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The "Renowned" Personality Test

The tests that we use should not bring us into any copyright difficulties. For the most part we are free from that in our tests.
L. Ron Hubbard [1]
An investigation committee will be convened in order to investigate any infringements of the copyright or distribution rights of Julia Lewis' APA [Personality test used by Scientology]. [2]

It is a twist of fate that the item which Scientology says led to the gain of 20 percent of its members is the same one which led to my departure. Without my knowing it, this departure began in 1988, when a customer asked me to test his employee. It had been an idea of mine for a long time that this test could be used in business areas. In the following weeks I came to grips with this concept, and during this time I received a call from an acquaintance. He had had a visit from two Scientologists from Israel who had re-worked the Scientology test for business purposes. He recommended me to them, and they were coming to visit me. That is how I came to be introduced to the founder of the Israeli company U-MAN.

They wanted me to go in with them on a Swiss franchise for a $30,000 up-front fee and 16 percent of net sales. I thought that I could provide some support for Scientologists who had already brought my idea to fruition. Most of all, because I could already offer this product without first having to go through an extensive plan of development.

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We had questionnaires with the U-MAN logo printed up, got a pile of U-MAN computer paper, got trained for three days, then let loose.

After only a few weeks of this activity, my wife woke up very early one Sunday morning and screamed, "I cannot expect any more from my customers!" What was happening? One of the customers who had encouraged me to get into the testing business had given his employees the test, and he could not reconcile the results. We had known these people for a long time, and the results spewed out by U-MAN did not match our expectations.

I began my research. I analyzed the results produced by U-MAN, and discovered that essential information which markedly raised the ability of expression had never been integrated into their software.

At the same time I realized something else: L. Ron Hubbard was known for the fact that he liked to write, and he wrote much. However, I found almost nothing in the official documentation about the analysis of test results. As a loyal Scientologist, I wrote to the Religious Technology Center, and to others in the International Management of Scientology. I received the answer that my observations were correct, actually very little had been written by L. Ron Hubbard about the tests. I was thanked for the important information. Second, I received a letter which imparted to me that I should get in touch with Mr. Tom Morgan in Clearwater, Florida. The world-wide service center of Scientology is found in Clearwater - and Tom Morgan, at that time the person most knowledgeable about Scientology tests, was the one responsible for public business.

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The Origin of the Test

Coincidence had it that Tom Morgan came to Switzerland in the Fall of 1988. That is how I learned that the test had not been developed by L. Ron Hubbard, but by an American by the name of Julia Lewis-Salmen. The name of the test, "Oxford Capacity Analysis," was taken from an earlier Scientologist in England, who had the opinion (probably correctly) that in the England in the late 1950's the English would not indulge in an "American Personality Analysis." He not only re-named the product, but altered the test itself. When L. Ron Hubbard learned of these tests years later, he assigned Tom Morgan to the task of correcting the test.

That was all very interesting for me, it implanted a seed of doubt in my mind! I called up someone who had been a Scientologist for many years in the USA, and asked him about Julia Lewis. I discovered that she had died several years before, but that Ken Salmen, her husband, was still alive.

I knew that a work in the USA had to be registered with the Copyright Office in Washington, D.C. if it was supposed to receive copyright protection. I made inquiries. The work was still protected, therefore I contacted Ken Salmen's attorney.

In the meantime, my wife and I had realized that Scientology was giving out licenses to consulting firms for use of a product that did not, apparently, belong to them... and we had no interest in violating anybody's copyright.

Overt and Covert Games

Ken Salmen's attorney was very suspicious. He was afraid that I was a Scientology staff member, and that I would try to gain copyrights through a back door.

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About five months after I had tracked down the attorney, he got back with me and let me know that Ken Salmen was not interested in granting a license, but, he wanted to sell me the entire rights, and expected an actual offer from me.

At the time I was still naive and gullible as far as the Scientology management went. On September 21, 1988, I wrote to the Religious Technology Center and shared my discoveries with them. I wrote that I would be interested in making an offer for the copyrights, and that I wished to give the Religious Technology Center the rights to continue using the test free of charge. I would only be interested in the commercial side of things. (This would involve my own company, as well as all other companies that had the product commercially installed.

