2. Presentation of the findings on the actual indicators for anti-constitutional endeavors by the SO

More clearly than the above described actual findings of the Constitutional authorities on the basic structures and individual areas of the SO, the political-ideological program of the SO, as continues to be found in its numerous real-life publications, offers indications for endeavors by the organization against the concepts protected by P. 4 Abs. 2 Buchst. a-g BVerfSchG.

Several prominent real examples will be presented in the following.

For reasons of compatibility, this information essentially follows the format of section III of the "Final Report of 1997."

2.1 The Program

The program of the SO, in regard to its continuously propagated unalterability, is of considerable significance in the evaluation of the SO's effort against liberal democratic basic order. From this, evidence can be derived from the objectives of the SO which demonstrates its intention of achieving its goals combative-aggressively.

2.1.1 Program Statements of SO Founder L. Ron Hubbard and their Unalterability

In his foundational book, "Dianetics," (first appeared on May 9, 1950) the founder of the SO, L. Ron Hubbard, was already making references to the political objectives of his teachings. The propounded teachings of Dianetics were to extend to "... various ... sociological, political, [and] military ..." areas.

Dianetics was said to encompass many branches of science, such as "... Political Dianetics,which embraces the field of group activity and organization to establish the optimum conditions and processes of leadership and inter-group relations ...

Hubbard's program statements are forever unalterable and valid for Scientologists, the Scientology organization and especially for its sub-organizations, such as individual "churches" in Germany and the "International Association of Scientologists" (IAS). In a promotional brochure from 1998, the IAS described its organizational purpose:

"... to unite, to promote, to support and to protect the Scientology religion and Scientologists in all parts of the world so that the goals of Scientology, as set forth by L. Ron Hubbard, are attained ...".

In the work, "Introduction to Scientology Ethics," there is a reference that the "Hubbard Communication Office Policy Letters" (HCOPL) signed by Hubbard himself <"... are permanently valid issues on organization and administration technology, regardless of date or age ...">.

In a publication of the Church of Scientology International (CSI) from 1982, it says:

"...No one except LRH may cancel his issues...No one except LRH can revise his issues...".

Along with that, "the Code of a Scientologist" says "to insist on standard, unaltered Scientology ...".

According to a more recent SO publication, an establishment of the Scientology organization, the Religious Technology Center (RTC), with its main office in Los Angeles (USA), as owner of the rights to the marks of the organization, "guarantees the purity of the religion and its writings...". In doing this the RTC "recently" compared all writings authored by Hubbard on "Dianetics" and "Scientology" which have been recently published "word for word with the original manuscripts...". It is said to be "... a fundamental standpoint of Scientologists that, when the practices are applied precisely as they are described, they are universally practical and ... lead to an increased spiritual awareness and increased abilities for all ...".

The Scientology organization in Germany professes, in its more recent publications, to carry out these rules expressly for the person and political program of its founder. Since the decision of the presiding State Interior Ministers and Senators Conference of June 5/6, 1997, to put the organization under surveillance, it continues to distribute newer editions of its books and to publish its works without restrictions in its actual writings. Besides that, in the course of surveillance older writings were found with programmatic statements which apparently continue to be used, in part, by the German SO.

2.1.2 Programmatic SO Statements which show intent to combatively-aggressively realize its goals

The SO is basically directed to obtain its goals combatively-aggressively. In an "HCO POLICY LETTER OF 16 FEBRUARY 1969, in which the alleged past, passive "defense" from supposed attacks were declared to be insufficient and in which instructions for combative-aggressive procedures against "enemies" in the SO sense are given, it says:

"... Experience has shown that defense is only effective when one sorties or attacks."

"When we did not give a lot of time and energy and funds to knocking out real enemies we came close to losing the lot. "

"The errors we have made have been

1. Defending only. ...

9. Failing to identify the enemy early and hit him hard...."

"...The vital targets on which we must invest most of our time are: ... Depopularizing the enemy to a point of total obliteration...."

"...Our only justification for doing these things is that Scientology is the only game where everyone wins. ...".

During the course of surveillance, programmatic statements contained in SO literature have come to light which prove an adherence to this fundamental arrangement.

