1.1.2 Commercial Area (WISE)

The findings in the area of the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE) varies in the individual states: this can be explained in one aspect by the uneven distribution of the WISE companies. Another aspect which plays a role is that WISE companies, as a rule, are not known as such, and are only conditionally conspicuous in their (advertising) effectiveness for the SO.

There are findings which indicate that the entire German-speaking area of WISE is consolidated into one sphere of operation which is designated as WISE-GSA (Germany Switzerland Austria) and which is tended to by a Commanding Officer WISE-GSA. He reports to WISE INTERNATIONAL, from whom he receives his assignments and instructions.

The working foundation for the surveillance was, at first, an outdated list from 1991, which WISE had put together itself for companies and people in the WISE area (International Directory). A more recent listing is not known to exist at this time.

Also from 1991, a booklet called "WISE World Institute of Scientology Enterprises - Your Guidelines for Membership", described WISE membership in the following form:

In the process of observation it was determined that many of the companies either no longer exist, are active under other names, or that membership in WISE was not able to be checked during this reporting period. On the other hand, there are companies or personal WISE members who are known to be part of WISE, e.g., about 30 in Baden-Wuerttemberg, but were not on this or any other list.

In reality, nationwide, there are about 150 companies which are accounted for under WISE about which further, reliable statements can be made for the time being.

In several states the condition of the surveillance allowed conclusions to be made from the activities of the WISE companies. According to current findings, there is no possibility that a systematic infiltration of the German economy by the SO can be occurring.

It can be determined, however, that the the SO openly intends to see their members installed in several of the large, commercially successful companies. In these companies, the known Scientologists work inconspicuously according to current findings, without appearing openly for the SO. In contrast, it is even often clear that these staff members amount to effective and otherwise inconspicuous employees. Because of this, the affected companies often have no interest in working with the Constitutional Security agency for the purpose of further clarification on these staff members, since they are afraid that such actions, if they were made public, would amount to a loss of respect. In particular, the affected companies are afraid of endangering important access with the US market.

Nevertheless, the theme of possible infiltration of business by the Scientology organization continues to be very real for those responsible for security in German companies. There is a large interest in information and counseling.

In the smaller, middle-class operations led by Scientologists, or in which Scientologists are engaged, there is a high concentration nationwide in the areas of real estate, business consultation, recruitment agencies and companies in the field of data processing. Companies affected also included smaller assembly operations, janitorial, and other services.

The point that all have in common is that all the companies use, to a greater or lesser extent, the LRH technology internally for carrying out their business. Even when this does not reflect the modern state of operational management in some companies, it is still used, and, in its radical simplicity, initially appears thoroughly practical.

Ostentatiously it looks like it is being used only out of purely economical consideration; it is recognizable, as a rule, in SO indoctrination of its customers and business partners, e.g., in real estate.

In isolated cases it could be observed that LRH technology was being re-sold to "sub-businesses" - at arbitrary, hardly justified prices; besides that, individual company owners put in appearances at the local Orgs as active members - especially in the area of membership recruitment and in the form of generous donations.

It was only occasionally found that members of WISE operations were actively engaged with the "church" by taking courses and auditing there, for instance in working off a "deficit."

Because of the considerable donations, the SO appears to be dependent upon this area of the free economy in order to be able to "survive." Apparently how the companies earn the money which they donate plays no role in this. It may even be of little significance whether the SO technology is consistently being used in the operation or not. Even if the ideology of the SO really requires that these texts be spread to one day establish a "new society," in which constitutional or social principles will no longer be valid, financial needs appears to be of primary concern.

Apparently the companies serve their "purpose" for the SO when they raise the anticipated amount of donations, regardless of whether these donations could economically ruin the company. The degree of the double involvement of the WISE member as an Org member needs further clarification as to recruiting SO members from within the ranks of their customers and staff.

At this time it is also unclear exactly how the donation money and the not inconsiderable WISE license fees (up to 15% of the gross income) flow. Based on present findings, it is assumed that the donations go directly to the Orgs and other local SO establishments; at this time nothing of relevance is known about the whereabouts of the license fees.

Since the SO finance and balance system appears impenetrable and seldom professional, no reliable conclusions can be drawn from the present findings as to the whereabouts of the money.

The Constitutional Security office was limited by additional restrictions in its surveillance so that no general information was available from the internal revenue office under the authority of P. 30 of the mission order.