A few days later, Alan Cartwright, a staff member of the International Office of Special Affairs in Lost Angeles, got in touch with me. He let me know that I would be hearing from him about the situation, but, for the time being, I should not make any contact with Ken Salmen's attorney.

Since further directions were not forthcoming, and because Alan Cartwright's wishes did not ring true with me, I decided to get in touch with Ken Salmen personally. In early February of 1990, we entered into direct negotiations. On March 9, 1990, we signed the sales agreement in Switzerland.

It was during this episode that we learned of the horror stories which Ken Salmen and his wife had encountered with Scientology. Scientology had, for the most part, coldly ignored her claim to license fees, even when it became known that she was mortally ill and urgently needed the money for medical care. It made no difference to the power mongers of Scientology, according to their motto: everyone is solely responsible for anything that happens to him.

In her despair, Julia Lewis wrote on April 25, 1978 to Herbie Parkhouse, who was the highest Finance Chief in Scientology at the time. Her letter included:

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Every person who has looked into my claim has given me to understand that I have the right to payment from the organizations for copyright violations. They informed me that their recommendations would be turned down from those higher up - and the last lady [with whom I spoke] let it slip out that you were the one who refused to accept their recommendations.

At the time, Julia Lewis was fatally ill. She continued:

I would really like to see this straightened out on a completely realistic basis. If I should die, then I think that Ken should receive the licensing fees, and I, myself, could certainly use the money well enough in order to pay all the doctor bills. [...] It is highly unlikely that I will ever be able to work again, and it looks to me that things have turned out not only to be bad for me and my survival, but also [an offense] on the part of the organizations and franchise holders. Because they have [sinned] in this area, and that is not good for them.

In the meantime, Mrs. Lewis had realized that it was not possible for her, as an individual, to struggle against the colossus that was Scientology - outside of proceeding by strictly legal means. She therefore suggested that Scientology's own publishers should take over the publication and the administration of her test, since they had the power "to supervise the organizations and franchise holders to see that these copyrights were not violated." In other words, in spite of everything she was still willing to be cooperative.

Julia Lewis did not receive an answer to this letter before she died.

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She died without Scientology making up for the injustice which they had inflicted upon her.

That which befell the Salmen-Lewis couple was to be continued...

On March 13, 1990, I made Scientology aware that we had bought the copyrights, and sent the Religious Technology Center an offer, in which it was stated:

1. We would grant the Religious Technology Center irrevocable rights, with no time constraints, as far as licensing the [test] to the churches and missions of Scientology, insofar as these rights would be used for application of their religious purpose.

2. Any commercial use of the test which has been licensed by WISE in the past should be handed over to the legally rightful owners of the copyrights. We should receive a complete list of all current WISE members, and licensing payments should then be made to our company.

The first answer from Scientology came from the Office of Special Affairs of the international Scientology Management. That [answer] read, in part, "Our attorneys have the following questions...".

And so I had my attorney answer the Scientology questions, and once again extended my offer. Apparently this contained a point which was not easy for them to digest: the Scientology commerce department would no longer receive the license payments, the test was no longer to be distributed on the streets or published, etc.

This went on until January, 1991. It was about nine months before the answer from Scientology came; the letter demanded that I get in touch with WISE International. Since the letter was full of legalese which I did not understand, I retained a big copyright lawyer from the USA to analyze the Scientology letter, and to give me a position on which I could take a stand. I let Scientology know what I was doing. I would have been better off not doing that!

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Economic Pressure

A whole week did not go by before I received a call from WISE. I was supposed to go the the European Center in Copenhagen as soon as possible, in order to address and "straighten out" the test situation. I refused, and next received a call from WISE headquarters in Los Angeles. Sabine Peschken, the president of WISE at the time, told me, "Your future is at stake!"

Shortly thereafter one of her staff, Mrs. Diana Watson, pulled up one of my economic foundations. "The art of economic persuasion," was the way my American lawyer very pleasantly described it. What happened was that WISE had informed all Scientology organizations that they were no longer to use my translation work on commission.[3] At the time, translations were part of my business activities. They were professionally laid out and professionally paid.

