From: "Koos Nolst Trenite"  (
To: Joe Cisar (,)
        Martin Ottmann (
Date: Mon, 6 Jul 1998 00:40:34 +2:00
Subject: "Command Intention" against Koos - Joe Cisar gets a hint  (RI-1069i)

                                                          5 July 1998

RI-1069i  '"Command Intention" against Koos - Joe Cisar gets a hint'

from Ambassador for Mankind

Message # RI-1069i for Internet

Joe Cisar, as most other posters to the newsgroup,
 is intentionally omitting
  the light-towers and radio-beacons
   from his charts,
  but he reports about the shoals (sandbanks, etc.)
   and about the wrecks under water.

In other words,
 he omits me, and
 he refuses also, entirely irrationally,
  to provide me with energy
   for the lights and beacons I put up or maintain.
  After all, I also locate the position
   of the enemy-cannons and their fire-power,
    and I neutralize them.

(I already removed the monster Miscavige, in 1994,
  DESPITE the enormous betrayal, once again, by L. Ron Hubbard.)

Joe Cisar, like many posters here,
 does not WANT to know
  who I am;
  not what I did;
  not what I am doing;
  not what I can do:

In this, he very strongly follows
 the Scientology Syndicate's "Command Intention"
  - by pretending to "not understand Koos",
    or to "not be able to understand Koos".
 Same as Ottmann and Voltz.
  Also good guys, but they are still following
   that part of the mafia's "Command Intention".

     [Definition of "Command Intention":
       'The intention of those in command',
         implying already that you are not in command,
          but have given over your self-determinism to those 'in command'.
       It is basically the language of criminals:
        They have to - if you care to know their basic motives -
         dominate or overwhelm others,
         and then trick or dominate others
          into admiring them, and, more or less in the same breath,
          into accepting their lies
           about others and about themselves as "truth",
         and then the criminal has "won".

       It is entirely a propaganda term,
        because the only intention of those TRULY in command, is
         to help and bring others
          to find and exercise and maintain
            their own self-determined goals,
            per RI-602i 'Definition of Power' of 20 June 1996
            and RI-1064i 'Ambassador for Mankind & Human Rights of 10 Dec 48'

Others who much more strongly and unknowingly
 follow the Scientology mafia's "Command Intention",
  are most of the FreeZoners,
   but I am very slowly prying them loose
    from their enslavement,
    their following Hubbard's "Command Intention".
 After all,
  they are in the 'FreeZone' to BECOME free of
   L. Ron Hubbard's and Richard Reiss' extreme past evil on them.

(see RI-917i 'Hubbard slaves do NOT WANT to know truth, but are fascistic'

I am slowly getting them away from
 "admiring L. Ron Hubbard"
   (they have been Implanted by L. Ron Hubbard and by Richard Reiss
     in their past lives and deaths, for instance in Ancient Egypt)
I am slowing getting them back to
 what they actually came to Scientology for
  and what they actually want:

        Restoring Human Rights and
         ACTUAL freedom and
         ACTUAL care for others.

 (see RI-1064i 'Ambassador for Mankind and Human Rights of 10 Dec 1948 (UNO)'  

The ORIGINAL purpose for Dianetics and Scientology was,
 that L. Ron Hubbard reverses and starts to undo
  the unimaginable evil and suffering
   he has inflicted, by spiritual means mainly,
    upon Mankind in the past.

Now, their "Command Intention" is
  Richard Reiss(*)
   who ALWAYS has opposed Mankind, since very, very long,
 and he does so now
  with the help of L. Ron Hubbard, again,
   who reverted back
    to opposing Mankind to the fullest (and he reverted
    to opposing his own good intentions again).

Freya and I were Auditing(**) Richard Reiss
  in Joe Cisar's afternoon (East American time zone),
 and I was facing somewhat forcefully this subject
  in the (his time zone's) morning.

We Audited(**) people on it, yesterday,
 we did the process called O.S.L.O.(***),
  on Richard Reiss.

(So, as a result,
  Joe Cisar experienced relief and understanding,
   and he wrote the enclosure, below).

The Scientology Syndicate's "Command Intention"
 is created now
  by Richard Reiss
   at the Scientology Technical Headquarters,
    in Clearwater, near Tampa, Florida.