Even if the combined findings of the Constitutional Security offices in the WISE area (still) do not allow a decisive judgment to be made, that is not an indication that there is no threat potential for society from the SO.

Although this area - in contrast to the "churches" and ABLE areas - does not so much deal with actual influence upon people, the SO appears to have taken the middle road in using the spread of the SO technology and of the Scientology concepts to influence society and, at least in the area of business, to win new Scientologists as "building blocks" for a new, Scientology society.

According to the actual findings thus far, the transformation of this theoretical principle into practice appears not to have succeeded as the SO would have wished it to.

In such a society, according to an Executive Directive of the WISE Charter Committee (WCC), any Scientologist (WISE member) would be forbidden from demanding justice in accordance with the law from any other Scientologist. The private SO justice decisions are taken much more into account, and their statements consist of guaranteeing the greatest possible protection for SO activities.

Various documents in the WISE area from 1992 and 1993 prove heavy activity in the practical application of the SO's private justice system. The Charter Committees are, by definition, not just responsible for WISE members, but apparently for all SO members who are active in the field of commerce. The Charter Committees are given authority by the SO which is normally part of the legal justice system in a democratic state. In any case, WISE had planned, in 1993, to extend the use of this justice system to non-Scientologists.

1.1.3 Social Area (ABLE)

Under the main heading of "Association for better Living and Education" (ABLE), the SO coordinates its alleged efforts to solve "problems of modern society - namely drug misuse, criminality, failures in education and moral decline" - "by using the technology of L. Ron Hubbard." It wants to penetrate into the social areas of society in these ways and realize the rudiments of Scientology solutions.

In the organizations attributed to the ABLE area, the following findings could be obtained during this reporting period: "Commission for Psychiatric Violations of Human Rights"
["Kommission für Verstöße der Psychiatrie gegen Menschenrechte" (KVPM)]

This organization made its appearance nationwide with the broadcast of a booklet ("Psychiatry Destroys Religion"). The aforementioned tendency of the SO to cater to churches and religious groups in Germany is also documented with this operation.

Just as the book financed by the IAS, "The Men Behind Hitler", was, this publication was distributed unsolicited nationwide by the KVPM national management in public places, schools and other places where it would be seen by many people.

Currently, not enough is known about the KVPM to conclusively judge whether the KVPM is - as are all other SO establishments - just another variation on the general SO objective of recruiting people to make money, or whether the actual conversion to the SO ideology is its primary purpose.

It is not out of the question that the SO is using this kind of organization in order to create a marketing effect in its own favor so that it can increase the scope of the application of the Scientology concepts. This assumption is suggested by the perceptible, limited degree of organization of PR measures. "Center for Individual Effective Learning"
["Zentrum für individuelles und effektives Lernen" (ZIEL)]

During this reporting period, it was found that the address listed for this organization is "ZIEL e.V., Goethestr. 3, 14163 Berlin"; an actual ZIEL representative or even the main office of the organization could not be found there or anywhere else. "Applied Scholastics"

Applied Scholastics is said to be represented by 12 branches in the country, and to be involved with the area of "student assistance." In particular, children of SO adherents are said to be educated by Applied Scholastics.

There appears to be no targeted advertising for the programs by Applied Scholastics - except for isolated efforts on the internet - within the national limits. There have been, however, recruitment attempts by individual persons. For instance, the elementary schools in Neubrandenburg had SO material (Child Dianetics) recommended to them, and the school management and teachers were invited to participate in a free, two-day weekend drive to a German-speaking school by Applied Scholastics.

Independent of the special efforts made by Applied Scholastics, Scientologists see LRH technology in this area as an appropriate instrument for the alleviation of study difficulties. "Fellow Citizens Support Tolerance - Initiative for the Protection of
Human Rights in Germany"
["Mitbürger unterstützen Toleranz - Initiative zur Wahrung der
Menschenrechtein Deutschland" (MUT)]

This association has its main office in Wetzlar. The speaker for this groups was a co-publisher of the book "The Men Behind Hitler." MUT was involved with the afore-mentioned SO demonstration in 1997 in Frankfurt and Berlin. Participation was enthusiastically invited in open letters sent to those cities.

In Nordrhein-Westfalen, the main office of an alleged WISE company was found to have had the same address as both MUT and KVPM. "Narconon"

"Narconon" advertises a drug withdrawal program (10 point program) which is based on SO technology. At the time only one "Narconon" establishment exists in Itzehoe, Schleswig-Holstein. The establishment, described as a "drug rehabilitation location", operates with five staff workers who tend to eight people.

