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Bob Minton is not a hero in the sense that he has swum the English Channel or has scored 100 points in a ball game. He is just a regular guy, doing regular things, but under some rather adverse conditions.

In a sense, he reminds me of the 4 year old girl who walked over to the house next door, picked up the phone, dialed the emergency number to the fire department (911) and gave the emergency operator her home address over the phone, thereby keeping her parents' house from burning down. It's nothing anybody else wouldn't do, but everybody is surprised that this particular person could do it under a given set of circumstances.

Bob Minton has and is surviving Scientology's mobile Hall of Mirrors. This is a system set up by the Scientology organization to frame each of its opponents into a warped perspective. These frames are individually tailored to each individual so as to create a sense of mental and emotional imbalance in how that person deals with his life, and with Scientology in particular. Despite the fact that Bob has walked into this maze of illusion, he has still managed to uphold certain characteristics which we hold dear:

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