For instance, the above-mentioned IAS promotional brochure, which, according to a statement by the SO, is supposed to have been in use up until the end of February, 1998, contains a section with an application form for membership in this SO sub-organization. The section is introduced with passages which obligate the future member to combative-aggressive conduct:

"... I am aware that the Association has the goal to ... promote, to support and to protect the Scientology religion, so that the goals of Scientology, as set up by L. Ron Hubbard, will be realized. I support the destruction of all groups or organizations which have the purpose ... of stopping ... the application of Scientology technology...
I vow to follow the rules, codes and policies of Scientology ... ".

Also, in the 75/1997 edition of the IAS magazine "Impact", combative-aggressive procedures were reported: the IAS described its activity for the SO in the article "The Goals of the IAS for 1998" as a "crusade" which one intended "to march through."

Besides that, in November, 1997, in a "church" of the SO in Germany, an "HCO Policy Letter of 11 May 1971" was observed as an actual training document.

The document includes instructions for Scientologists to destroy the reputation of persons and groups by "BLACK PROPAGANDA." Additionally it contains instructions of how to proceed in case of major resistance to the accomplishment of the goals of the SO:

<"...If money and power reign and opinion leaders are not respected, if special privileges have crept into management or into the government, PR protests, strikes and demonstrations are the instrument one uses. If that does not function or if they are suppressed, subversive operations will occur, general intelligence operations, Black Propaganda and other evil things ...".

2.2 Actual Anti-Constitutional Operations of the SO

Since the decision of the State Conference of the Interior Ministers and Senators of June 5/6, 1997, the SO has published a large number of texts which contain actual evidence for the goal of the organization to influence or remove principles of liberal democratic basic order brought about by Basic Law in human rights, the legality of the administration and the independence of the courts.
Besides that there are other, older writings which also have this goal, thereby demonstrating the continuity of the actual program.

An example became known in summer of 1997 which had appeared in 1990, the text "New Civilization - Reference Pack." It contains passages with actual evidence that the SO wants to do away with the existing form of government and replace it with one of its own:

The goal of the SO is, according to this text "a new civilization." In order to obtain this, Scientologists are supposed to perform actions including "... creating a conspiracy by which the power factor always expands more and more. (Ref.: Power Formula)...".

Along those lines, the publication contains a chapter entitled "Realization Department 18 C - Department of Success." In that is found a description of the organizational units of the SO which bear names such as "Section for the Programming of the Public" and "Political Activities In Charge."

The names alone indicate that the above organizational units have the mission of carrying out the anti-Constitutional political goals of the SO. The systematic positioning of the chapters in the publication is an indication of the above described missions of the organizational units. First the publication names the political goal of creating a new civilization. Following that, it presents the Hubbard writings which are meant to be considered in the attainment of the goal. At the end of the text, establishments are named which are supposed to be set up in order to obtain the fixed goals.

2.2.1 Planned hate campaigns against representatives of the
Federal Republic of Germany and SO's continuous
public disparagement of its constitutional organs

The Federal Constitutional Court, in its decisions on the anti-Constitutionality of the "Socialistic Reich Party" (SRP) and the "Communist Party of Germany" (KPD), viewed the regularly planned hate campaigns of these parties against representatives of the Federal Republic of Germany by affront, accusation and slander as well as the continuous disparagement of Constitutional order as proof of intention to permanently do away with the liberal democratic basic order of Basic Law.

For some years the SO has disparaged, affronted and slandered representatives of the Federal Republic of Germany. Along with that, disparagements have also been directed against Constitutional order in Germany itself; it has been - similar to the propaganda of the former KPD - put on the same level with that of National Socialist Germany.

The overall style of this propaganda indicates that the SO intends to bring about its goals combative-aggressively.

Since the begin of the surveillance by the Constitutional Security authorities the following public statements have been made. Equating today's Germany with the National Socialistic Regime.

In one edition of the SO magazine "Freiheit" from 1997, which was observed during this reporting period, the American Professor Emeritus for Political Science at the University of Chicago, Morton A. Kaplan, was quoted without comment in the article "TIME TO DECIDE, The Disregard for Human Rights as a Serious Threat to Democracy" as follows:

"... this hateful situation brings shame on the newly united Germany. Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl, for whom I have otherwise always had great respect, should be ashamed of himself because he has undertaken nothing to take firm measures against the Nazis in his own party who want to deny humanity to other people ...".

In other places in the article, similar statements by the "recognized Israeli Holocaust expert" Tal Pechner about the Enquete Commission of the German Federal Assembly's "So-Called Sects and Psycho-groups" were presented:

"... the concern (can) have clear historic parallels ... The creation of official lists of minority religions and ethnic groups was carried out by the National Socialist regime, and this led to an official ban of the Seventh Day Adventists, the Baha'i Religion, Christian Scientists, the Antroposophs and the Theological Society...".