"Narconon" appears by itself to advertise for potential customers by distributing brochures and flyers, or by opening public recruitment stands. The connection to the SO is not mentioned. "Criminon"

There were no findings on the existence of the "Criminon" organization, an alleged establishment for the resocialization of convicts, during this reporting period within the national limits. "Freedom for Religions in Germany" ("FRG")

"FRG" was founded in April, 1997, in Washington, D.C. Although it was allegedly formed as an alliance of various religious groups, in Germany it conducts activities exclusively on behalf of the SO. The "FRG" activities are chiefly initiated and carried out by Scientologists. In the estimation of the Constitutional Security authorities, it consequently operates as a sub-organization of the SO.

"FRG" appeared as representative for the SO on July 21, 1997 in Frankfurt am Main and on October 27, 1997 in Berlin as the announcer for the demonstrations.

"FRG" also emceed the closing rally of the "International March for Religious Freedom" on August 10, 1998 in Frankfurt am Main: at that time the press speaker of the Frankfurt "church" of the SO was operating as liaison between "FRG" and the responsible German authorities.

These demonstrations were directed at alleged "state repression" against the SO in Germany; at all demonstrations, the participation of about 1,000 and 3,000 (in Berlin) primarily foreign Scientologists remained under SO expectations. Even the media in Germany reported these demonstrations only to a minor degree. On the basis of their own, higher estimate of the number of participants and based on the participation of prominent, foreign Scientologists, the SO, nevertheless, rated the demonstrations as a success. Other Organizations

It was found that the ABLE organization, which represents the SO goals in the social area, does not make an independent appearance in Germany, but is apparently put into operation only in case of necessity as determined by higher-ups in the SO hierarchy - for example, to distribute KVPM books and brochures like "The Men Behind Hitler" or "Psychiatry Destroys Religion." Justification for this organization may be derived from PR operations of this type.

Other real work done by the individual organizations is virtually imperceptible; the mere appearance of social involvement, based on a "quantity" of organizations in the social area, seems to be more important for the SO than the actual activities of the establishments.

In summary, it has been found that in the three areas of the SO, namely "Scientology Church," WISE and ABLE, a large, perceptible discrepancy reigns between claims and reality, so that the picture propagated by the SO itself of "world domination" (Clear Planet) has been completely compromised in view of actual appearances according to findings in Germany.

1.2 Individual Areas

1.2.1 "International Association of Scientologists" (IAS)

The IAS, with its headquarters in Saint Hill, England, was founded there in 1984, and forms an extensive, self-sufficient sub-organization within the SO. The main objective of the IAS, it states, is "to unite, to promote, to support and to protect the Scientology religion and Scientologists in all parts of the world so that the goals of Scientology, as set by L. Ron Hubbard, will be reached."

Until March, 1998, the "destruction of all groups and organizations who intend to hinder the application of Scientology technology and freedom for humanity" was an obligatory component of the membership contract of the IAS. Since then this obligation has turned up missing. It can be concluded that it was left out only for the purpose of avoiding attacks; the IAS still actually maintains this objective.

The IAS has its own management personnel ("directors") who support the current SO establishment in its missions and who direct the operation of campaigns. The current director of the IAS for Germany, Austria and Hungary as well as his representative are known by name to the Constitutional Security authorities. Their responsibilities include the coordination of the SO's information campaigns. One of these campaigns was the nationwide poster campaign in the first half of 1998.

According to the findings of the Constitutional Security agency, the IAS currently has about 5,000 members in Germany. The list of IAS members includes many people who have not been involved with the SO for some time. This corresponds to the customary SO practice of not cleaning out their files. It appears that, under any circumstances, public notice of a loss of membership must be avoided. No statements are made about the actual activities of the individual members which include their donations.

Besides donations, membership contributions are the most important source of income for the IAS. Since March 1, 1998, the annual membership contract costs $450, and the lifetime membership costs $3,000. The IAS maintains an extensive recognition system for donors. Until recently, it published their names in the "Impact" IAS magazine and held "patrons dinners" for these groups.

IAS members have a separate price scale for courses and materials; for example, the buying price for the IAS member of the "thought" operation of the actual E-meter is reduced from 11,000 DM [Deutschemarks] to 8,800 DM.