I did not understand what in the world was happening. I believed that I was correcting an unjust situation in which Scientology had found itself. I wanted to contribute to the welfare of all concerned. I had offered the test, in vain, to Scientology for use in its own ranks. I had only wanted to retain the commercial application [of the test] - but Scientology had begun a frontal assault in order to force me into submission.

I thought that these attacks were the actions of a few who had lost sight of the situation through their own over-zealousness. I had not yet understood the complete truth of the matter!

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In January of 1991, I received an opinion from my legal advisors concerning the Scientology letter. In a nutshell: "complete nonsense, Mr. Voltz. You have the rights. The rights are valid, and they have been violated by Scientology." Once again I wrote to Scientology.[4] I offered Scientology usage rights, but I required that all commercial users be licensed from me. The main problem was that those included companies such as U-MAN INTERNATIONAL, MAN-AGE SA, CHOICE, SILHOUET, TCM TSCHUPPERT AG, etc. They all brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars to Scientology -- licensing for the usage of the Scientology variant of my test! Besides stating my requirement, I complained about the undermining of my business relationships with the Scientology organizations, and asked that the situation be straightened out. Their reaction: utter silence.

The Interrogation

In March, a call came from Clearwater, Florida. The "spiritual center" of Scientology is found in Clearwater, near Tampa. That is where I had received regular auditing, Scientology individual counseling, since 1978. The call was a request as to whether I would go to have a "security check."[5]

I agreed. I flew to Florida, watched them perform the procedure on me, and could "officially" register and confirm that I had never been interested in "extortion" of Scientology. Scientology especially wanted to know from me, "what would you do if you were not able to have your way with your rights?" I answered that this would not at all be possible, as the case was crystal clear. At that time I had not even thought of taking action against Scientology.

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In Los Angeles, I discussed with my attorney the alternatives which we wanted to present Scientology. Since the attorney was not allowed to participate in my counseling by the legal department of Scientology, I went to the meeting alone. They did not want any witnesses.

It was held by Sabine Peschken, the President of WISE, and Alan Cartwright, staff member of the Office of Special Affairs. They started off by saying that they were not interested in my rights. They would continue to use the Scientology variations of the test, and I should keep away from the business consultants which were "licensed" by WISE. I could function as a secondary test giver, and WISE would even give me support so that I would be able to serve as competition to the other (rights violating) consultants. All of this seemed very strange to me, and I was very disappointed.

That evening I telephoned my wife. She suggested that I go about things in a different manner.

Apparently Scientology had also had further thoughts overnight. Thoughts of a different kind! Relentlessly and with emphasis, a domineering, steely-eyed WISE president explained, "The offer from yesterday is no good. We talked about it internally. We want you to give up the rights to the test, and to behave yourself in a manner which conforms to WISE!

The threats became greater, slanderous and offensive. They demanded more security checks, and finally told me that they were going to totally ruin me professionally. The attacks became so intense that I was inwardly unsettled and I felt confused. In spite of this I had the redeeming thought that I should call my attorney, and the talk with him helped clear things up for me. I went back to the conference room, closed my briefcase, and excused myself by saying that WISE would receive my answer at a later time.

page 206

On April 3, I learned through my attorney that I had been called a "blackmailer". He had been called up by the Ethics Officer in Clearwater, Florida. He had to go to Clearwater within 48 hours as (a Scientologist and as) my attorney, in order to receive "security checks." He took matters with the necessary casualness and reacted to the nonsense with a clear, meaningful letter.

From Scientology's perspective, I was out to put a stranglehold on Scientology. The lack of ability of the president of WISE and her staff to discus the matter had unbelievable effects.

A South African businessman, member of WISE, showed an interest in working with us and obtaining a license for the use of the test. He got in touch with WISE and inquired as to whether cooperation with us would be approved. To his inquiry he received the following answer, (dated March 27, 1991):

Concerning Tom Voltz, at the time he is a member in very poor standing, and you should not engage in any sort of business activity with him. He has an urgent ethics situation which he needs to handle. U-MAN, on the other hand, has all its affairs in order..