Using the same objectives, the article cites excerpts from the 1997 book "Freedom of Religion and Belief" by two staff members of the University of Essex (GB):

"... In Germany, democracy is used as an ideology in order to enforce conformity. It was disturbing to find that the state and several of its politicians ... help themselves to precisely that which we only know too well from the past as the well-worn path to discrimination and intolerance, even against a new religious minority: the Scientologists...".

The equating to National Socialist Germany was even more clear in the same edition of "Freiheit," in the article "NAME ME ONE SINGLE HUMAN RIGHTS DEFENSE... Thoughts and Facts about the Discrimination which 'do not exist' in the Federal Republic.":

"... In the event someone ... equates statements with totalitarian measures of the past, of course the same people (i.e., the German politicians; comment by the author) are outraged again. But to what should one otherwise compare such discrimination? ... such as was recently committed by ... Labor Minister Bluem? In December of the past year all labor offices were instructed to announce compliance by having marked all companies, 'which belong to the Scientology organization' with a special 'S' symbol... the 'S' symbol is nothing less than an electronic Jewish star ...".

Again, in the same edition of "Freiheit," an article "Discrimination in Germany," statements made on June 3, 1997 in Bonn by Lord Duncan McNair, Member of the British Upper House, were cited on the occasion of the publication of a report of "... the Special Committee on the Investigation of Discrimination of religious and ethnic Minorities in Germany ...":

<"...The circumstance of millions of marks and thousands of work hours flowing into a campaign of the government against minority religions surprises us ... these are signs of an arrogance and vehemence against minority rights, which in the history of German governments have not only once been put on display ... As a result of the so-called 'sects information instruction" in schools, children are alienated from their classmates in schools. ... Companies who have dependents in minority religions are boycotted, their customers are intimidated by media campaigns. ...The federal administration creates an atmosphere of hostility and intolerance against members of minority religions which causes many of these members to leave their homeland and build a new existence for themselves in other countries...">

"... Lord McNair ... reported of violent attacks, arson ..., bomb threats, alienating treatment through denial of membership in social and political groups as well as loss of work position on the basis of religious affiliation and even murder ...".

The same tendency to equivocate using the National Socialist regime was also revealed in the article "Charismatic Churches in Germany view themselves put out by persecution and threats of violence," which reprinted material from the American magazine "Charisma & Christian Life" with no comment in the above named "Freiheit," and which involved alleged persecution of charismatic churches in Germany. That stated:

"... These days everything operates somewhat more subtly than it did at the end of the Second World War. ... But one continues to feel the same suppression, the same control. The German concept endures: 'If you are not as we are, we'll erase you'. ...Someone who stands up for his beliefs is regarded by the government as suspicious. ... They use methods to outlaw us, to ban us, to expel us, to slander us. If one speaks of salvation, of redemption, of perpetual life, about a God who is there, who is strong and intervenes, then that does not fit in the situation here ... Germany was, in the past, a source of poison...". Distorted presentation of Germany as a police
state in an edition of "Freedom" ["Freiheit"]
in 1998

The edition of "Freiheit" which appeared at the beginning of 1998 contained articles which made visible the endeavors of the SO to spread judgments as to value and facts which are meant to result in the culpability of the existing Constitutional order in Germany. Germany was described as a police state which systematically suppresses the practice of religion.

In the article "About the Unfreedom of Freedom: Berlin and the Consequences", was the following:

"...Anyone in Germany, so it is asserted, can freely select and practice his own belief.
Religious freedom? Yes. - but woe to him who claims this basic freedom.
A 'basic freedom' which, when claimed, can, and often does, regularly cost one his career, his good reputation, social contacts and much more does not deserve this ... name."

"...The price for the hysterical and despicable drive against sects is large. It is ... the constitutional state itself ... those responsible ...are those ... who bend it to the limits and finally break it...".

In the article "'Cleansing' the Art World? Discrimination forces German artist to Emigration", the painter and Scientologist, Carl-W. Roehrig, who, according to the article, had to flee to the USA and to Denmark because of alleged persecution, was quoted in this context as follows:

"... The hate propaganda against my religion and its members in Germany is bad. ...The goal is to drive Scientologists and members of other philosophical minorities out of the country and out of their careers. If one has no money, one is not heard and cannot defend oneself... In parts of German politics, one doesn't even hesitate to call a boycott against internationally known artists and stars...".