Besides membership recruitment and the promotion of the expansion of the SO, the current IAS representatives in Germany arrange "events" in local SO establishments at relatively short intervals. These are primarily meant to raise donations for major IAS plans and projects. During this reporting period, there were about 10 - 15 of this type of events as far as is known; there may actually have been many more.

Although active SO members, according to the individual situation, make considerable money contributions to the organization, the IAS requirements at the Orgs and missions are not inconsiderable sums. These are usually met at the "events", in part, when those affected are presented with a potentially threatening situation.

It is not clear where this money flows and whether and in what manner/to what extent it used used for the announced project. It is also unclear whether the "events" are, at least occasionally, put on for appearances sake only in order to motivate well-intentioned members to make donations. Allegedly the IAS also has a "war chest" at its disposal which is filled by donations and is used for financing defamation campaigns, such as the book "The Men Behind Hitler", or for financing SO establishments which find themselves in financial need. No details of this are presently known.

Apparently the IAS is in the position of being able to finance projects of a major magnitude. According to its own statement, the IAS financed the previously mentioned demonstration in Frankfurt am Main of July 21, 1997. Besides that it financially supported the brochure "Apartheid in Germany" as well as the publication of the above-named book.

For 1998, the current IAS representative announced a Europe-wide campaign to attain the goals of the SO at the last of the year-round meetings of the IAS World Congress. It was obvious, in the projects financed and organized by the IAS, that the execution of such campaigns and operations was not being entrusted to the German Orgs, and that all projects of special significance were being centrally steered by the SO.

During this reporting period, information was obtained which indicated that German Scientologists were associated with the defamation campaign against the Federal Republic of Germany. The Constitutional Security office has a written statement of a former Scientologist from 1998. It describes how the SO had been trying, as early as 1996, to talk Scientologists into applying for asylum in the United States. All necessary preparations had already been made; attorneys stood ready in the USA to initiate the appropriate steps.

The purpose of this operation is to use foreign political pressure to force the federal administration's retreat from perceptions hostile to Scientology, or at least to obtain a turn in events with the organization. This finding was verified by the actual conduct of the SO in 1997, as the organization developed a propaganda operation around the alleged application for asylum in the USA of a female German Scientologist.

In this regard, three more "exile Scientologists" introduced themselves at a press conference in Stuttgart, because, they said, even their basic essentials "were being destroyed through systematic state politics of discrimination."

1.2.2 "Office of Special Affairs" (OSA)

The SO publicly presents its OSA establishment with its main office in Munich as the "Office for Public Affairs" or as the "Press and Legal Office." The actual objectives and the people involved are known to the Constitutional Security authorities.

The actual findings on this department have yielded that this is the successor organization of a department which had been built in the 1960's, and which, according to its own definition, performed the functions of intelligence and espionage. Numerous fundamental documents of the former "Guardian Office" (GO) were assumed into the new agency as OSA Network Orders.

In the course of the observation time frame, Hamburg LfV has published a brochure on "OSA" which presents the structure of the "service," its policies and "historical" development.

The educational materials for OSA members include standard military works such as "On War" (Clausewitz) and "The Art of War" (Sun Tzu). Another basic document of the GO for staff operatives deals with carrying out undercover work.

In contrast to the rigid, direct procedures of the GO which have, in the past, brought about a loss of respect on an international scale, the OSA operates perceptibly more cautiously today. It has been found that risk-prone operations are apparently assigned to outside agents, such as private detectives. The policy which covers this is found in the "Manual for Justice" of the SO.

In individual cases, a reaction to the decision of the IMC to have the SO put under surveillance by the Constitutional Security was observed in that the OSA brought about an "tightening up" of security rules and measures in and around the SO establishments. In Bavaria, for example, individual OSA members could be observed operating with means, which possibly were obtained through special "intelligence training", such as "counter-observation" or other conspiratorial behavior. However, these practices had little professional effect and were not able to decisively influence the work of Constitutional Security.

Also, in Hamburg the local State Office for Constitutional Security could observe OSA operations which were being executed with the cooperation/direction of superior OSA establishments.

Besides the operation mentioned above on the occasion of the introduction of the "OSA brochure" by the State Office for Constitutional Protection, it was also found in Hamburg that a local private detective has been employed by the SO for years, and that he receives his assignments, for the time being, directly from SO Central in Los Angeles. During this reporting period, his activities included, in June of 1997, looking up a Hamburg company which produced products for management consultation, presenting himself as a "Bild" magazine reporter and asking whether the company used the "List of AGS" in personnel recruitment, or how they could protect themselves from hiring sect members. Apparently these questions were asked in order to find out whether there would be some sort of "black list" of Scientologists.

