Unofficial translation from the German.

Any reference to "What is Scientology" is actually to the German counterpart "WAS IST SCIENTOLOGY?" published by New Era Publications International, Kopenhagen 1993. That means the page numbers given as references probably won't match your English language edition. English quotations have been translated from English to German back to English.

Mailbox of the North Rhein-Westphalia Office of Constitutional Protection Dusseldorf,
0211 135294 January 15, 1995

This paper contains the:


Effects of the use of scientology's intellectual property upon a pluralistic society or portions of it in a liberal democratic constitutional state

by commission of the Ministry of the Interior of the Province of North Rhein-Westphalia

submitted by

Dr. Hans-Gerd Jaschke Professor of Political Science in the School of Social Science at the University of Frankfurt/Main

December 1995


1.  Introduction
2.  Scientific, published and political discussion about Scientology
    1)  First-hand accounts
    2)  The debate over psycho-cults, religious sects and                 modern fundamentalism
    3)  The political and commercial influence of the SC
    4)  Evidence of the endangerment of democratic                        constitutional state
    5)  Result: lines of development, positions of                       acknowledgment and weaknesses in the discussion about SC
3.  Fundamentalism, Extremism, Totalitarianism
4.  Totalitarian basis of the SC
5.  Friend-Enemy-Thinking and militarism in the SC
6.  The figure of the leader in the SC
7   The function of the SC vocabulary
8.  Critique of democracy and utopia in the SC
9.  Summarization


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