Finally, the SO published, under the title "Religious Apartheid: 1997/Part 2 - Report on the continuing suppression of basic rights of religious minorities by German authorities and government offices", a text which contained findings of fact which were supposed to lead to a conclusion of systematic state suppression of Scientologists in Germany. The text included:

"...there can be no doubt that German Scientologists are systematically robbed of their basic rights and are being degraded to second class citizens - solely because of their belief and their religious affiliation. In doing this, the German federal administration is violating binding human rights agreements and is directly responsible for the emergence and continuing advancement of a climate of intolerance against Scientologists and members of other minority religions..."

"...Scientologists continue to be alienated and deprived of their rights in Germany only because of their beliefs. All over the Federal Republic systematic measures are being taken - as expressed by a spokesman for the Youth Union - 'to drive' Scientologists out of society..."

"... in August, 1996, the Bavarian State administration announced the continuation of an existing 'list of measures', which includes hindering and banning members of the Scientology church from access to civil service and the exclusion of Scientologists from bid for pubic contracts. ... This kind of statement gives the German public a presumably uncontestable political message. An illegal policy of excluding Scientologists has been 'officially' initiated, or at least sanctioned. This policy equates to a federally licensed 'religious Apartheid', whose existence is proven by numerous cases of human rights violations..."

"... The leading role in the nation and states in the isolation and alienation of Scientologists, primarily by means of the procedure of putting anybody who has a connection to Scientology on a 'black list' and economically boycotting them, has been made clear by the signers of the decision of the presiding Conference of Interior Ministers and Senators of the States of December 15, 1995..."

"... The freedom of an artist to artistically exchange and communicate his visions without state interference belongs to the most important basic freedoms and to the fundaments of human rights. Nevertheless, the federal government maintains the policy of putting artists who are Scientologists on 'black lists' - a blatant violation of these human and basic rights ... Under these circumstances, the support of the international community is necessary to prevent similar suppression of artists based on their religious affiliations..."

"... In a blatant manner the Bavarian state government violates the unrestricted principle of tolerance and of the ban on discrimination in the educational body. In the setting of a state propaganda campaign against the Scientology Church the Bavarian state administration has initiated an 'information campaign' in all Bavarian schools ...This campaign, in fact, is nothing other that the systematic execution of an indoctrination program...

"... It is not surprising that the frothing hysteria against Scientologists at the end of a 20 year long propaganda campaign by the federal government is a campaign which is in stark contrast to the requirements of Article 20 of the International Pact for Civil and Political Rights. This article prohibits any allowance for hate against religion that drive one to "discrimination, hostility or violence." On the basis of this political hate propaganda, however, bomb threats, murder threats and violent acts continue to be initiated against Scientologists - all because of their belief..."

"...Without question, systematic and serious human rights violations against Scientologists are wide spread. They are robbed of fundamental rights because of their beliefs - with agreement and encouragement on the side of the federal and state government...". Systematically demeaning the Federal Republic of Germany
through disparaging propaganda on the internet

The SO set up a page on the internet (Dec. 16, 1997/ unchanged on Aug. 21, 1998) in English under the heading "About Scientology Hatewatch - The Home Page HATEWATCH GERMANY: 1997", which contains links to other English language pages on the world wide web. On the pages are found information about the alleged discrimination against the Scientologists in Germany through forced, despotic measures which especially compare to the National Socialistic Jewish persecution.

"...On January 9, 1997, an Open Letter to Chancellor Helmut Kohl, signed by 34 entertainment personalities was published in the International Herald Tribune. The Open Letter strongly condemned discrimination and harassment directed against Scientologists in Germany. ..Mr. Kohl stated that those who had written the letter 'didn't know what was going on in Germany...' ...While Mr. Kohl doesn't like comparisons to the 1930's, it's difficult to ignore the parallels. ...Propaganda Minister Goebbels called complaints of Jewish persecution, 'Atrocity tales with no foundation'..."

"...'The German government has chosen to use the classic methods of the fascist state against a bona fide religion in preference to facts, evidence, democratic principles and international human rights convenants which Germany has ratified' said Rev. Heber Jentzsch, President of the Church of Scientology International..."