Utilization of private detectives was also observed in other states. For instance, the credentials of potential business partners were checked out with the assistance of a private detective.

Besides the activities described, it was also observed during this reporting period that people in public life who are critical of the SO were extensively investigated and that the findings about them would then be made public, e.g., in "special editions" of SO publications. This method of procedure is designated "black propaganda" by the SO.

Despite the more cautious method of operation by the SO, the tactics of the OSA are comparable to those of the GO; in principle, they remain the same. The categoric rejection of any criticism manifests itself in actual attacks upon "suppressive persons" in the SO's private publications.

Along those lines, the SO has tried to prevent critical television reporting during the reporting period, as it has previously.

Numerous other findings about the methods of OSA operations were gained during this reporting period. They span from 1993 to the present. These cases are summarized, however; because of the highly programmatic continuity of the SO, it has to be reckoned that these methods are still in use today.

OSA staff work on a weekly "production cycle." An internal OSA instruction reads:

<"1. Make a list of all places that could have or distribute important information for us. ...

2. Begin to regularly order publications there or get Scientologists who already receive them to evaluation them for you ....

4. Plunge into the life story of ... and ... and find out what they have done and published

5. Report to me regularly about the progress in the above areas

6. Transmit your statistics on time every Thursday (if you are not there on post, the last day before the Thursday) ....".

Other instructions cover how one, as a SO member, should behave at critics' events (when to applaud, how and where to sit, which objections to prepare, record of the contents, who was there, etc.) and how SO critics as well as critical organizations should be investigated or reconnoitered. Numerous documents prove that this has been going on extensively for years. This is how the SO came to possess letters to courts, those affected [by sects] or those seeking assistance, meeting minutes, personnel rosters and handwritten memos. They have also come into possession of private mail, hospital receipts and a work contract from a critic's area.

One type of job report describes the method of procedure for a "Dustbin Action" (evaluation of paper trash, etc.) of an organization critical of the SO. A detailed profile of a person in the critical area is produced which shows relationships, political activities as well persons and institutions he is acquainted with.

A minute media assessment is also covered. Radio interviews are recorded word for word in places and forwarded to the responsible OSA department. Press articles are evaluated so that they can be accessed from a list of the persons and organizations in them.

From a cross-reference list ("x-filing sheet"), it can be seen that a discussion by a SO critic can end up in one or more of 22 different folders.

From the cross-referencing notes available, the conclusion can be made that the SO has an expansive method of collecting material on SO critics, people in office, politicians and government positions. In the available collection of material there are perceptible marks to designate harassing or compromising material. At least in one case there is also a photographic layout of the residence, the private vehicle and the work place.

There is an "Investigation Report (from 1977) on the investigation of a highly placed individual in federal politics. The accompanying x-filing sheet shows that duplicate copies of this report have been filed in folders on the federal intelligence service and two political parties.

From the 1980's, there are secure findings on the offensive proceedings of the SO against critical media establishments. The SO succeeded in bringing the publisher of a SO critical brochure into difficulty, in part by covert operations, and to penalize him in a strategically planned inter-regional campaign. In this and other contexts, there are indications that the "fair game directive" (an "enemy" of the SO may be harmed by any conceivable means) is still in effect, even after it was allegedly cancelled.

In another case, an anonymous letter of slander was prepared.

By the 1970's and 1980's, the SO had succeeded in manipulating political functionaries and mandate holders in planned operations against SO critics.

In an information letter from the 1980's in reference to an SO opponent, it was stated that he was going to "catch hell" in accordance with the applicable LRH policies. The goal was to obtain "... complete control over all activities...".

When a state attorney's office threatened an investigation against the SO in that same time frame, the organization openly tried to take measures against the execution of this type of process. In doing this, the Munich SO Central instructed a functionary, "...The current state attorney's office must now, of course, be prevented from beginning an investigative process or pressing charges, since there is absolutely no reason for that. In order to handle the current state attorney right from the start and to get control over the criminal process, I ask you to have the state attorney's office ... telephoned to find out whether ... a criminal process has been initiated. ... In doing this, it is necessary that the state attorney's office be checked out...".

Further explanation of the actual activities of the OSA and its financing can not be given at this time.


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