Scientology - Psychology as a Weapon

While discrimination has been the source of much suffering and hardship in the past, it is exploited as a manipulative tool by Scientology. When people in Germany turned to their politicians for protection from irregular business practices by Scientology, Scientology reacted with widespread accusations of hatred and discrimination against Germany.

Here are a couple of micro-fiche quality pictures from the New York Times. The picture above is from a full page Scientology advertisement in the New York Times on September 22, 1994. It shows Nazi soldiers carrying Nazi banners. Below is from page A19 of Thursday, October 6, 1994. It is from a full page advertisement which Scientology paid for and shows a book burning in Nazi Germany in the 1930's.

The reason Scientology gave for placing these advertisements was to show discrimination by the Germans against Scientologists. The advertisements contain false figures and outright lies and are considered an insult by Jews and Germans alike.

Nevertheless, Scientology continued its campaign of accusation against Germany, and is still actively trying to portray itself as a persecuted minority religion, however, its methods have gotten more devious.

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July 3, 1998
First came the Scientology "Six Week Marathon for Religious Freedom." It was announced that it started on June 25.
Six Week Marathon for Religious Freedom to be run across Europe (4k)
July 22, 1998
Anybody who disagreed with the Scientologists was accused of "discrimination."
Concert Denied in Innsbruck, Austria (4k)
Janicello Performs (a little) in Innsbruck Despite ban (2k)
August 10, 1998
The marathon ended with a demonstration in Frankfurt, Germany.
6,500 Protestors (2k)
Cynical Demonstration Locals react (1k)
August 17, 1998
A week later, a press release appeared on the internet which was dated six days earlier and which announced what appeared to be a coalition of minority religious leaders protesting against alleged discrimination in Germany.
Moslem Coalition (3k)
Moslem, Jews, Sikh, Unification and Scientology
August 26, 1998
Rev. Gandow of Berlin inquired to find out who Scientology has made a coalition with. He got his replies on September 2 and 14. The coalition was essentially a hoax.
Inquiry Letter (1k)
Replies to Inquiry (4k)


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