V. Assessment.

The present findings at hand on the intelligence and propaganda apparatus of the SO build a picture of an organization which is motivated by a will which appears to be almost unshakable in using all available means to obtain unassailable positions in politics, business and society. Despite several setbacks, it has never deviated from its utopian goal of "clearing" the entire planet. The SO wants to unify, govern and, finally, rule individual people as well as all areas of social life (politics, business, culture, media, etc.) with the help of its mental technology and HUBBARD's management and organizational technology in the Scientology sense. ROBERT Vaughn YOUNG assesses Scientology as a politically motivated movement:

<"We wanted to bring governments into line, we wanted control over the media, control over banks. For us it was an extensive subjugation by Scientology. We had all the goals of a political movement ... The purpose is ... to rake in money - but only to obtain power.">

With money, said YOUNG, one could, for example, buy access to power with expensive attorneys who have the necessary contacts in governments and political parties. However, Scientology is not only concerned with normal influence, but influence for the purpose of infiltration. Scientology tries to influence people in administrative key positions to act on their behalf. In spite of occasional defeat, top management continues because they are outright fanatics. Scientology's hate-filled campaigns prove one thing beyond a doubt: Scientology is not a religion, but an ideology and a political movement.

Stacy BROOKS YOUNG, who also worked for the OSA for many years, characterized the totalitarian being and Scientology's resoluteness in the following manner:

<"While they devoutly speak of how religious they are, their "fair game operations" make it clear that, in reality, they are a terroristic organization, a paramilitary sect which intends to exterminate their critics and anybody else who stands in their way ... My personal experience is that the present Scientology leaders will hold back at nothing to protect Scientology from anybody who is sensed as a threat. In that regard they are no different from the former Scientology leaders who went to prison with the exception that they have learned from their predecessors' mistakes. The real crime of the GO leadership consisted of having gotten caught. The present Scientology leadership does not have the intention of letting that happen yet again. They have developed sophisticated methods of dealing with the outside world - including the courts - to hide their true character and their true activities. But if anything is true, then it is that they are ruthless and cold-blooded in their determination to exterminate all obstacles which stand in their way.">

In 1984, the American judge, Paul G. BRECKENRIDGE, of Los Angeles Superior Court, decided, after sifting through extensive evidence from the personal archives of HUBBARD about Scientology and its founder:

"The organization clearly is schizophrenic and paranoid, and the bizarre combination seems to be a reflection of its founder LRH. The evidence portrays a man who has been virtually a pathological liar when it comes to his history, background, and achievements. The writings and documents in evidence additionally reflect his egoism, greed, avarice, lust for power, and vindictiveness and aggressiveness against persons perceived by him to be disloyal or hostile. At the same time it appears that he is charismatic and highly capable of motivating, organizing, controlling, manipulating, and inspiring his adherents. ... Obviously, he is and has been a very complex person, and that complexity is further reflected in his alter ego, the Church of Scientology."

These multiple layers of the SO, which give the peculiar appearance of dealing with two separate faces, are not at all overlooked even by their strongest gainsayers: "Most Scientologists, according to Robert Vaughn YOUNG, "are honest and work hard and have no idea of the grievances and disappointments which occur daily in their organizations." So it is understandable, to a certain degree, why Scientologists react with complete misunderstanding and rage to the criticism and rejection they are faced with: they are made responsible for the methods used by their organization. They regard this criticism, based on their own restricted experience of the true relationship - reinforced by the Scientology propaganda - exclusively as slanderous imputation. Even when confronted with the intent to destroy and the hate in HUBBARD's writings black on white, most Scientologists, because of their delusions and own Scientology experiences which they regard as positive, are not willing and probably not in the position to recognize anything like a "dark side" of Scientology.

The same people who have gotten a hint of Scientology's hate and destructive intention can, nevertheless, seriously confirm that HUBBARD meant everything he said or wrote, and that those who lead today's organization are not inferior to him in any way. It is often repeated that everything published by HUBBARD, written or verbal, is law for all Scientologists. Even after HUBBARD's death, this rule was verified repeatedly by SO ex-members. To this day nobody, not even MISCAVIGE himself, can change HUBBARD's laws. Directives can be published as to how and to what degree HUBBARD's instructions are to implemented, but these cannot take the place of that which they refer to. This also applies to the treatment of "suppressive persons" was well as to the policy letters and instructions which refer to the intelligence and propaganda operations of Scientology.

HUBBARD's instructions must be exactly obeyed - so far as possible - because they are associated with the concept of having a "superior technology" whose application clears every obstacle out of the way and solves every problem for Scientology. The reason every person who walks away from Scientology is not the victim of Scientology persecution practices is that the SO presently is not in the position to carry out its concept of "ethics" on a wholesale basis, and is therefore forced by necessity to concentrate only on the most important people.

A good example for the implementation of HUBBARD's instructions is the latest idea of building up a group movement against Germany under the SO's direction. With the founding of the "Freedom for Religions in Germany" (FRG) association, and the demonstrations of July 21, 1997 in Frankfurt and on October 27, 1997 in Berlin, this idea was transformed into action. This strategy could already be found in HUBBARD's writings of 1969:

"contact and make friends with and organize all minority groups until we have the biggest group on the planet. By ... making friends with even the biggest enemies of the West, we will avert Fascism now taking over in the West."

Since Scientology is constructed in a rigid hierarchy, the decisions on the battle strategy of Scientology in Germany are not made here, but in Copenhagen and Los Angeles. The OSA departments in the individual German "Orgs" are only receiving orders and carrying them out. In accordance with the "need to know" practices followed by the OSA apparatus, it can be concluded that, even inside these units, which are being steered by continental and international management, very few people are indoctrinated in all plans and operations, the more so since Scientology, Germany included, does not solely depend upon assistance from staff who belong directly to organization or private detectives.

As of yet, Scientology's battle against Germany has been primarily upon the propaganda plane with the goal of exerting pressure from foreign countries upon the political decision makers in Germany. Nevertheless, according to HUBBARD, PR measures and intelligence activities belong together. They form two, separately operating, parallel areas which each have their own "technologies" which may not be intermixed, but which are supposed to lead to the same result, namely, to eliminate attacks directed against Scientology. The investigations of the Munich State Attorney's office have been known since the 1980's, and today's advanced espionage operations and persecution practices by the OSA against individual Scientology opponents should leave no doubt that the organization is using every method of attack which offers itself, even in Germany, to "handle" important "key personnel." Even though the organization is considerably distant from its goal, a "liberated" planet under the control of Scientology, in view of its fanatical salvation ideology, its elitist sense of mission and, not least of all, because of the success achieved by its intelligence service, there is no reason to underestimate Scientology. <"As long as we are difficult to catch or work fabian," according to Hubbard in 1967, "we become stronger and stronger."> His prophecy has materialized and should today serve as a warning.

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