Appendix: Abbreviations Used

a.a.O.   am angegebenen Ort [op.cit.]
Abb.     Abbreviation
ABI      Aktion Bildungsinformation [Learning Information Campaign] 
          - a German consumer protection group
ABLE     Association for Better Living and Education
AGS      Arbeitsgruppe Scientology [Work Group on Scientology]
Anl.     Anlage
Aufl.    Auflage
Az.      Aktenzeichen
CDC      Covert Data Collection
CIC      Combat Information Center
CLO      Continental Liaison Office
CO       Covert Operation
CS-G     Commodore's Staff Guardian
CSI      Church of Scientology International
DBC      Dust Bin Collection
DSA      Department of Special Affairs
ED       Executive Directive
E.i.O.   Emphasis in Original
E.n.i.O. Emphasis not in Original
f.       following page
FCB      Flag Command Bureaux
ff.      following pages
FoIA     Freedom of Information-Act
FRG      Freedom for Religions in Germany
FSM      Field Staff Member
GO       Guardian Office
HASI     HUBBARD Association of Scientologists International
HCO      HUBBARD Communication Office
HCOB     HUBBARD Communication Office Bulletin
HCO PL   HUBBARD Communication Office Policy Letter
IAS      International Association of Scientologists
IHR      Institute for Historical Review
INT      International
IRS      Internal Revenue Service
Js       Justizsache [Legal matter]
KVPM     Kommission für Verstöße der Psychiatrie gegen Menschenrechte e.V.
LG       Landgericht [State Court]
NCLE     National Commission on Law Enforcement und Social Justice
o.D.     ohne Datum [undated]
ODC      Overt Data Collection
Org      Organization
OSA      Office of Special Affairs
OT       Operating Thetan
PR       Public Relations
PTS      Potential Trouble Source
Rev.     Revised
RTC      Religious Technology Center
s.a.     see above
s.b.     see below
SC       Scientology Church
SKD      Scientology Kirche Deutschland e.V.
SMI      Scientology Missions International
SO       Scientology Organization
SP       Suppressive Person
StA      Staatsanwaltschaft [State District Attorney's Office]
VFP      Valuable Final Products
vgl.     vergleiche [compare]
WDC      Watchdog-Committee
WFMH     World Federation of Mental Health
WISE     World Institute of Scientology Enterprises
WW       World Wide
zit.n.   zitiert nach [cited from]

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