"...Jentzsch contrasted German unfavorably with Switzerland, which announced today that it has found no legal basis for surveillannce of Scientologists. 'The difference between Switzerland and Germany is that between a democratic country and a sham democracy that operates like a police state,' he said...".

Equating today's Germany with the National Socialist tyranny occurs on other Internet pages under the "HATEWATCH GERMANY 1997" column in the placement of National Socialist statements on Jews side-by-side with warnings by today's politicians about the SO.

Examples of this are the following quotations:

"...It is a fact that the Jews had been tolerated by other nations only because they pretended to be a 'religious community.' - Der Stürmer, 1940 (The Stormtrooper)..." "...Scientology...wants to spread its... ideology all over the world under the guise of being a religion...- Norbert Bluem, Federal Minister of Labor, May 1995"
"...The striving of the Jewish people for world domination. Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf..." "...Scientology is striving for world domination. - Claudia Nolte, Minister for Youth and Family Affairs, April 1996..."
"...The treatment we give the Jews does them no wrong. They have more than deserved it. - Joseph Goebbels, Reichsminister of Propaganda, November 1941..." "...I am referring to the world-wide campaigns by Scientology. We must not show them any mercy. - Norbert Bluem, Federal Minister of Labor, May 1995"
"...'Jews are denied the right to hold public office or civil service positions.'" - Reichsminister of Interior Frick, 1933, Reichsgesetzblatt, page 277...""...'Membership in the Scientology Organization is not compatible with service in the public sector..." - Johannes Gerster, CDU Party spokesman, June 1996..."
"...In Canstatt in Württemberg, the Jew Fritz Rosenfelder recently was kicked out of the local Gymnastics Association. This is such a matter of course that one actually doesn't need to talk about it. Jews are Jews and therefore they simply don't belong to the German Gymnastics Association. Der Stürmer (The Stormtrooper), July 1933..." "...Herbert Rech, member of the State Parliament of the CDU from Bad Schoernborn, now warns about an infiltration of the sports clubs by Scientologists...The sports clubs in the district of Karlsruhe should include an incompatibility clause into their statutes, which excludes membership in Scientology... - Badische Neueste Nachrichten, May 5, 1996..." Disparagement of politicians in "Freiheit"

Besides the equivocation with the National Socialist tyranny, the SO has made continuous attempts during this reporting interval to promote the abolition of the liberal democratic basic order in Germany through its disparagement of the politicians who publicly advocated government surveillance of the organization. In a special edition of "Freiheit" which was seen in December, 1997, politicians were the target of these kind of attacks. The propaganda of the SO disparages them, for example, as lawbreakers and criminals for whom the existing Constitutional order typically enables such conduct for politicians.

The SO statements reveal the tendency to violently shake the confidence in the representatives and the Constitutional order of Germany from the ground up so that liberal democratic basic order appears to be questionable on the whole or to be deserving of being abolished.

That becomes clear in other places in "Freiheit"; the SO ascribes the alleged defects in the conduct of the politicians not to their person, but to a political system which needs to be abolished, and which they see as the source of their unjustified treatment: they [the politicians] are said to be, "by trade, already accustomed to lying and cheating and deceiving the public...".

2.2.2 Establishment of the Scientology Society

The IAS magazine "Impact" contains in its 74/1997 edition, under the title "THE TIMES MUST CHANGE", an article by Hubbard from 1966. The text gives factual evidence of the SO goal to effect political changes:

<"In the event that fundamental changes are not made in human civilization, as it stumbles ahead forward today, there will not be people around much longer, and none of us will survive..."

"... The times must change. As a culture, we are on the brink of destruction ..."

"... Humanity is sick, and the nations are going crazy. The actions of certain nations would not be tolerated by individual people for one second..."

"... We are the only group on the planet which actually has a workable solution. It is time that we become aware of this fact and use this solution, every single one of us...".

"... We have the answer - and we are applying it..."

"... We need not allow any sort of repression from governments, campaigns by incompetent 'healers' who, themselves, have already failed ... to stand in our way..."

"... The times have to change. And we, the Scientologists, are the one who will change them...".>

Along with that, the so-called "Commanding Officer" of the OSA, Michael Rinder, wrote an article in an edition of the OSA magazine "Winning!" in 1997 under the title "FINAL VICTORY IN ARM'S REACH." In that, Rinder described the goal of the SO as a "saved civilization"; the goal was said to be able "to be reached in a relatively short time...".

