideas:



... [Scientology's] politics easily become those of freedom. In these days of huge bureaucracies a line of thought designated "Rightist" is growing up.

A rightist is defined "as one who believes in limiting bureaucracies and in the rights of the individual." Therefore Scientology whether it will or no gets classed as a "Rightist movement". It is listed in directories in the U.S. as one of the first 17 Rightist Movements of the U.S.

Almost makes being a "rightist" movement sound like an honor.

For a more detailed analysis on Hubbard's view of the master race, read Creed Pearson's "L Ron Hubbard The Racist", "How I Became Like a Nazi and How I Ceased to be One" at http://www.lermanet2.com/creed-pearson/index6.htm. The following is a sample of Hubbard's view of Black Africans. This may help explain how Hubbard came up with the derogatory term "cleared cannibal," which, like "wog," has not yet been completely purged from Scientology texts.

From PAB No. 119, 1st December 1957, "The Big Auditing Problem"

L Ron Hubbard:

"The South African native is probably the one impossible person to train in the entire world--he is probably impossible by any human standard."
"I'll give you an example."
"A South African native is being shown how to sow crops and he has a basket, and he's got some seed, and he's walking along back of the harrow disc--and he is supposed to throw seed out this way, seed out that way, seed out that way, seed out this way."
"A white man is riding a little tractor that's pulling the disc and scraping the soil for seed."
"And this scene was enacted and was witnessed and was told to me with considerable hilarity as some kind of learning rate."
"The white man was sitting on the little tractor pulling the harrow,"
"the native along behind him, sowing the seed straight down in handfuls on the ground. The white man got off the tractor, came back to the native, took the basket away from him, put his hand in the basket, threw it to the right, put his hand in the basket, threw it to the left, and gave it back to the native."
"And the native waited, the white man got on the tractor, drove along, and the native took a handful out of the basket and threw it straight on the ground."
"So the white man got off the tractor, came back, took the basket away from the native, showed the native, throw it to the right, throw it to the left, gave it back to the native, took him [sic] seat again on the tractor, the native followed along behind, took handsful and threw it straight on the ground!"
"And this went on for a very long time."
"The native never did throw any handsful of seed to the right and left."
"Never did."
"That is farming in South Africa."

In more recent research, Lermanet staff has found a February 22, 2005 link between the Stormfront White Nationalist Community forum at stormfront.org and what appears to be the web pages of past President of Scientology Germany Sepp Hasslberger at http://www.newmediaexplorer.org/sepp/epidemics.htm. This was as of November 11, 2005. (For Stormfront: although some of the Scientologists' material may seem sensible, see the details of what happened with Willis Carto and the IHR at http://www.lermanet2.com/cisar/carto/index.htm.) As of December, 2005, Hasslberger's anti-psych propaganda is also linked to from a Scientology/CCHR related page, http://www.psychsearch.net/links.html.