12-30-03 Germany - Nazi rock group sentenced in Germany [more]
12-18-03 Berlin - former SED CC secretary Egon Krenz released early from prison [more]
12-11-03 USA/Europe - Two kinds of religious freedom [more]
11-22-03 Opponents of Acknowledgement Law used mysterious letter from Scientology [more]
10-13-03 Hugo Stamm describes the mechanisms of a cult in "Tod im Tempel" [more]
10-30-03 Hitler was zombified [more]
10-15-03 The man who stayed with Hitler until his final day in 1945 passed away [more]
10-15-03 Nazi dog appears in Germany [more]
9-19-03 Ostalgia: Berlin wall may be restored by 2006 [more]
9-9-03 Leni Riefenstahl, oldest film producer on the planet, dies in Germany at age 101 [more]
8-21-03 Hitler told his teacher, "I tried with all my might! I can inspire thousands of people!" [more]
8-18-03 In the little town of Bunzidel, German ultrarightwingers celebrated the 16th anniversay of the day Rudolf Hess died [more]
July 8, 2003 Suicide as a solution to psychic death Berlin
June 23, 2003 A War of words with Mormons in Germany
June 3, 2003 "Free Mind" for Sale - new magazine in Germany
April 24, 2003 Alternative medicine gaining ground at expense of taxpayers - Germany
March 11, 2003 The Internet as a Cult - Internet addiction
February 3, 2003 Tax Exemption for Scientology in Germany? Criticizing Disinformation
February 17, 2003 Short summary of Bavarian study on Scientology Germany, Munich
January 21, 2003 Der Tagesspiegel How Scientology counteracts information Germany, Berlin
January 21, 2003 Scientology gets TRO on Caberta Germany, Hamburg
January 17, 2003 Overreaction to cult hysteria discouraged Dortmund, Germany
January 15, 2003 Dialog Scientology Religious freedom: Bluff or Right? Germany, Berlin
December 30, 2002 fr Leipzig Human Rights award winner Germany, Frankfurt
December 7, 2002 Memorial Services for Lisa McPherson
November 19, 2002 The Psycho-Swamp and its victims
20021101 afp Information and Disinformation Germany, Erfurt
1978 government report Narconon evaluated Berlin, Germany
1980 Aerztekammer Medical malpractice reinvented as religion Berlin, Germany
20021019 ta Hugo Stamm reports on Scientology study Germany, Munich
20021013 ard 9-11, Scientology can handle that Germany, Frankfurt
20021013 ddp World's most comprehensive study on Scientology Germany, Munich
20020907 stuttgart ztg Recruiting with Volunteer Ministers Germany, Stuttgart
20020823 unofficial VMs change floods into money Germany, Berlin

Scientology's Involuntary Minister Henry Randmark - Criminal past haunts cult collaborator Hamburg, Germany, March, 2002

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