Also the "Security brochure" by the SO European Central in Copenhagen (Continental Liaison Office - CLO), published in reaction to a search and seizure by the state district attorney's office, contains passages which refer to the SO political goal of establishing a society worldwide according to their own concepts:

"... Inside as well as outside of Scientology, one finds oneself in the line of fire. This hopeless confusion out there, this misguided Something plagued by crime, mangled by drugs, which is designated as 'civilization,' is completely without refuge of any sort. Fleeing into that amounts to the same thing as capitulation...."

"... We live in an age of "civilization," in which it is customary to not worry about what is happening ... Although we are changing this society, it is still a constant challenge to one's own ability to see to it that things are running right..."

"...Listen to a few facts: politically, this planet is an anarchy of nations. These nations are (WOULDN'T YOU KNOW IT, on a small planet) armed with nuclear weapons. It can be seen from the history book of the Whole Track that these conditions are the precursor to catastrophe. Things are made worse by the commercial and social problems which are far above normal for such a civilization, and these political problems are pushing the existing political scene more and more in the direction of war.

And it is not only nuclear war: the same social and economic factors, together with the rising increase of statistics in brutal crime and ideological pressure, could bring about police states - as has already happened -, in which no application of workable technology would be permitted, and this entire civilization could (as before) sink into a new Dark Ages of ignorance and stagnation which would strangle any progress in the direction of freedom. And there are still other factors that make speed essential. We do NOT have an infinite amount of time to accomplish our mission! ..."

2.2.3 A government steered by Scientology

During the period of this report, the Constitutional Security authorities also checked whether actual evidence indicated an intention by the SO to have a steering influence on the government in Germany and whether the constitutional principle of the legitimization of the state power by the people is being taken out of effect.

The Constitutional Protection authorities became aware, in November 1997, of the the Hubbard Instruction of 13 March 1961. According to this instruction, a "Department for Government Affairs" was to bring"... continuous pressure to bear on governments to create pro-Scientology legislation and to discourage anti-Scientology legislation or legislation of groups opposing Scientology. ...".

This instruction also contains a description of how this goal can be brought about:

"... The action of bringing about a pro-Scientology government consists of making a friend of the most highly placed government person one can reach. even placing Scientologists in domestic and clerical posts close to him and seeing to it that Scientology resolves his troubles and case.

The above-mentioned "Security Brochure" by the CLO, under the area of "security", essentially contains the statement of the announced continuation of the "Clear Germany Campaign":

"... We, your management from FOLO and CLO, want to give you a message so that you may know that we are standing with you in the battle against the reactive bank in Germany. We will work shoulder to shoulder with you to completely and finally accomplish this and to bring Germany into its proud position of winner. The final goal is: a cleared Germany..."

"... With the help and programs of the Golden Age of Tech, you have everything you need to train a huge crowd of perfect auditors who will then work proudly and steadfastly to clear Germany, and who will also obtain this goal..."

"...you give me - and yourself - another giant step on the way to a cleared planet... But that is tomorrow and many more tomorrows. Here and now we are dealing with THIS planet, with YOUR continent, YOUR city, YOUR Org. And with YOU...".

2.2.4 Establishment of the Scientology Legal System

An edition of the SO magazine "Freiheit" from 1997 contains, with no comment, an article by the SO founder, Hubbard, entitled: "Honest People also have Rights." The article is concerned with the meaning of rights of those accused or charged in the criminal process and with the legal ability of the individual.

The person accused or charged is not supposed to need to invoke his rights to a defense in a criminal process. Those who have rights - including basic rights - do not include every person, as guaranteed by Art. 1 and 3 of Basic Law; the set of people who have rights is limited more to "honest people," that means only those who are bound and devoted to the entire SO. They are the only ones entitled a right to life (see Art. 2 sect. 2 para. 1 Basic Law (GG)):

<"... If someone tries to invoke his 'individual rights' in an attempt to protect his deed, then he decreases, to that exact degree, the future of individual freedom - because he is not free himself. Nevertheless he influences others who are honest in that he is using their right to freedom to protect himself... Individual rights have not been developed to protect criminals, but to bring freedom to honest people... Freedom is for honest people... Protecting dishonest people means to damn them in their own hell..."

"... The right of a person to survival is directly proportional to his honesty..."