We had a meeting with our home bank about our balance. We presented where and how the whole situation stood at the time, and with which concept we wanted to proceed in order to succeed with our test opportunity. The banker requested that we keep our credit limit in balance, and that we should provide some security until we did.

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Our trustee sprang to our aid (in Germany, something like a tax advisor) a friend from our Scientology acquaintances, who spontaneously offered to post a security for us. We were pleasantly surprised. Both we and the banker were very happy. This security, which was limited to six months, had a condition that our loan would be reduced each month by 10,000 francs. We did not regard that as a problem. We were very confident.

Something unexpected happened at this time. The media was upon us because we were using the "Scientology test" commercially.[6] Panic spread amongst our customers. What used to be a broad base of customers slowly melted away to a small number of opportunity seekers and several brave souls who wished to remain loyal to us. On top of that, we suddenly felt very alone. We were just sitting there. We couldn't properly eat nor sleep.

Then my wife received a call from our bank, the one involved with our test sales project. It was a new man, young, dynamic, from New York, a center of business, conservative, told us that we had no more chance on the market and he wanted to cut off our credit; there was to be no more discussion of the agreed upon rates of a few weeks before. We had reached rock bottom.

We could afford to make payments for a couple of months. At that time, only one other option would make itself available - to request our trustee that we receive a six month extension on our security. We needed time. On the very last day, he finally agreed and went to inform the bank as to his decision. Then we received the cancellation of credit from the bank. Our "friend" had preferred to give them 40,000 francs cash and left us with a large loss.

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We pulled ourselves together a little bit and I took the time to develop some ideas as to how we could get out of this situation stronger than when we went in. We decided to incorporate as a public company which would own the copyright, and with which I and my wife would be connected. We were to get the necessary capital through the selling of stock. On our side, we would contribute the copyrights to the test, EDP products, and our know-how. With this plan in mind, I visited a series of banks, of which two were ready to deal financially with us, knowing full well what the situation was with Scientology. The provision was that at least 100,000 francs cash had to be brought in to our company.

I worked out the concept and presented it to our trustee. However, he had a completely different idea. He wanted us to declare bankruptcy and to cede the copyright to him in advance. The bank and creditors would all go away empty-handed, but the copyrights would be in the hands of the Scientologists, and we could buy it back sometime. Why did this suggestion leave a bad taste in our mouths, outside of the fact that it dealt with our bankruptcy? First of all I had a seed of doubt as to whether the failure to extend our security had been done with some forethought. The trustee knew how much capital we had available with the copyright.

Finally he was ready "to help" us, and to seek an investor. After some hesitation he announced that he had found someone who would invest 60 percent of the necessary 100,000 francs, one of his friends. He himself would be able to invest 20 percent. For the other 20 percent I found someone from other acquaintances.

December 5, 1991 rolled around, and my attorney advised us as to how to incorporate as a stock company.

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I greeted those present and outlined my plan in detail. At this point our trustee showed his true intentions. He believed, looking at it in retrospect, that he had us where he wanted us - broke and tractable. He stated that he and the other two present, who had come up with the money, were entitled to 100 percent of the stock, that my wife and I could buy it back sometime. For this the new company would take over our present bank debts. This was the second time he tried to take over the copyrights of the test. This was the one who knew the most intimate details of our economical situation, and he and his old friend wanted the rights because they owned 80 percent of the stock.

Although I saw no other way out at the moment, I called the meeting to an end. When everybody was gone, my lawyer looked me in the eye and said, "Mr. Voltz, I thought those were your friends?" Our company came about in a different manner and was established in February of 1992. The copyrights were tucked safely away.

In the Fall of 1992, we were visited by "Albert Frech," the proprietor of a computer company, a model Scientologist, and the chairman of the local WISE charter committee. [7] He said that he wished to help resolve the situation, and proposed a court of arbitration of mine and Scientology's choice, of course not with a professional court of arbitration, but with a Scientology court. At first I agreed, but then I rescinded my agreement, because in other areas of dispute with WISE I had come upon a document which indicated that Albert Frech had not come to us of his own accord, but had been assigned to "handle" us.

