Note from the Author

In the original printing of 1979, author information and year were missing. I am the sole author. The ABI - more precisely: Eberhard Kleinmann, the chairman of the board of ABI - took the text and made a book out if it in 1997. I did not agree to this usage, quite the contrary, I warned against it. The text was partly transcribed word for word, partly modified, and occasionally garbled. My name was used without my consent. I initiated formal charges on copyright violation. The district attorney's office in Stuttgart denied charges in the public interest, and referred to it as an individual criminal matter (165 Js 47440/97 process stop order of 13 Feb. 98). I have not yet decided as to whether I will prefer charges. In 1979, 25,000 copies of this booklet were bought and distributed by a federal office. The Scientology Organization did not lodge a complaint.

Ingo Heinemann
23rd of April 98