"... There is personal freedom only for those who have the ability to be free...".>

The limited application, mentioned in the article, of all rights, even (because of the way the exclusivity is worded by the SO) basic or human rights, is part of the Hubbard standard programmatic requirements for the "civilization" which he and the SO strive for. It is found in a series of the books which continues to be published by the organization today, e.g., in the standard works, "Scientology - The Fundamentals of Thought" or "Dianetics - the Handbook of Dianetic Procedure."

The restriction of rights to "honest people" is also mentioned in the IAS magazine "Impact," 75/1997 edition, as a goal for the IAS in 1998. Under the title of "The Goals of the IAS in 1998" it reads:

"... The purpose of the IAS is to unite the Scientology religion and Scientologists in all parts of the world ... so that the goals ... as set forth by L. Ron Hubbard are attained: 'One civilization ... in which the able are successful and honest beings can have rights...'".

In the introduction to the booklet "Restoration and Protection of HUMAN RIGHTS" from 1996, the first after the commencement of state observation, legal rights of the individual were worded similarly:

"... The goals of Scientology were expressed by its founder in the following words, and were made publicly known for the first time in 1954: 'A civilization without insanity, which crime and without war, in which the capable can be successful and honest beings can have rights ... those are the goals of Scientology'."

The 1959 text "Manual of Justice" was found in summer, 1997, in which L. Ron Hubbard stated the functions of Scientology rights and the Scientology legal system. It contains various passages with factual evidence of the SO goal to form an arbitrary tyranny:


The whole subject of justice subdivides for a Scientologist into four phases. These are

1. Intelligence Activities

2. Investigation of Evidence

3. Judgment or Punishment

4. Rehabilitation...".

In the Scientology social system, there will be no human or basic rights as expressly defined in Basic Law or rights of the citizen to defend himself from the state.
There are no independent courts prescribed for the Scientology judicial system. A secret intelligence service which is not bound to rights or law investigates findings of fact and takes preventative measures:

".. Using intelligence to tell our friends from our enemies and acting fast is why we have stable organisations now where we had shambles before. It isn't better organization so much as more peace bought by more alert intelligence. We know our enemies before they hit. We keep them out of important positions. When we accidentally put one into a key post and he starts to flub, we shoot quick and get judicial afterwards. Adn [sic] we then add up who his friends and associates were. ..."

"... When things go wrong and we don't know why already by intelligence, we resort to investigation. ...".

During an investigation, the guilt of a suspect, in violation of the principle of human dignity enacted by Basic Law (Art. 1 Sect. 1 GG), the basic right to trial (see Art. 103 GG) and the state justice principle (see Art. 20 sect. 4 GG) - is determined through the use of a so-called "E-meter":

"In the low morale matter, we think over the most likely suspects and summon them to see us. We ask them why they're talking the way they are. What's wrong anyway? We call them in one at a time. We use the E-meter. "What have you been doing to us?" And you sort it out.

Investigation to us in Scientology is a fine art. It's like auditing. It they won't take a meter test, you know they're guilty. ..."

"... When you have found your culprit, go to the next step, Judgement and Punishment. ..."

"...Judging must be done on the basis of clear-cut evidence and the person to be guilty must be guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Only then, punish. Guilt is established by a person's actions and statements, by witnesses and written evidence and by an expertly run E-meter.

In the "Punishment" chapter, the text also contains the right of Scientologists and the convocation of self justice:

"...PUNISHMENT ... Dianetics and Scientology are self protecting sciences. It one attacks them one attacks all the know-how of the mind. In caves the bank. It's gruesome to see sometimes. ...

... There are men dead because they attacked us ...: There are men bankrupt because they attacked us ...

... So punishment almost takes care of itself. ..." "Use civil authorities when absolutely necessary, as in embezzlement or mayhem, but try to operate without calling in local law. We always do better ourselves or with private detectives...."

"...And always punish quietly but publicly..."

"... Justice is ... a short-term method of bringing order and it is needed for all dynamics." ...

2.2.5 Statements of the SO in dealing with its critics

The incompatibility of the SO teachings - internal and external - with criticism, as mentioned in detail in part III under section 2.4 of the 1997 Final Report, and the absolutism and SO claim to power derived therefrom are also found in the statements of the SO on the rights of their own members to their own opinion, to freedom of movement and to individuality in any form, as they are manifested in Basic Law.

The following selected texts from the above-named "Security Brochure" indicate the goal of the SO to do away with the basic rights enacted in Basic Law (particularly Art. 2 Sect. 1 GG - Right to free development of character -), and to restrict, contrary to the Constitution, their area of protection, thereby attaining total control, i.e., one not limited by law or right in the sense of Basic Law (see. Art. 20 Sect. 3 GG) of the individual by the SO.