In 1993 we had to begin with the sad task of selling, for financial reasons, the stock to our company, which now owned the copyrights to the test. In this case, however, the buyers were not associated with Scientology.

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We kept our special condition that we were the ones who had delivered all of the know-how, and that we would continue to do so. Besides that the holder of the test rights assigned us to seek a valid solution with Scientology, since the group, presided over by Dr. Wolfgang Larese, professor of intellectual goods and media rights, had no experience in dealing with Scientology.

In the meantime, WISE headquarters had a new president, Katie Paquette, whom I had known previously, and whom I recalled to be a trustworthy and upright person. A couple of friendly phone calls from her gave me cause to be optimistic again. She wanted to come to Switzerland, meet with my wife and me, and look into whether we could find a solution. Those turned out to be empty promises.

Building an Enemy Picture

The owner of the test rights, the Zurich company PP Prosys Perception AG, let us know that Scientology was apparently interested in an amicable solution. The test owner first wanted to take care of the business consultants of the companies, U-MAN-INTERNATIONAL, MAN AGE SA, CHOICE and SILHOUET, as well as a few lone fighters who used the test under a "license" from Scientology. The test owner wanted clarity here, She would have been better off not trying that as she only managed to alert Mrs. Peschken from Los Angeles again, who then put the fear of god into her WISE members. The contacted members immediately reported the events back to Los Angeles, from where they received their operating instructions. Following are a few samples of what happened.

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One of the WISE companies in Tessin had apparently been making their license payments to WISE for some time. They received a fax from the Commanding Officer of WISE Europe which stated:

To: Peter Müller [name changed]
Re: Violation of your license agreement with WISE
From: Commanding Officer, WISE Europe
Copenhagen, 9/19/93

Dear Peter,

For several weeks you have not been making any more license payments to WISE, and are not even sending in your report, which constitutes a total, serious violation of your license agreement with WISE.

Moreover, you are sending neither reports nor license fees to U-MAN International, which causes unnecessary traffic not only on their lines, but on the lines of WISE. In accordance with the instruction, "The Not Wearing of Hats," this is a display of the condition of treason.

The situation with the Swiss company is known to me, and you have received information and instructions from WISE International and from U-MAN International in this regard. There is nothing here for you to be afraid of. If you should require some sort of additional information or help, then please fax directly to the Office of Special Affairs of WISE International. They are there to help you.

I direct you to pay, without fail, all of your license fees to WISE and U-MAN International before Monday morning.

Peter, this is an order, and I am not joking. If you do not do it, then you will take the first flight to Copenhagen and visit me. If you do not show up here, then I will immediately revoke your license and you will receive a "Committee of Evidence." That is the way it goes. Period.

page 212

Report to me by Monday morning that all reports and outstanding license payments have been made to WISE and U-MAN International, and that you want to be on my side.

Most cordially, Yiannis Hatziefstathiou, Commanding Office WISE-Europe

Copy to:
Commanding Officer WISE International
Leading Secretary of Organizations, WISE International
License Issuance Director, WISE International
Leading Director U-MAN International

The new owner of U-MAN, Marten Runow, who governed his U-men from Sweden, was written in no unclear words that WISE had examined the wording of his test, and on the basis of the translation it was so different, that it did not present a copyright violation. Therefore the test used by the church was not the test of Julia Lewis, rather Mrs. Lewis had copied her test somewhere else.

In Switzerland, Helen Tschuppert, the wife of Bruno Tschuppert, both proprietors of the TCM uppert AG in Füllensdorf, reacted with a report to the Ethics Officer in Scientology Basel on August 11, 1993:

I have received the attached letter. Dr. Larese has been Voltz' attorney for years. [...] He is now the managing director of this company that actually holds the worldwide rights for the OCA test, since Tom Voltz has sold the rights to PP Prosys. The background to this is that Tom Voltz had taken the time to try to reach an agreement with WISE about the matter of the test, from 1990-92. He was in LA, even had Sec Checks. This agreement never came about. Perhaps somebody did not think it was important. [...] I have faxed the letter from PP Prosys to Juerg Stettler yesterday. He told me over the telephone that the president of WISE had also been there, but had also said she would not be able to get a grip on this thing, she had other things to do! [...]

page 213

I am writing this report in spite of the personal risk to our company. That is to say, [...] if something of this is reported to Voltz, it could very well be that we do not receive the license to use the test in our company from PP Prosys. Nevertheless it is important that out-ethics be handled. This is true.