It is amplified enormously
 by the staff there
   (several hundreds of intentionally unpaid and trapped Sea Org staff),
  who act as a kind of spiritual zombies,
   having to "listen to" and follow "Command Intention":

It IS really that 'scary' as you see in some movies.

But NONE of them are aware
 that it is the person RICHARD REISS
  who is creating the "Command Intention".
 Richard Reiss hides that HE, Reiss himself,
  creates (formulates and starts the "Command Intention"), and
  maintains it forcefully,
   with L. Ron Hubbard's Black Magic impersonations and tricks
    to stimulate the bad, the very evil in people.

The staff only think it is
 "just Command Intention", coming from 'higher up':
   It "MUST be a good intention".

But Joe Cisar's, and Arnie Lerma's,
 and a whole bunch of others'
    to understand me or
    to even see and acknowledge
     that I exist and am being myself and
     that I DO face these things for them, for Mankind,
 their refusal
  IS them following
   part of that "Command Intention":

    They receive Richard Reiss' and L. Ron Hubbard's intention,
      as all people do;
      to a greater or lesser extent,
      to the extent it hits their agreements in some way,
       they follow this "Command Intention"
       - created very forcefully by Richard Reiss with L. Ron Hubbard
          and amplified further by these zombies
            (by Sea Org staff, by non-Sea Org staff,
             by John Travolta, by Kirsti Allie, by Lisa-Marie Presley,
             by Isaac Hayes, by other Scientology-zombies),
          as a forceful Black Magic.

I think you already do know something about
 what Richard Reiss and L. Ron Hubbard
  intend for ME,
  and intend for others to do to ME.

They are simply spiritual murderers
 without ANY conscience or shame,
 without ANY respect for any life,
  including for their own sanity or life:
    "They live, and anybody does live anyway
      forever, so why be decent?"
 That is how extremely degraded
  these individuals are, and almost always have been,
   unless I forced them to be decent for a short while.

And why do they so heavily target ME,
 since 1976, since I broke somewhat free
  from their unexpected return to evil, in 1965?
    Never thought of that, or have you?

"Command Intention":
   "Don't look at who Koos is."
   "Don't read Koos."
   "Don't contribute to Koos."
   "Hate Koos." "Stop him at all cost."
   "Don't look at why we (Hubbard and Reiss) hate ourselves."
   "Don't look at why we do everything possible
     to destroy the very best people."

(You have seen people - by actual evidence -
  pick that up and post it under their own name,
   as if it is their OWN thought,
    and you have seen them act upon it.)

This is all the
 "dead-file-Koos" stuff and the
 "Don't-believe-in-his-telepathy" stuff or the
 "Don't-believe-in-his-past-lives" stuff
   that Cisar, Voltz, Ottmann, and most 'FreeZoners'
     for them in fact following part of that "Command Intention".

I have posted very extensively
 about the motives, actions, past and present
  and the intentions of Richard Reiss;

 but they follow his "Command Intention"
  to not read even what I posted about that;

 and they follow his "Command Intention"
  to not want to look at me, at who I am;

 they follow their (Reiss' and Hubbard's) "Command Intention"
  to say that they are not able to look at me,
   or that I am not ME,
   but that I am like evil Reiss or like evil Hubbard;

 they follow the "Command Intention"
  to say that "nobody can look and see
   from whom an intention actually comes",
    and so
     "The good intentions don't come from Koos,
       but from Hubbard, or even from Reiss",
     "Your hate for Koos is not induced in you by them
       but originates from within yourselves".
   (see RI-Bulletins on 'Black Magic')

 (Ask Freya or Jutta, they know all about it,
   and they wrote it down for you to read.
     Jutta succumbed to it.
     I managed to save Freya's life in a months-long spiritual battle.)

Your 'Netnanny' or 'Cyberpatrol'
  (censorship software against free knowledge)
 is already heavily installed in your mind!
  Yet you, Cisar, Lerma, Voltz, Ottmann, and others
   shout about Freedom, about the Liberty-tree.

Of course, you can only SEE me by looking.
 I published a photo of me recently
 and suddenly, lots of people
  - who did take the effort to look at the photo -
  saw some of ME, of MY actual intentions.

And, this LOOKING at people, and at their intentions,
 happens to be a telepathic action,
  only telepathically possible.

And it can easily be destroyed or deceived
 by Black Magic,
   especially without a photo.
    (You can actually see your own current sanity
      by looking at my photo.
       Just like by looking at the Mona Lisa.)