"...Apply that a little to your fellow man and you will clearly see that complete freedom of movement (as it is voluminously defended by the psychs) is equivalent with suicide..."

"... To live in general, one must use some control over equals the same as over subordinates and (believe it or not) superiors. In a group in which the individual members have a certain concept of control over their environment and their companions, there are no lazy or unethical people. Because the rest of the group would simply not tolerate it on an individual basis..."

"... This has the effect of making life difficult for groups of sluggards or criminals, AS LONG as they do NOT decide to rise above their aberrations and to become diligent and upright..."

"... The organizations of Scientology have already come very far in exercising control over their environment...".

3. SO testimonies of loyalty towards Constitutional order

Factual evidence, gathered since the beginning of surveillance, of efforts directed against liberal democratic basic order, have not dealt with individual cases, i.e. corruption of individual members or functionaries of the SO, in an otherwise loyal demeanor of the association toward constitutional order. Much more has been revealed in the basic tendency of the organization which hostilely opposed liberal democratic basic order.

As a result of that, the SO continues to make efforts to awaken the impression, through public opinion, of being loyal to constitutional order as a religious community. That kind of assertion was found in their letter to the business office of the presiding Conference of Interior Ministers and Senators of the States (IMC) of November 12, 1992.

Since the decision of the IMC of June 5/6, 1997, to observe the SO by the offices of Constitutional Security, the organization has responded with an abundance of writings, in which they chiefly aroused the impression that the programmatic declarations of their founder, Hubbard, do not contradict the principles of democracy. The brochure "From Legal State to Inquisition - Behind the Scenes of the Bonn Enquete Commission 'So-Called Sects and Psycho-Groups' - About the Methodology of the Treatment which is Contrary to Basic Law of Minority Religions in the Federal Republic of Germany in the case of Scientology," which was published in May, 1998, is exemplary.

In that publication, under the chapter "Fakery with all Means: on the 'Constitutional Security discussion' about the Scientology Church":

"... Hubbard also wrote: 'Democracy is probably the best functioning political theory which has been introduced in the last 2,500 years. And there is only one reason why it does not work: the circumstance, that you can elect this entirely wonderful man into office, with the silver hair and the pleasant voice, for whom women stand in line, only to find out that you have actually elected the biggest crook that you have ever come across.' The statement of an enemy of the state? More likely one of a realist...".

The content of this presumed testimony of loyalty does not escape the anti-constitutional objective of the SO. It does not contain conscious recognition of the democracy of Basic Law, but strings together a chain of unconnected programmatic statements which end up with the goal of doing away with democracy.

The existing constitutional order does not function as this passage states since criminals are not elected in free elections. If a democracy functioned according to Hubbard's concepts, it would prove his programmatic statements. Here is what it says on one of the original cassettes distributed by the SO with Hubbard's lecture on the theme "CREATING A NEW CIVILIZATION":

"... and in the central organization - I'm now looking a little ahead - then there will be a political officer. Would you like to know what happens when you have made everybody in this environment clear? The only thing our center can be used for is a political center. If you have done everything, you are the government. You will never be in the position to refuse! ... (laughter)...".

Democracy - according to Hubbard - has not done anything for Man " but push him further into the mud. ..." In place of existing forms of government, a "true democracy" should appear. This will arise, it is claimed, when the SO has freed every individual from his "evil reactive impulses" through Dianetic procedure.

In other places in the brochure published in May, 1998, it is just as clear that Hubbard understands something fundamentally different about democracy than liberal democratic basic order:

"... 'Which political system can work on people who are lacking in spirit and conscience? Whether democracy or communism - both would be a bad joke in an institution for the mentally ill. ... A political system which attempts to function on the basis of ignorant, barbarian people who don't know how to read or write could produce wonderful principles. However, it would not cross the threshold of ignorance, illiteracy and barbarism - unless it were used on every single person, on every single citizen, and free him from these circumstances' ... Hubbard's views on the the theme of 'democracy' were completely distinctive...".

It can be gathered that the program and operation of the SO, by design, is fundamentally and continuously directed at the removal of liberal democratic basic order. As usual with a number of extremist organizations, the SO formally appears to recognize existing legal and constitutional regulation in order to avoid measures being taken against its activities by the state.


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