On September 20, Sabine Peschken, as Commanding Officer of WISE, wrote to the U-MAN representative in Tessin, in part:

Dear Max,

Thank you for informing me about your last communication. I will answer you personally.

First of all, the reference for the legal ownership of the OCA test is written down inside the front cover of the "Scientometric Testing" book [in the masthead], which one can find in every Class IV organization [a larger organization, such as in Zurich or Hamburg] or mission.

The next point that I would like to handle concerns you as a WISE member and Scientologist. The person behind the letter which you have received is Tom Voltz, who is the 99% owner [8] of this company who sent the letter. Tom Voltz is committing suppressive activity, as detailed in the book Introduction to Scientology Ethics, on pages 206, 207, 208, 209, 210, 211, and 212. We will take care of him separately.

WISE International, with the support of the leading powers of U-MAN International, are undertaking legal action against this company and against this individual. It states very clearly in your license agreement what role you are to play in this circumstance, and it is expected that you work with your group in order to get every suppressive attack and action of this sort under control.

page 214

What I personally do not understand is how you as a Scientologist, instead of working together with WISE and the Scientology organizations, which are taking care of this situation by the application of L. Ron Hubbard's directives, are saying to the Commanding Officer of WISE Europe that you do not want to be a member of this group. Do you want to work for a suppressive person? How far are you willing to go here? Tell me, I honestly would like to know.

If it has to do with getting more data about what is being done to handle this company, then tell me, and I will give you the exact details. If there is some other agreement that you have not told WISE or U-MAN INT about, then I would really like to know [...]. [There is an illegible area here.]

Before you answer my letter, I would like you to sit back and read the pages in the Ethics Book which I have mentioned above, in order to share with me what your future plans are.

Waiting to hear from you.
Cordial greetings, Sabine Peschken, Commanding Officer, WISE International

One licensee after the next was intimidated. The big threat was that anyone who entertained the thought of determining what the situation was by informing himself of it would have to live with the fear of putting his "bridge to total freedom" at risk, because he or she could be banned from Scientology.

The fact that all these people and companies were legally independent from each other was totally ignored. Just as was the fact that these were the individuals who would have to take the loss in the event of a legal process which was not favorable to Scientology. WISE would demand retribution from its members. That would be a first in Scientology history. WISE thinks for its members and guides them according to its own wishes, wherever they want to have them.

page 215

In February, 1994, we received a visit from a leading staff member of the Scientology organization of Clearwater, Florida. He had heard of our departure and of all the difficulties. After he read all the documents concerning the test, he gave his judgment, "This is outstanding documentation. Too bad that it concerns the Scientology Church." After he audited my wife, she came to the realization that she would like to investigate the matter between Scientology and PP Prosys Perception AG, in order to prevent a possible judgment. She even convinced Dr. Larese, the directing manager, of her idea. Scientology was overjoyed: her delay tactic could be used to serve both goals of all the talks that Mr. Stettler was leading: to hold things up and to obtain as much information about PP Prosys Perception AG as possible. Informants were also assigned for this purpose, friends who asked apparently insignificant questions, which, in reality, were being pieced together by Scientology Central into one big picture.

It was good that my wife and I knew how the special department of Scientology functioned, which I had come to know in the beginning of my Scientology career, as I, "disguised as a journalist", had to investigate apostate Scientologists.

On July 7, 1994, the PP Prosys Perception AG lodged a legal complaint against the Scientology Church Zurich. If my information is correct, preparations for similar actions have already taken place in Germany and the USA.



The "Renowned" Personality Test

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