The Last Time Scientology was indicted (in the USA), nobody in Germany even noticed, except for a man named Ingo Heinemann. He wrote a book, which is still amazingly up-to-date when it comes to dealing with...


and its Cover Companies

COMMUNICATION CENTER                             NARCONON 

And many others...  

Information on the largest of the new sects

Publisher: ABI - Aktion Bildungsinformation e.V., Stuttgart 1979

Author: Ingo Heinemann

* * *

This is a personal translation with permission from the author. It is not for commercial use. This book is now in 10 files, at a total of 357k. You can point and click on the two pictures in the Forward to download and save. They are another 60k.

"<quotations in this type of bracket indicate translation has occurred from English to German and back to English>"

This booklet was originally published in the German language under the title: "Die Scientology-Sekte und ihre Tarnorganisationen". The original page numbers have been retained in this translation.

Table of Contents

ChapterTitle PageFile Size
Forward I: For Scientology Adherents3(9k)
plus 2 pictures
about 30k apiece
Forward II: For other Readers3
Forward III: About this booklet4
1.The Founder of the Sect and his Finances 7(35k)
2.Scientific Hocus-Pocus14
3.The Scientologist Bosses20(45k)
4.Organizational Principles25
5.Danger for Democracy37(63k)
6.Religious Freedom vs. Freedom of Speech45
7.The E-Meter: The magic Box52
8.Health and Immortality62(50k)
9.Advertisement and Propaganda 69
10. The Usurious Rates of the Sect 72
11. New Courses - New Steps82 (56k)
12.The Cover Companies87
13.Reports of former Scientologists105(66k)
Index -List of key words - subsequently added (1998)(13k)

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Date completed: December 25, 1998. This translation originated from
Appreciation is hereby expressed to Ingo Heinemann for his kind permission.

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