Intelligence Service

- Principles, Missions, Structures, Methods and Goals -

< "We intend to clear anything out of the way that has to be cleared out of the way, no matter how large it may be, in order to create a civilization which can actually survive." >

. . . L. Ron Hubbard

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This booklet was originally published in the German language under the title: "Der Geheimdienst der Scientology-Organisation - Grundlagen, Aufgaben, Strukturen, Methoden und Ziele - Zweite Auflage, Stand 06.05.1998" by the Hamburg Regional Office of the German Constitutional Security Agency.

The German language original of this report was taken from (no longer in existence)

Table of Contents


(13k)I.Introduction 2
(27k)II. The precursor intelligence organizations
(1959 - 1966)
1.The "Manual of Justice"8
2.The "Special Zone Plan"11
3."Department of Government Affairs" 12
4."Department of Official Affairs" 15
5."Public Investigation Section" 16
6.The "Fair Game" Law18
(52k)III. The "Guardian Office" (GO)
(1966 - 1983)
1. Establishment and Structure21
2.Departments and mission areas of the GO22
3.Strategies and Programs of the GO and
their background
4.Tactics and Methods of the GO35
5.The Collapse of the GO42
(66k)IV.The "Office of Special Affairs" (OSA)
(1983 - 1997)
1.Old Intelligence Service in new Garb
Establishment and Structure of the OSA
2."Department of Special Affairs" (DSA) -
the divisions of OSA in Germany
3.Strategies and Programs of the OSA and
the Defamation Campaign against Germany
4.Tactics and Methods of the OSA 60
(10k)V.Assessment 71
Appendix: Abbreviations used76

Date completed: January 11, 1999. This translation originated from
Appreciation is expressed the Hamburg authorities
for making this unclassified report available to the public.

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