But Joe Cisar wants to be that "free"
 that he does not want to know any of that, it seems.

Joe Cisar (and the others)
 wants to be that "free"
  that he does not want to know
    WHO spiritually imprisons people and how,
    nor WHO imprisoned him, and how.
  He does not want to know
    WHO makes people free, and how.
  And he does not want to know
    how to make himself and others free.

That's not very free, Joe,
 and Martin, and Tom, and Arnie.

That's why Joe Cisar (and the others)
 does not mention me,
  nor the light-towers or beacons,
  nor the locations and fire-power,
   that I am reporting and slowly dismantling
    of the enemies of Mankind.

But we freed Joe up somewhat anyway, yesterday, with our Auditing(**).
 After all he is a spiritual being.

For the rest,
 I think Joe Cisar did a good and nice job on his Web-pages,
    even though Joe Cisar denies my existence
     and does so follow Reiss' "Command Intention",
   is definitely worth having on the web

Koos Nolst Trenite - Ambassador for Mankind

Copyright 1998 by Koos Nolst Trenite

(*) On Richard Reiss, see
      RI-1031i 'The Devil does exist, as Reiss (Scientology Syndicate)'

(**) For definition of Auditing, see
       RI-568i 'Correct and Joyful Confessional Procedure - IV' 14 June 97

(***) On the process 'O.S.L.O.', see
        RI-1056i 'Operating Spiritually, Level One (OSLO) - The 

Koos Nolst Trenite - Ambassador for Mankind

Copyright 1998 by Koos Nolst Trenite


Joe Cisar ( wrote,
 on 4 July 1998, 18:09:57 -0400,
 with subject-title "Command Intention = god":

       "[The Syndicate of] Scientology has a god.  It is
        called various things:  Command Intention, Ethics Presence,
        Tone 40.  Russell Miller [by analyzing the Syndicate
        of Scientology] termed it 'My will be done'.

       "The Scientology [mafia's] god is all powerful.
        That means it holds the power of life and death
        over this and all universes, and everyone and
        everything in them.  It is at cause over everything
        real and imaginary.  It can cause everything to
        disappear.  It can create something today, and give
        its new creation an age that makes it older than
        anything in this universe.

       "This god was created by L. Ron Hubbard.  Just
        because it is a synthetic god does not mean that it
        is not real.

       "'god' appeared to L. Ron Hubbard in a drug dream
        he had while on nitrous oxide.  Hubbard was brought
        to heaven, where he was shown all the knowledge in
        the universe.  Hubbard was appointed keeper of all

           [This is a parody on the very valid concept
             of an Engram (subconscious commands).
               But Hubbard omitted to state that
                HE was the one who had done nothing BUT
                 giving people ENGRAMS, intentionally,
                  in order to lame them, make them unaware,
                   or to drive them viciously, violently insane.
               Hubbard did that,
                for instance, with Richard Reiss
                 in their past lives in Ancient Egypt.
            (Note by Koos)]

       "Scientology - 'knowing how to know'.

           [That's an intentional misunderstanding by Joe Cisar.
             The fact is, that
              by using the basic tools of Dianetics and Scientology,
               you can find out the truth also about L. Ron Hubbard.
            (Note by Koos)]

       "This knowledge, which is safeguarded with
        copyrights, etc., is to be applied for one
        purpose, and one purpose only.  There are no other
        true purposes.  (Everything else is outlawed by
        Scientology, i.e., cross-purposes and
        counter-intentions.) The one true purpose is that
        the Scientology god must SURVIVE.

           [This is also an intentional perversion by Joe Cisar,
             of the word SURVIVE.
            The intention to bring about survival for everyone,
             IS sanity.  (Note by Koos)]

       "Scientologists must push power to their POWER.
        POWER is the SOURCE, the CAUSE, the god.

       "Nobody would care about Ron's drug dream
           [Joe Cisar does not come (that far) to find out
             what is not,
             and what IS a drug-dream of L. Ron Hubbard.  (Note by Koos)]
        if he had dreamt up a benevolent god.
        Unfortunately, that was not the case.  The
        Scientology god is not good, so he has to be

       "Joe Cisar

       "German Scientology News -

       "Two Lies [enforced on Scientology staff]:
         Billion Year Contract, 'Freeloader's Debt'"

[End of Enclosure]

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